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Free Shipping on Orders Over $100 * Use Discount Code: freeship

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With a Proper Fitting Belt for your lower back, you can effectively stabilize the lumbar and sacral spine. If you suffer from lower back pain, this type of a belt can provide you with a lot of relief. You can also wear a belt such as this to minimize injury, and protect your lower back while lifting. Often recommended by chiropractors and physical therapists, these lumbar support belts can help alleviate pain from muscle sprain/strain,stretched abdominal musculature and sciatica.
Category Products

Category Products

CoreBack Industrial Lower Back Support with SuspendersCoreBack Industrial Lower Back Support with SuspendersComfort and industrial support at an affordable price. Double side pulls and closures offer strong support to the lumbar region. Sizes SM- 2XL
Corfit Advantage Lumbosacral Support BeltCorfit Advantage Lumbosacral Support BeltUses a tensionsing system to provide maximum compression and support. Great for a patient that is weak, injured or in pain. Sizes Small- 3X
CorFit Industrial Low Back BeltCorFit Industrial Low Back BeltIndustrial Version of the CorFit Lumbosacral Belt | Available in Sizes Small- 4X
CorFit SacroIliac Belt ( SI Stability Belt)CorFit SacroIliac Belt ( SI Stability Belt)For SI Joint Compression & Stability. Reduce Inflammation. Sizes Small-XXXL
Elastic Industrial Low Back BeltElastic Industrial Low Back BeltThis injustrial low back belt provides maximum compression to abdomen helps reduce inflammation while aiding in decreasing stress on the lower back area.
Elastic SacroIliac Back SupportElastic SacroIliac Back SupportThe Elastic Industrial Low Back Support provides temporary lower back pain relief. This SI (Sacro-Iliac) Belt is composed of all elastic, 6� (15cm) high back support. Posterior pocket has a removable sacral pad for extra support.
Lumbosacral Low back Support BeltLumbosacral Low back Support BeltProvides superior abdominal compression critical for lower back support. Exclusive CorEdge finish allows the belt to conform to your body without constricting or pinching, providing full compression, comfort and durability. Available in all sizes Small to 5X-Large Size.
Mother-To-Be Lumbosacral SupportMother-To-Be Lumbosacral SupportLumbar Support for the expectant mother. Helps provide relief for strained muscles and ligaments by transferring weight of the abdomen to the spine. Helps relieve pressure on the pelvis while supporting the abdomen.
Triple Pull Sacral BeltTriple Pull Sacral BeltThe overlapping base closure and two side pulls provide maximum SI Pressure.
Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

Arc4life The Choice 4 Neck Pillows, Pain Relief & More

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