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Back Conditions

Back Conditions

July 2007 The Healthy Back and Neck

Volume 1, Issue 1
July 2007

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How to Build Strong Bones at Any Age
Weight-bearing activity is any activity you do on your feet that works your bones and muscles against gravity. Bone is living tissue that constantly breaks down and reforms. When you do regular weight-bearing exercise, your bone adapts to the impact of weight and pull of muscle by building more cells and becoming stronger.
Here are some activities recommended to build leg, hip and lower spine strength include:

  • Brisk walking, jogging and hiking.
  • Yard work such as pushing a lawnmower and heavy gardening.
  • Team sports such as soccer, baseball and basketball.
  • Dancing, step aerobics and stair climbing.
  • Tennis and other racquet sports.
  • Skiing, skating, karate and bowling.

Weight training with machines or free weights can also help build strong bones, especially in the upper body. (Swimming and bicycling are not weight-bearing activities.) You should exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, four or more days a week. Besides improving bone strength, regular exercise also increases muscle strength, improves coordination and balance and leads to better overall health. To sustain the bone strengthening benefit of weight-bearing activity, you must increase the intensity, duration and amount of stress applied to bone over time.

Men & Osteoporosis- An Increase Liklihood of Fractures
A recent study conducted of over 4000 Australian men and women concluded that after an initial osteoporosis-related facture, the absolute risk of a subsequent fracture within ten years of the first was similar in men and women. So while a larger percentage of women are initially twice as susceptible to osteoporosis, after osteoporosis takes hold and results in a fracture, the long-term impact for men is roughly equivalent, with 40% of surviving women and 60% of surviving men experiencing another fracture. Here are some changes you can make in your lifestyle:

  • Stop smoking- Smoking weakens bones by reducing the blood supply for bones, slowing the production of bone-growing cells (osteoblasts), and hurting the body�s ability to absorb calcium. Over time, smoking weakens bones to the point of increasing the risk of fracture.
  • Moderate alcohol consumption. A drink or two every now and then is fine, but excessive drinking presents a number of health risks.
  • Engage in weight-bearing, strengthening exercise or activity.
  • Ensure diet includes adequate calcium and Vitamin D. Drinking about 3 glasses of milk each day, or eating other low fat dairy products like yogurt and cheese, or other foods rich in calcium, will help build and maintain bone strength. As a possible backstop, a multivitamin that contains calcium will also help.
  • Make sure to attend regular check-ups with the doctor.

Article by Dr. Grant Cooper May 2007 **Spine-Health.com

Can Gritting Your Teeth Cause you neck pain?

Muscle strains. Overuse, such as too many hours hunched over a steering wheel, often triggers muscle strains. Neck muscles, particularly those in the back of your neck, become fatigued and eventually strained. When you overuse your neck muscles repeatedly, chronic pain can develop. Even such minor things as reading in bed or gritting your teeth can strain neck muscles.

Quote: The Best 6 Doctors

The best six doctors anywhere

And no one can deny it

Are sunshine, water, rest, and air

Exercise and diet.

These six will gladly you attend

If only you are willing

Your mind they'll ease

Your will they'll mend

And charge you not a shilling.

~Nursery rhyme quoted by Wayne Fields, What the River Knows, 1990

Featured ProductThe Cervical Traction Neck Pillow

The special �V� shape in the Cervical Traction Neck pillow, cradles your head and neck and gently lifts your head away from your shoulders (much like a massage therapist would do for you) at the same time the neck roll underneath supports your neck. While sleeping on your side, the generous, soft wings keep your head at the right height from the mattress, to relieve strain on your neck and shoulders. It works for you, sleeping on your back or side. The pressure releases, muscles relax and pain goes away. This neck pillow is designed to work for back and side sleepers. Flip the neck pillow top to bottom to use the neck roll support only.

I was diagnosed years ago with a "military neck", that is, with no c-curve in my neck. It has caused a variety of problems with my head and upper back. I've tried every cervical-type pillow I've come across in the last 10 years; some very good, some really awful. I slept on this pillow for the first time last night; I do not intend to look any further. I moved very slowly when I woke up this morning fully expecting some aches & soreness until I get used to my new pillow. There were none! I was in awe! My neck and upper back feel better today than they've felt in years. This is truly an amazing product. A night's sleep like I had last night is priceless! It's well worth the cost!
Ms.Jones, 6/21/2007, Upstate New York

Receive 5% when you purchase the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow� Use Discount Code: 5CLT

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