How to Properly Wear a Lumbar Support Belt for Lower Back Pain Relief

This Arc4life How to article discusses how one should wear a lumbar support belt for low back pain relief from sciatica, lumbar strain and low back injuries. There are many types of lumbar support belts available online today. You want to make sure your lumbar support belt fits properly and it proportioned for your body. 

How to Treat Tight and Stiff Muscles On the Spot

Sombra is a pain relief topical pain relieving gel that you can apply to areas of muscle that are tight, hypertonic and painful. Sombra is similar to "icy hot" and "BenGay" products but it is superior because it does not have an odour once applied. Sombra can be applied to the neck, mid back, lower back or an extremity

Exercises for the Neck to Make it Stronger and Healthier

Watch this video for help dealing with your neck and upper back pain. Start by loosening or warming up, then do these exercises regularly. Keeping some of these muscles strong will help prevent pain and stimulate healing. These exercises can all be done using your own hand for resistance. You can also use a "Theraband" or even a towel.

Using a Collar and Neck Pillow After Fusion Surgery

After most neck surgeries it is recommended that you wear a neck collar. This specialty neck collars holds your neck stable after a neck fusion surgery. Read more about what Ms.Palmer used here. 
What to Use after Neck Surgery. 

MyPillow Hit With 1 Million dollar California Lawsuit Over False Advertising

I am sure you have heard of the MyPillow Pillow. Yep probably on late night tv or one of the financial tv stations. Well just in the last month of October, Mypillow reached a 1 million dollar settlement after lawyers accused the pillow company of false advertising.

Are You Waking up Every Morning with a Stiff Neck?

Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, making the bed, making breakfast- all of these tasks are excruciating...and then driving to work. This happens to me once in a while so i decided to write a lens on how to treat a stiff neck without popping pain medications. This squidoo lens shows you how and gives you some great at-home things you can yourself.

Nerve Pain in Your Neck... The #1 Neck Pillow For Dealing with Neck Pain

Have you ever awoken up with pain on the one side of the neck? Maybe you had tingling into your fingers. Or Numbness into your arm?
Are you tossing and turning all night because your pillow loses shape and does not give your neck the support that it needs?

Military Neck? Doing Neck Traction at Home

Have you ever been diagnosed with "military neck"? It basically means that your neck curve is straight and not the proper c curve that it should be. It is also known as loss of cervical lordosis or having a hypolordotic curve in the neck spine (loss of the cervical curve, the spine may not be completely straight but there is a loss of curve there.

Proper Neck Alignment- What in Normal Vs Abnormal?

Let me start off by describing what correct neck alignment is. Ideal alignment is having your neck straight up and down when looking at your posture from the front or back. When looking from the side you should have a smoothing flowing C-curvature. This squidoo lens will showcase for you what a normal and abnormal neck curve look like on x-ray.