Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow

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Imagine using a support neck pillow that fit perfectly under your neck. With a simple measurement you can choose the perfect lobe for under your neck, thereby providing you with proper fitted support. The special curved neck lobe in the Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow provides excellent support, allowing your neck in the ideal position for cervical correction. In addition to using this neck pillow for cervical alignment, you can use it as a regular pillow by turning the support lobe away from your neck (a support lobe). The large upper pillow section gently cradles your head with down-like comfort. Use the side of the pillow for normal sleeping comfort or to help your body adjust to sleeping on the cervical lobe.

Features of the Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow
  • Cervical Pillow Suited for side sleepers
  • Composed of premium quality fiber filling, with a 230 thread count outer fiber for extra comfort and durability
  • Ideal for patients degenerative, herniated or bulging disc
  • Ensure a Proper Fit for your Neck: Available in 3 Lobe Sizes
  • Use for acute neck pain, correction phase and maintaince phase
  • Allows your head and neck to be properly aligned in the proper posture for sleeping
  • A great pillow to be used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments.

How to Measure Your Neck to get the Proper Pillow Fit
  1. There are two ways to measure your neck to get a proper fit for the Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow
  2. The Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow is available in three lobe sizes to perfectly fit the size of your neck here. Download the CervAlign Cut-out's here. Print out the page and cut out along the lobes. When using the cut out lobes, have the individual stand straight. Place the rounded edge of the sizing guide to the nape of the person's neck. Visualize a vertical line extending upward from the edge of the person's shoulder blades. The flat edge of the guide should land on this line. For help in understanding the line, let the remaining guides hand down against the individual's back. If the guides rest gently against the back, you have found the proper correct fit. If the guides hang out away from the body, try the next smaller size.
  3. You can measure from the bottom of your ear to your shoulder with a standard ruler or tape measure to determine which size provides the best personal fit for you.
Measurement of 4" or less, use the 5" Lobe
Measurement of 4 to 5" = use the 6" Lobe
Measurement of 6" or more= Use the 7" Lobe)

Dimensions of the Neck Pillow: 24"x 16" (61cm x 41 cm) Available in: 5", 6" or 7" Lobes

How To Wash Your Cervical Alignment Neck Pillow
  • Soak your pillow in lukewarm water using a mild detergent
  • Press or flush water through the pillow until its clean. Press out any excess water
  • Rinse in clean water, removing detergent and soil
  • Press out the excess water and allow the pillow to drip dry flat. Do not hang the pillow to dry: the fiber filling may settle to one side
  • Refluff the pillow once thoroughly dry (punch the pillow lightly at the diagonal ends)

The Cervical Alignment Pillow you recomended to me works great. Almost from the first night of sleeping on the Cervical Pillow I noticed a difference. I am now able to sleep through the night and no neck pain when waking up in the morning. I highly recommend the Cervical Alignment Pillow to anyone out there that has trouble sleeping or constant neck pain.- R.B 07-13-2010


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