FAQS About International Shipping

How Long Does Shipping Take?

Shipping takes approximately 8-17 days. Please be patient with international shipping. Earthquakes, Extreme Weather, Volcanic Eruptions can cause delays in shipping products from the USA to international destinations.

Are There Customs Fees?

What Method of Shipping Do You Use?

How to Order A Cervical Traction Neck Pillow ?

How Do I Make Payment ?

I have a Canadian Billing Address/ Canadian Credit card, but I would like to ship in the United States ? Can I order on your website directly?

I do not Wish To Use My Paypal Account...

How Do I Check the Tracking Number?

Will Arc4life Ship To My Country ?

Do you have distributors in Any Other Countries?

Can I call you and Pay on the Telephone with my Credit Card?

I Do NOT Want to Use Paypal System for Payment, what else can I do?

How Do I Contact Arc4life?