Arc4life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow Medium Extra Firm

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America's #1 Neck Support Pillow for SleepingThe only support neck pillow that will provide long periods of relief by just going to sleep. Don't take our word for it, See what our Customers say about this neck pillow
  • Provides neck traction and support all in one pillow
  • Sleep with this neck pillow on your side or on your back
  • Provides you with proper support while you sleep
  • Superior comfort helps you sleep
  • Promotes correct posture
  • Allows for less restricted posture
  • Filled with only top quality polyester fiber, No foam or latex in this neck pillow
  • No rubber or latex
  • Non-allergenic
  • Helps chiropractic adjustments last longer
  • Each neck pillow is hand-stuffed to assure perfection
  • Each neck pillow is weighed and inspected 5 times (no lumps and Clumps)
  • The return policy does not apply to this extra firm cervical traction neck pillow. 
  • This neck pillow is a special order item. The shipping on this neck pillow takes longer, and the return policy does not apply to  this pillow. 
Dimensions of the Medium Cervical Traction Neck Pillow Extra Firm: 24" x 17" (standard size)
Support: Firm (this pillow has 25%  more fiber than the original arc4life traction pillow)

Click here to see How the Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow Works

I was nervous about ordering such an expensive pillow, but I am very pleased. I had used a "fruit" core pillow by another company for over 20 years, but found they were no longer helping ease pain. I had a couple days of stiffness from the change in pillows, but since then have experienced significant pain relief. Most mornings I wake up pain free, and the few times I have had pain it has been significantly less than I had been experiencing. Iny opinion, this pillow is worth the $$. I sleep on my side and back. When sleeping on my side, the traction "y" shape helps keep by neck from falling backwards into the "O" shape, which I think was a problem with the other pillow. It would pinch my nerves, resulting in pain. The head area for lying on the side is also larger, which is more comfortable. The traction provided while lying on my back feels good. In my opinion, this pillow is worth the $$. I ordered the standard size; I am 5'9", but relatively small-boned for my size. A smaller person would likely do better with a smaller size. 

Really Great for Neck Issues This was for my husband who had neck problems after a stem cell transplant. It works really well - but he had to follow the instructions and gradually increase the usage as it was too much support initially. We have since ordered a second one that he is now also breaking in. Kristin

Neck Strain Eliminated"I used to get very bad neck and upper lat pain/tension from sitting at my desk all day. I get home and feel it a bit, but after sleeping with this pillow for the past month, I haven't had the pain, or the intense headaches I once had."

Really Helped my Neck Pain "I've been having terrible neck pain, and last week after an MRI, I was diagnosed with cervical degenerative disk disease. I ordered this pillow that day. It came yesterday and I immediately laid on it on the floor, and I never wanted to get up again. I slept better last night than most nights lately. Today I had the least neck pain that I've had since it started acting up."

"Wow! I just had to write after my first night on your cervical pillow. I had been using a Tempurpedic one for years which was getting flat and breaking down. I realize now that it had been causing sleep problems. How lucky I was to have stumbled upon your website.......for your pillow is so far superior to any "memory foam" pillow - old OR new. Because I had been using a cervical pillow for years (even though inferior!) it didn't take me long to adjust to the different 'feel' of the design. But I can see how people that aren't used to it would need some period of adjustment.......and I would only urge them to go slow and get used to it because the benefits and comfort will soon become apparent.Thank you so much for my good night's sleep!!!!!!
John.L ,Studio City, California

"Great pillow, this is the second one I bought, this one as a gift"

"This is a really great product and the service was perfect. I am recommending the item to my clients with neck and shoulder pain. Thanks so much."
Earth Girlie 05/12/2008

"Item received quicker than I expected. Professionally packaged and shipped. Pillow is very comfortable. I use it instead of the TempurPedic I had that just squashes down into nothing. Very supportive."

"Pillow works as advertised"
Dan A. 

"The pillow arrived much faster than expected."

5 out of 5: "Pillow is outstanding! Saved my neck and really minimized my morning headaches! Thank you! Fast delivery!!"
Michelle. Farr 

"I have a herniated disk in my neck and this is the first pillow I have slept comfortably with. I love it!"

"this pillow is a gem. took a while to get used to though"

"It's uncomfortable for first month but once u are adjusted it, it becomes really great. My severe neck pain is gone.. wonderful.."

"Speedy ship! Nice dealing w/professional people!Pillow looks great!"

"Professional service! First cervical pillow I've ever loved!"

"Shipped quickly! Great pillow for my bad neck! Love it! Thank you"

"Great product. Does what they claim. No neck pain anymore. Excellent!"

"Lightning fast delivery, excellnet packaging, superb product. Simply EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Annie Hogan
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HOW TO USE YOUR CERVICAL TRACTION NECK PILLOW: This neck pillow can used sleeping on your side or on your back. Also, you can use this neck pillow for support or use the "v" for the traction. When sleeping on your back, place the back of your head in the "V" shape (the narrow part of the "V" under your neck and your shoulders on the bed). When sleeping on yours side, your cheek should be squarely on one of the wings on either side.
NOTE: The side of the neck pillow opposite of the "V" is for neck support without the traction. Simply place the neck roll under your neck and allow the back of your head to rest in the center of the neck pillow.


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