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Overhead Over the Door Neck Traction System

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The Original Neck Traction System Recommended by Many Doctors:  This over the door overhead neck traction systems works to alleviate pressure on the cervical spinal column. Simply fill the weight bag with water to provide the desired traction and stretch in the spine. The system also includes an adjustable head harness and necessary hardware. Consult your healthcare professional before using this product. **You can also purchase extra water bags and head halters as well. Check with your Chiropractor, physical therapist or health care professional before beginning any neck traction protocol.

This Over the Door Traction Set Includes:
  • adjustable head harness
  • door mount
  • pulley assembly
  • weight bag to customize pressure to patient’s needs

This Traction System Includes:
Overhead System Head Harness Water Weight Bag that is adjustable