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Lumbosacral Low back Support Belt

Lumbosacral Low back Support Belt

Sides pull and elastic back panel give excellent abdominal compression, help relieve back pain, redu
Lumbosacral Low back Support Belt
Easy to Wear for Lower Back Pain Relief
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The CorFit Belt is the best-designed lumbar belt system on the market. This low back support belt gives you proper lumbosacral back support that aids in preventing and relieving lower back pain resulting from muscle strain and spasms. The CorFit Belt's upward and inward pressure supports the whole abdominal region to supplement stretched or weakened abdominal muscles and reduce stress on the lower back. By limiting the motion of muscles and ligaments as much as possible, its support also helps improve posture and serves as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques. It is proportionally sized in height and length to give you taller belts for larger people and shorter belts for petites and children.

Sizes Arc4life Offers: Small, Medium/Large (Regular Size), X-Large, and 2X-large. Also available are 3X-large (additional cost ), 4X-large (additional cost ), and 5X-large (additional cost ). Please allow an additional 3-5 days for delivery for these sizes :

Sizes available for the Lumbosacral CorFit Belt

Size Belt Height Measurment around hips
Child 4" 24"-33"
XSmall 4" 24"-33"
Small 8" 27"-38" 
Medium/Large (Regular) 8" 32"-43" 
X-Large 9" 40"-52" 
2X-Large 10" 46"-58" 
3X-Large  12" 52"-64" 
4X-Large 12" 60"-74"
5X- Large 12" 65"-81"

Plush elastic back panel and double side pulls provide superior abdominal compression critical for lower back support. The ultra durable front panels add extra support and ensure long use. Wicking material draws moisture away while Improved CorEdge finish adds comfort without binding or irritation.

Care Instructions for your low back lumbosacral belt:
Just hand wash in cold water and a mild detergent. Do not put into the washing machine or use Bleach. Line/Air Dry. Avoid Direct Heat.

Order with confidence: Order securely online or call toll free 1-866-810-2174 to order

Shipping Cost: $8.50- 10.90
Shipping Via: UPS (5-7 Days). Allow Longer for Sizes 3X-Large to 5X-Large
Payment Via: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

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Color: White
Sizes Available: Sm, Medium/Large, X-Large, 2X-Large, 3X-Large, 4X-Large, and 5X-Large
Features Benefits
The CorFit Lumbosacral belt comes in multiple sizes small, Regular, L, XL, XXL, XXXL for proper fit and comfort
Fits very well Fit 27" to 54" hips with just 3 belts
Flexible material that draws moisture away Making the lumbar support very comfortable
Easy to use Comfortable to wear for long periods
Simple to put on lower back region for instant pain relief from sciatica and low-back pain
Works on Stability in the Lower Back Helps to Stabilize the Lower Back and Sacro-Iliac joints (SI Joints)
Helps to improve posture in the upper back and neck area
Improves Posture while lifting Prevents further low-back injury while lifting
Promotes Proper posture for lifting Acts as a reminder to use proper lifting techniques
Strong Velcro stays Strong Velcro mechanism will keep you well supported
Great for lower back pain relief chronic low-back pain, weak and fatigued muscles, or while recovering from an acute low-back injury
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