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Tri Core Cervical Support Neck Pillow FIRM Support

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This firm fiber filled support neck pillow is the highest quality cervical neck support pillow available. As you sleep, the Tri Core Cervical Support Neck Pillow cradles your neck in its most natural and neutral position. The down-like feel of this neck pillow provides lasting freshness, excellent neck support and superior pillow life.Designed for either back or side sleeping. The Tri-Core is the #1 fiber support neck pillow recommended by the medical professionals such as Chiropractors and Physical Therapists who most commonly treat neck and head pain. In addition to alleviating pain caused by many conditions, this neck pillow also alleviates airway blockage, which can be a major cause of snoring may also be helped.

Most of our customers experience an increase in sleeping comfort within a couple of days of using this pillow. Others may require up to two weeks before the neck and back muscles adjust to their proper position.

The Tri Core Cervical Support Pillow is made with Fortrel Bactishield: a premier, antimicrobial material that combats the growth of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms. This high quality fiber provides the antimicrobial safeguards we demand while promoting lasting freshness.

This neck pillow fits a standard pillow case

This is the FIRM Level of Support 
(Please note that this pillow is quite firm, firmer than both the linear gravity pillow and the traction pillows)

Dimensions: 24" x 16" (16 cm x 41 cm)

How to Clean your Tri-Core Neck Pillow:
Hand Washing and Drying
  • Soak in Lukewarm water using a mild detergent
  • Continue to press or flush water through until clean. Press our any excess water
  • Rinse in Clean Water removing Detergent and Soil
  • Press out excess water and drip dry flat. Do not hang or filling will settle
  • Refluff when thoroughly dry (punching action on diagonals).


Pillowcase available:

Slip On Blue Pillow Case for the Tri-Core Pillows Standard Size