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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Normally need flat pillows for my neck issues-this is actually heavenly to lay on!!!

Amazing! Period. I have neck and back issues and can’t use 90% of pillows. They are usually to high or too firm and give me neck pain when I wake up. So I basically don’t use a pillow to sleep unless it’s a thin pillow with the perfect amount of fluff. This pillow-I didn’t really expect to love-kinda just got it out of curiosity but omg I’m glad I did! Totally pleasantly surprised! Not only is it amazing to sleep on but it’s sooooo comfy when you just wanna relax and lay on for a bit while on your phone or something. It literally cradles your head perfectly, there is a perfect amount of fluff so your head feels like it’s on a cushion-y cloud and yet somehow there is literally also the perfect amount of support. I also wanna add that this pillow shouldn’t be confused with those standard cervical foam pillows that have kind of the same shape as this pillow. I almost didn’t order this thinking it was gonna be like those cervical foam pillows because I hate those pillows and they don’t work for me. This is a million times better I promise! I guess there’s a pillow for everyone. If you prefer a plush feeling, and usually can’t do high pillows-this should be fine. It works for me and I can’t go without it now that I know it exists!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

HIITSME, 11/20/2023

(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow )


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Soft and comfortable don’t cover it

I’m a side sleeper with no real neck problems and I bought this pillow for prophylactic reasons and I’ve been using it the last 2 nights. To be honest I’m not sure which side of the Cervical Linear Traction Neck pillow I’ve been using. I can say it’s been exceptionally comfortable and I’ve remained pain free. My head sinks into the pillow but it doesn't feel like it’s laying in a sea of fluff. My head gently settles in and, while I’m able to move my head around freely, I get a structured & supportive feeling and don’t have the desire to move around or fluff the pillow. Instead I feel settled and ready to sleep. When I awaken I’m refreshed and get up ready to face the day. I decided to read the literature that came with my pillow and was surprised at just what all the pillow can help with when you are having neck pain. The design of this Arc4life Traction Pillow is such that one side provides traction and is called the “V” side, which is the high side and is designed purposely like that so that it gives you a gentle stretch in your neck while sleeping.

The Traction V Side of the Arc4life Traction Pillow

The other side of the pillow is the support side and is very comfortable for nights when you don’t want to utilize the traction aspect of the V side. It’s not unusual to experience soreness the first few nights you use the pillow and it’s suggested to maybe only use this new pillow a half to a full hour the first few nights you have it. The pillow is accompanied by a quite informative booklet that explains neck curvature and how this pillow can help realign your cervical spine and neck. These pillows are made of a polyester fiberfill that does break down over time but you can expect your pillow to last anywhere from 6 months to 5 years It isn’t recommended to put the pillow in the washing machine but to instead, spot clean with a gentle detergent and let air dry. Another suggestion is to place it in the dryer on a gentle cycle for 7-10 minutes to refluff. I really like this pillow and find it very comfortable. I like a lot of height for my head when I lay down and I’ve been using this pillow on top of my regular pillow. I haven’t experienced any tenderness or soreness in my neck after sleeping this way with my new pillow. I’m going to continue using it as I have been. The instructions don’t mention anything about not using a pillow case so I did put one on mine. I know some supportive pillows companies suggest not to use one on their products. I do like this pillow but in my case I’m not experiencing any neck issues, so the rather high price point might prevent me and others from trying out this product in the future. If the traction aspect is something you feel may help you reduce the pain associated with your neck then the price may not be prohibitive for you. We all have different and varying budgets and needs. The company does offer other products to help with neck pain as well and that information is located on the back of the included instruction booklet.- LaVonia, November 25, 2023 

LaVonia, 11/25/2023

(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow )

"I do like this pillow! I have a couple bulging disks and need some support. It does take a while to get used to this pillow... wasn't sure if I was going to like it... but after 4 to 6 weeks, I'm finally sleeping better and feeling the support. Not a big fan of the price but you do get what you pay for...
Thank you!" - Sheila, 03/29/2022
(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow )

⭐⭐⭐⭐Just purchased my 3rd pillow.

"My husband bought me this pillow in 2009. I was mad. I never would have spent this kind of money for a pillow (and it was about half the price it is today back then). Then I read the pamphlet and was even more mad. It sounded so scary. But the money was spent, and so I prepared for the worst and went to sleep with another pillow on standby so I could ease in slowly. I did wake up and swap out for two nights. By the third night I slept with it all night, and woke up in the morning for the first time in months with no tingling arms or shoulder pain. It was amazing. Not going to lie, as a life long side sleeper, it takes some getting used to. You can still side-sleep with it, but it kind of encourages you not to stay on your side for too long.

At some point I started having tingling arms again, so I realized my pillow was wearing out and it was time for a new one. (Amazon purchase history tells me this was 2013, which is a pretty reasonable life for a pillow IMO). Sure enough, the new one solved the problems once again. So time went by and eventually it starting wearing. This time I felt like it wasn't old enough to need replacing, so I tried some other pillows for a few years. Depending on the stress and activity in my life that was affecting my neck, some days I was fine, some days not. Over the last months I've had some struggles so I looked back at my Amazon history and realized how long it had been since I bought the second one, and ordered my third. It's been about a week, still adjusting to it, but long story long, I definitely recommend this pillow. I don't like that it's not machine washable, but that's about the only knock. I don't know what they say the life expectancy is for this pillow, but from my experience, about 3 years is reasonable.

Pro tip - do spend some time experimenting with the two different sides. It definitely makes a difference, especially when you're first getting used to it. Sweet dreams! "

S.O. January 22, 2021

(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow )

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  I slept on it for one night and it helped. 
Hello, My name is Kathy.B  and I live in CT. I purchased your Arc 4 Life pillow from Amazon based on a referral from my friend who purchased it as well and told me how much it had helped her. I slept on it for one night and it helped. I continued to feel better for several nights and could feel the definite lift of my neck.
 I had an appointment with my rheumatologist this week and I told her how wonderful this pillow is and the really great results I am having. I showed her the brochure. She asked to keep the brochure because when I recommend a product she tell other patients about the product. Therefore, I am asking you to send my doctor some brochures or any sales aid you would like to help sell your wonderful pillow because I know she has and will mention it to her other patients.
 I am sure this is not a standard email that you are used to seeing but when I find a good product that can help others with arthritis, I would like that information to be recommended by my rheumatologist.

Kathy B, January, 21, 2022

(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow )

...(I did buy a pillow from you about a year & a half ago that came with a twisty neck roll as a free gift. It turns out that twisty neck roll was one of the very few things that gave my father any comfort & relief on his deathbed. He died about a month ago. Thank you so much.)

Mae, October 25, 2021

(Ordered the Arc4life Traction Pillow with a Free Twist Pillow)


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  Finally, I Can Sleep On My Back
After years of searching for a pillow that I could actually sleep comfortably on, in order to sleep on my back, I finally found it! This pillow is very comfortable and allows not only my neck to have the right support but the sides of my face to be cradled, unlike other pillows. I’m having a lot of hip pain and shoulder pain from lying on my sides and this pillow is really helping.
Dr.H , October 24, 2021
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  The Best Cervical Pillow
This seems to have the best design of all the cervical pillows on the market. This is my second Arc4Life pillow and it helped my neck tremendously. Doesn't alleviate all the pain, but definitely increases my range of motion.
shepherdess, October 17, 2021
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  Best Pillow

I've tried A LOT of pillow...and by a lot I mean a new one almost every year or sooner. This is by far the ABSOLUTE BEST pillow I've ever slept on. I have very bad neck issues and my chiropractor recommended the other pillow with the square indents, but the reviews on this one were better. I sleep in all different positions and am very comfortable!

Kristin, September 3, 2021



🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  Perfect Pillow = Perfect Night's Sleep

After many years of not sleeping more than 2 hours at a time and way too many pillow purchases trying to find a pillow that would work, I used this the 1st night. I read the instructions, and fully intended to switch to my previous pillow after an hour or so, to avoid any issues of a sore neck or migraine, because those are the problems I've been left with as a disabled vet, except for the first time in months and months, I slept 8 hours and never moved! It has probably been 5 years since I slept all the way thru the night. I have had this pillow almost 1 week, used it exclusively each night, and unbelievable even to me, I have fallen right to sleep and stayed asleep all night!
I got an appointment with a specialist, took months to get, to figure out my sleep problems, it's next week. I'm still going, but I think I've already solved the problem, and happily WITHOUT medication

Rambette, May 21,  2021

(ordered the Large Arc4life Traction Pillow)


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Perfect For Neck Pain

I have been sleeping on this pillow for about 2 months and I absolutely LOVE it!! It has resolved my neck pain almost entirely. I'm about to buy a second for my boyfriends house because I don't want to sleep on another pillow anymore!

R.Fonseca, May 14,  2021

(ordered the Small  Arc4life Traction Pillow)


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟So far so good. Got here quickly and is doing a nice job of eliminating my neck pain.

Marton, February 11,  2021

(ordered the Large Arc4life Traction Pillow)


The small says for a short neck. What is considered a short neck?

My son is 6’4 he does not have a short neck. He is a wounded Warrior he was blown up 4 times. Saying that his spine was damaged and he couldn’t sleep comfortable. This is now the IT PILLOW. I hope this helped.

Kim, January 26, 2021

(ordered the Large Arc4life Traction Pillow)




I LOVE this pillow!! It supports my neck and body so amazingly! I haven't slept this well in months!!.

Arc4life Customer, February 26, 2021

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Back and Neck Pain Relief

I purchased this in a desperate need for pain relief in my back, and sometimes my neck too. I have an arthritic spine, and sleeping is very hard for me. I started using this a little at a time to get accustom to the difference from a regular pillow. It supports your head and neck and aligns it to alleviate stress on these areas. You can sleep on your side or back and as you use it more, you will see a difference and sleep and wake feeling so much better.

P. Wilson, November 6, 2020

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟 Flexible Travel Pillow

Comes with eye mask, and ear plugs for deeper rest. Material is soft, and pillow can be shaped into almost any configuration. The center of the pillow is flat (the portion that sits behind your neck), while the ends are round (like a cylinder or pipe). Fairly comfortable and easy to shape. The only thing is that when you bend it certain ways it makes a loud squeak type of noise, other than that its a solid product.

JSpec1, August 12, 2020

(ordered the Arc4life Adjustable Travel Pillow Kit)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  Absolutely Fabulous, for anyone with chronic neck pain

I love this neck pillow. I was so happy to find it, that I did not notice that it came with extra stuff.

I like the carrying case, to hold it all together, It will be handy to pack and keep it clean. Before that came into my life, I threw my other one in a garbage bag for travel. Now I feel all classy. It also comes with ear plugs and an super soft eye mask. The eye mask totally helps black out the light. That will be super handy for migraines. The ear plugs will be handy too, I have stayed in places where kids are doing acrobatics on the ceiling all night...or I am next to the laundry room and someone brought their dryer balls... or the alarm goes off for no reason and the fire department can not get it to turn off.
There are times that I had been praying for ear plugs; but did not have them yet. These are some delightful added bonuses!

So, what I LOVE about this Fabulous Neck Pillow!!!!
First things that I noticed, the fabric is super soft, and the memory foam is like a beautiful dream.
It is amazing. I have needed this for a very long time. It is HEAVEN SENT, for someone with chronic neck pain.
I use this every morning and every evening. It molds to my neck and holds my heating pad in place, keeps my head in a comfortable position and gives me support, when I am all Jellyfish and done with the day.
It bends to the shape I need, and stays in place. It is big enough to give me full support. I kept having to twist my old one around to support my chin.. or in to another position to support another area...
This neck pillow is amazing, it supports my whole neck so I do not need to do that! It does have a snap to hold it into place; but I have not had to use it.

The pillow case is washable! That is a MUST!

You need this in your life! It would make a great gift for most everyone.

I have not discovered any “Cons”

Teazilla, July 23, 2020

(ordered the Arc4life Adjustable Travel Pillow Kit)


I am sharing because sharing is caring and someone else just my find this beneficial as well.

For at least two month now, my neck has given me the absolute blues. I’ve rotated pillows, taken all the Tylenol Sinus my liver could tolerate, applied CBD cream; ate the gummies; drank the tea all which gave me temporary relief. Waking up with daily headaches was not how I envisioned retirement!!!

One morning, I just could not take it any longer; at 2:30am I decided to finally invest in yet another new pillow; so I ordered this “Cervical Neck Traction Pillow For Sleeping - Queen Standard Size Side Sleeper And Back Sleepers”. Let me tell you for $116; I WAS HESITANT! BUT all praises to God; since using it; I have not waken up with a headache since. That’s the God honest truth!!!

My head and neck ached me so; I finally called to make an appointment which I was seen for on yesterday. For me to do so in times of COVID-19; it had gotten on my last nerves! Since, using the pillow my issues have subsided A LOT; but I know I need to know if the underlying cause is something other than this ole arthritis!!!

Felicia. A, May 23rd,  2020

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)




🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Sleeping Well

Pillow provides a foundation for a sleep through the night experience free of pain. Changed my nightly sleeping routine entirely, for the better.

Ray. G, March 6th 2020

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Sleeping Well

i believe i can say it is propably the best purchase I have made concerning feeling better i used to not be able to find a correct position to keep from my neck & arms going out of shape I needed to stay on my back and no matter how many pillows i used I woke up in the wrong position. Now i can stay in the accurate position And feel so rested when I wake up

A wife, mother & grandmother, January 31st 2020

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The Best

Have bought and returned countless pillows!! Have a herniated neck disc and have struggled off and on for years. Had a horrible flare up and was desperate to find relief. This worked!!! Immediately relieved my neck pain!!!

K White, January 30th, 2020

(ordered the Medium Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Supportive Pillow

I love this pillow. It has helped keep my neck stable and supported.

SCB , January 9th, 2020

(ordered the Small Arc4life Traction Pillow)

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟The only thing that has ever helped my neck!!

I have an iffy neck and have tried the posture pump, physical therapy, and more. When I sleep on this I INSTANTLY get neck relief, and it's the only pillow where I wake up and my neck doesn't hurt!!!!!!!

Taya, November 12th, 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Great Pillow

Previously had to have cortisone shots in my neck. Since buying this pillow I haven’t had to have one in 5 years.

Aaron, October 26 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Very Effective

Life changing. I don’t know how I discovered this. But I have three bulging discs in my neck and sleeping was often impossible with a normal pillow. This has saved me. I get a new one every year. It lasts a good year, it’s very durable. I sleep mostly on my back but it works in your side too.

Roxy, October 12 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Cervicogenic Headache Relief

This pillow significantly decreased occurrence of morning headaches from my cervical neck problems.

Louise, October 6 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟There Really Are Miracles !

 This pillow was like a miracle for my degenerative disc disease. PT had no suggestions to improve sleep. I was waking up every morning in tremendous pain. I found this pillow on my own and was thrilled with results from the very first night I slept in it.

AAS, July 31, 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Comfortable Sleep

Love this pillow! It took a few nights to get used of it, but boy oh boy what a great sleep now!


S.Hurst, July 27, 2019 

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I finally Get a Good Night of Sleep

I waited a few days before I reviewed this pillow. It takes a few days to get use to it. Very unique design meant to cradle your head and align your neck and spine.(make sure the V shape in the middle is pointed down your neck) I am over the moon happy with this purchase. I haven't slept through the night in years due to chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. I would toss and turn all night and wake up exhausted. After giving this pillow 3 nights, I can honestly say that this pillow saved my life. I wake up refreshed, I don't toss and turn any more and I thank the designers of this fabulous pillow. Granted it is not a cheap pillow but then cheap pillows don't give you a great night sleep. Worth every dollar.

MJC, July 20, 2019 


⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Favorite Pillow

Arc4life Linear Gravity Neck Pillow _ great for tech neck
Love this - it was for my daughter’s tech neck issues. Works like a charm!


KC, July 13 2019

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Sigh of Relief

My husband was laying inn a hospital bed suffering from bone cancer. His neck was affected the most. He could not get his neck comfortable. When I slipped this pillow under his head and neck, he let out a sigh of relief. As long as that pillow was in place, his neck wasn't screaming with pain. This pillow helped make his last few days more comfortable, I wish I would have bought it sooner!


Sandra, June 2019

Love the pillow...thank you


Sandra, June 2019

Ideal Support

If you have neck tension pain, if have ever found relief rolling your neck over a cold soda can, this is for you. The king size has multiple sleeping zones. The edges are wide enough to sleep on. There is a traction side of the "V" and a non-traction side that's a little softer. The bolster side is the same firmness when you flip the pillow. Super supportive, like a neck massage. King does fit normally in a king size pillowcase. I got the extra firm. Took a couple nights to get used to, but now I cant sleep without it.


Duke, June 21,2019

Lo raccomando al 100%

Venditore affidabilissimo, estremamente disponibile. Lo raccomando al 100%.


Luciano, May 28,2019


This is the best cervical pillow I've found. I've had disk replacement surgery and have tried MANY, MANY, MANY designs... often changing pillows in the night. This pillow is simply perfect. I can comfortably sleep on my back or either side without pain all night long. It's the only pillow I will purchase from now on.


A.C, May 10,2019

Waking Up with No Neck Pain or Migraines...

I'm on night 4 of this pillow. Yes, it takes a bit of adjusting to. But I am not waking up during the night to fix my pillows & getting better sleep. Waking up with no neck pain or migraines! Well worth the money!!!


M.P, May 2,2019

Using this for Occipital Neuralgia

I bought this to alleviate the symptoms of my Occipital Neuralgia, I cant sleep without this pillow now. It took a few weeks to not only get used to the odd shape and style but to notice a difference in my neck aches/ pain. If I go without using this pillow for more than a few days the symptoms come right back so I can safely say this has been making a huge improvement on my well being. The only downsize is the price. Highly recommended for being with my similar issues.


Jordan, April 2, 2019

Memory foam, kapok, shredded foam, gel, buckwheat hull, adjustable fill

I just wanted to thank you! I received the pillow I purchased yesterday. I’m not exaggerating when I say I have spent over $1,000 on various pillows over the past 8 months, in an attempt to help my stiff neck/shoulders in the morning, which lead to migraine headaches that most times last for days. Memory foam, kapok, shredded foam, gel, buckwheat hull, adjustable fill. I’ve honestly tried everything and so I was skeptical this pillow would help. But it did! I didn’t even need any “break in” period. I slept soundly all night and woke up with no tightness in my neck or shoulders. I’m so thankful I have found this pillow. Thank you! 


T.S, March 23, 2019

🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Great support for your neck!

Great pillow for people with stuff and sire necks. It does provide relief and I am using the pillow now exclusively.

Sabine, February 28, 2019

It gives you the support you need. And it has choices for different neck sizes.

I have 2 bulging disk. 4,5- 5,6.. all other pillows were hurting me and had no support. And i have quiet a collection of them. So i decided to go with this pillow. And glad i did. The first use i was sore just like it tell you . And after that its been great for me. It goes from bedroom to couch with me. I highly recomend this pillow and going to get another for camping. I love it.

Paul. January 31, 2019

I thought I’d need surgery.

I have had severe, unbearable and usually once a week debilitating cervical neck pain for 4 months now precipitating migraines. Just referred to PT and got muscle relaxers (yet to take- probably won’t have to now). Have read all the books. Nothing was working. Tylenol and Advil didn’t touch the pain. Usually I just had to do nothing for the whole weekend, put heatpak a on my neck every day, and hope for the best. I bought those stick on heat packs in bulk.

This worked, overnight. I barely believe it. I thought I’d need surgery. I’ve been sleeping on it a week now and I am not sure about LT performance but this is the first pain free week I have had in months. I wake up with full range of motion (even if I lose it throughout the day). It’s amazing. It’s bizarre, like how could a pillow fix such a serious issue? I felt stupid paying so much for a pillow. But now I’d definitely buy it again.

I was on a tempedic pillow before, so medium feels soft to me but works. I mean, give it a try. It has basically changed my life it is crazy.

Pat. January 21, 2019



You have given me my life back!

I’ve been living with chronic pain since being in a boat accident in 2012. I’m 36 and have two small children. I’ve spent countless hours in physical therapy and shed many tears.
On a whim, I purchased your pillow. You have given me my life back! I can’t even believe the relief I’m experiecing. My pain is almost completely gone. I can hug my children again and live without pain.
I don’t know how to possibly express my thanks enough. I never thought I’d resume a normal life after over 6 years of chronic pain but your pillow has completely improved my condition.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this incredible invention.

Millie. W, January 17, 2019


Best Pillow I have ever Used

I love reviews, but rarely write them. This pillow (arc4life traction pillow medium xfirm), however, gets one! Seriously, the best pillow I have ever used for my neck issues. It was even approved by my Chiropractor. I have reverse curvature in my neck and need firm support. This pillow delivers that along with some traction action that feels great. Please don't ever stop making this pillow!!

Kat. D January 9, 2019


Less Headaches

took a little getting used to, but my headaches have subsided considerably!

Sandra V, December 13 8 2018



This might be my first review, but since neck pain is such an important issue for many people I thought I would add my 2 cents. I've had it a little over a week and I think it's GREAT. I have forward head posture - too much computer work and looking at my phone - and have some bulging disc type issues, had an MRI (c5,6,7?) I was having a lot of annoying tingling in the back of my neck prior to getting this pillow and arm/hand, and shoulder blade area pains, etc. The tingling and pains are all but gone. In general I have gotten better about keeping my chin tucked, but I definitely think this pillow has helped immensely and contributing to better posture. The traction type of sensation not hype, you can really feel the neck lengthening. Would highly recommend!

Derek, November 8 2018


Working for Me

In the last week this pillow has allowed me to get perhaps 3 hours of sleep on my back before I need to turn - a huge improvement over a regular pillow, no pillow or a towel rolled under my neck. I use the traction side with my head in the triangle. Whether it really does much in the way of traction isn't obvious based on how it feels. Still, that's pretty great. Side sleeping is just done on the end of the pillow, nothing fancy going on there, but it still works for me. I'm about 5' 8", slim build and have a long neck.

Bob, September 18 2018


The quality is superior to TriCore pillow

I wanted this pillow to be a miracle cure for neck pain associated with military neck. It’s well made, but it’s just too puffy for me as a 5’9” Woman. It works well for my taller husband. The quality is superior to TriCore pillow... which has less fluff, worse fabric, BUT ultimately is more comfortable for laying on my back. This pillow IS very nice for slide sleepers and better than the TriCore or D Core pillow. I really wish I could have ordered a smaller size .. maybe 20% smaller? ... from amazon to compare. This pillow was not returnable. It’s cheaper than going to the chriopractor every week, and it is comfortable enough for shorter naps, so I’m not disappointed too much with my purchase!

bld424, April 24, 2018


I’ve only been using it for a week now, but I will say there has a been a marked decrease in my pain. I have two very badly herniated discs causing spinal stenosis. I also have a severe reverse curve in my neck. So I have almost constant pain and terrible migraines. It takes some getting used to, as almost every cervical pillow I’ve tried. I have the medium and I do a lot of side sleeping, though with my pain I wake up a lot and need to position myself on my back. At first I wasn’t sure. The pillow seems to be more corrective. There is some pain but it’s not constant and feels more like my neck being pushed back into a normal position. If that makes sense. Like the pain you have when you wear corrective orthotics. If you have bad issues like I do, I recommend trying it. I will post an update in a couple months.

Rachel W, March 11, 2018

5/5 but a massive improvement and getting better every day and it's definitely thanks to this guy Was skeptical, but this really helped my occipital neuralgia. Not pain free, but a massive improvement and getting better every day and it's definitely thanks to this guy. If you flip it, you get slightly higher/lower neck support which gives you options for getting comfortable. Highly recommend this.

J.Barnett, January 16, 2018

I highly recommend this pillow. I have suffered from neck tension migraines for years and spent ridiculous amounts of money on chiropractic pillows that didn’t work. Since using this pillow, I have not had one migraine or any neck pain. It is such a great feeling to walk around pain-free and to not have to take migraine medicine any longer. This pillow is worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed!

Lucy B, December 22 , 2017

You need this. Excellent for bulging disks and post op

Any, December 6, 2017

Hi!!- Ive been meaning to let u know....ARC4LIFE pillow is AMAZING! Ive not had neck pain since the 1st nite! Over a mo now and not waking up stiff neck and shoulders. I cant tolerate the traction side for more than 1-2 min without extreem discomfort and dizziness. The opposite side is HEAVEN to sleep on but i am doing the traction regular, just not more than a min. My neck is soo straight i looked up to stretch my neck and got a spasm in my neck just from that! But this pillow is MY PILLOW for life. Thank u guys. I think i need that neck device to stretch it that u guys have on your website. Super happy!!

Dyann, November 9, 2017


AC, November 3, 2017

I've had neck pain for nearly 10 years and I've tried hundreds of things to deal with it. I wanted to let you know that while there are a few things that I've found to help, this pillow is the single BEST thing that has helped me the most. Especially since it's a one-time cost that I can keep benefiting from. My original pillow was several years ago and it lasted quite well since I used it every day for years. I since came back to buy more to have a newer one but also another extra backup, because it helps me so much that I can't even take the chance that it might not be available for any reason at some unknown point in the future. It's that good! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the unknown number of days over the years that I have been functional and can have a "normal" day when I probably otherwise wouldn't have. Today I had a coworker tell me she just began having the same problem as me a few months ago. I told her about this pillow and I think she just already purchased hers this morning. I hope it helps her as much as it did me, and it just reminded me to come here and thank you since I never properly did so. You're truly helping people have improved lives, thank you so much!

Lindsey, November 2, 2017

Once I got used to it I love it. Best sleep I've had in years.

AC, October 29, 2017

I had spine and neck surgery. my husband ordered it for me and using it since three months. love it. very good support comfy and made easy for me to change my position.

Shahab Q., October 12, 2017

I have a reversed cervical curve and a lot of neck pain. Sleeping is always difficult because my neck isn’t comfortable. I have now been sleeping with this pillow about a week and the relief is so sweet. I highly recommend this pillow!

Belmont, October 4, 2017

I have had neck pain issues for so many years since a car accident about 6 years ago. I could never find a pillow that kept my neck in a comfortable position for both side AND back sleeping. I found that this pillow was so comfy for both sleeping positions. Finally, I'm not waking up with neck pain each morning. To be pain free was worth every penny to me.

AC, September 28, 2017

Without a doubt, it's working. It took a few days, and some grumbling, but it's working. I'm a side sleeper and was concerned about it even being functional for me, but it is. I don't sleep on the edge, as my hands will still go numb from my neck being angled. I sleep on my side, in the center of the opposite side of the V. That's a bit confusing, and if you side sleepers need more details, just ask. Anyway, great pillow, really is - and I never leave

Rebecca, September 5, 2017

I purchased the Sombra Warm Therapy Gel after I saw the post on Instagram. Arc4Life shipped it to me (in Canada) from the US. It has been a true lifesaver for my chronic lower back pain. I can't wait to try out the other items they've recommended. Thank you times a million.

Harj, August 10, 2017

It works as advertised. A bit pricey but you get what u pay for. I am getting wonderful night sleeps using this pillow. three ways to use it. Sleep on either side if sleeping on your side. Put your neck on the v or flip it around; either way your head rests in the center hollow. Doc recommended a cervical spine pillow and they are not available locally. Happy amazon had choices and happy with my choice.

N.D, June 30, 2017

I've had neck problems/pain for years. I've been to orthopedic doctors, neurologist, pain doctors, I've been on all kinds of meds, done physical therapy, acupuncture, you name it I've probably tried it. Last week I bought the Arc4life king pillow thinking I can always return it if it doesn't work. We'll, this pillow is not being returned. I've been using it since Sunday and have had no morning neck pain. It is amazing and highly recommend it.

KC, June 29, 2017

I have 2 cervical hernias and with time sleeping with a standard pillow became very uncomfortable. I would wake up EVERY MORNING with a headache. Over the years I tried so many comfort pillows to remedy this (memory foam, water pillow, etc.) and spent so much money but nothing worked. So I started sleeping without a pillow but then it would take me forever to sleep because I really need the neck support. I finally ordered this pillow after it was mentioned on a blog or an article about cervical hernias, this was in 2014. Words cannot explain the relief this pillow has provided. It took me 3 days to get used to it and be able to sleep on it the whole night but since then I NEVER wake-up with a headache. I use each pillow for a year before ordering a new one.

Lena, June 26, 2017

I bought the Traction Neck Pillow in approximately 2014 because I was having migraines, weekly! The migraines were awful and really having a negative impact on my life. So I found this pillow online and thought I would try it. My migraines pretty much disappeared in a couple of weeks. Around the same time I got this pillow in 2014, I was also focusing on relaxing the occipital muscles as that is where the migraines started and then the pain would wrap around my head to the back of my right eye, horrible! So after a year or two of not having migraines at all and only a headache here and there, my husband and I decided to get new pillows for some reason, May 2016. I think I convinced myself that my migraines disappeared more to the fact that I focused on the head muscles to relax them, essentially retraining them since this is one place I held tension when I worked on my computer at work. Within a few months my migraines returned which happened to be around the time we bought our new house, in September 2016. So I figured it was because of the stress of selling and buying a new home, moving, etc. But after we moved in October 2016 an settled in, the migraines remained. I tried everything like massages, chiropractic and still focusing on relaxing those muscles and they never went away completely. So I thought I would give this pillow another try and bought in May 2017. I noticed a difference the very first night. I could tell that my occipital muscles were much more relaxed in the morning. So now the migraines are gone again! Thank you Arc4Life! I will never use another pillow again!

Lori, June 23 2017

Had a lot of pain from trapezius / shoulder/ neck.. ongoing for a long time. old whiplash sporting injuries. Apparently I have a straight neck according to chiropractor. Chiro advised me to lay with neck on a rolled towel daily for 10 mins at a time- that's just not realistic; I forget to do it and IMO 10 mins out of 24hrs in a day isn't going to do much. So. In a misery of constant discomfort/ tension/ trigger point aggravation that would only be relieved by a chiropractic adjustment, I figured I'd throw down $100 and give this pillow a try.

Prior to this I've been using different orthopedic pillows with limited success. So.. tried this one - It feels quite different to all other pillows I've tried. Took a few days to get used to, but It is the only one that seems to give the 'traction' and put the neck in the correct curvature while still being comfortable. After a few days I noticed a definite improvement, and after a couple of weeks, I was pain free. I've been using it some months now and i no longer experience the pain/discomfort at all. Best hundred bucks I've spent in recent memory.

I do switch out sometimes to a normal pillow if I feel the need but I find it quite comfortable for daily use. I am quite tall female (5'10") and have a long neck, so for me it works well. Maybe not so great for someone small or with a very short neck (I have the medium size pillow).

Sarah, May 31 2017

This Pillow is a Godsend! Had whiplash from car accident in 1990. Found out 2 years later that I had a very slight fracture at L3. Started coming back to haunt me with pain yet only about twice a year. In 2015, it started getting more frequent. Found this gem on amazon and have never experienced any more of those pain flare ups! It's a Godsend! Worth every dime. Got one for my boyfriend who has tension neck pain from work. He loves his just as much!

Doris, April 17, 2017

I've tried several pillows designed to help bring the natural curve back to the neck. The Arc4life pillow does a great job of providing traction and realignment. I like the fact that I can turn the pillow around and also use it vertically if I want to sleep on my side. Thank you to the brilliant person who designed this.

AC, April 4, 2017

Great Neck Support Pillow - Out of all of the neck support pillows I have owned, this one is still the best. The traction V is great when your neck is stiff.

IG, March 29, 2017

My neck strain was killing me, and was much worse after sleeping st night. The pillow brought great relief in the morning and works well with my physical therapy.

K.C, Nashville, TN, March 24, 2017

Hello, I have found the pillow to be a miracle for my neck. I have had headaches every day for over 30 years. Now I am waking up without (or very slight). I am getting much better rests and my whole body seems to be more relaxed. I can’t tell you what an amazing product this is. (Please don’t go out of business …:0). Best, Lynn

Lynn, Nanoose BC, March 21 2017

Perfect alignment for my neck. Relieves sore neck muscles at night. Would definitely recommend for easing headaches.

AC, March 7 2017

I had tried three other contour pillows and found that none of them did for me what this pillow could do. The v shape of the Arc4life cradles and tractions my neck so I sleep n proper alignment. I can move the pillow around to a side sleep position and I don't get over heated like I did with some of the strictly memory foam products. I would give this pillow a 9.5 out of 10.

B.L.S, Baton Rouge, LA, March 3, 2017

I bought my first arc4life pillow 7 years ago. I just replaced it because it had lost some support over the last year. This pillow has been a miracle for my neck/head pain. When I lay my head on it, I can feel the expansion of the vertebrae from my skull. The only time I have experienced pain in the past 7 years has been if I was without my pillow.

E.C, Baton Rouge, LA, February 11, 2017

I had anterior cervical discectomy and fusion 6 months ago and have been unable to get comfortable at night. Could not fins a comfortable sleeping position and would wake with neck and shoulder pain. How did This Product This pillow [arc4life traction pillow medium] helped the very first night I used it! My neck felt so good, the pillow is very supportive and comfortable. i hardly move all night. I feel i am getting much better sleep and wake without pain. Great service, My order was delivered very quick.

Lisa D, January 9, 2017

I purchased one of the linear traction neck pillows, in large, when I spent a good portion of the year at my daughters home in CT, I found that it took no longer than the first night to discover that I had not slept that well in years, and woke with no neck pain. Now that I am back in FL I could not wait to order another for down here and discovered that they are right up the street from me so I called and picked my pillow up this am. Here's to another night of great sleep!!!

Jerry, November 16, 2016

Just recently diagnosed with a bulging disc, C7 and this has caused me a lot of discomfort. My neurologist is treating this issue conservatively. This pillow have allowed me to rest free of pain. I'm very happy that I purchased it.

N.M, December 19, 2016

This pillow works great for me.

James, November 9, 2016

I've been sleeping with the Arc4Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow for three nights now. Prior to switching to this pillow, I had neck pain for about a month. After one night with this pillow, my neck pain was 80% reduced. After three nights, it's gone completely! I was prepared to have to ease into this pillow based on the instructions, but my neck was apparently craving this positioning and traction, because I slept like a rock the very first night I used it. I love the way the gentle traction feels on my's like I'm being lulled to sleep in the most comforting way possible. I'm an Acupuncture Physician and I'm considering purchasing three more of these pillows for use in my treatment rooms!

Dr. Maggie Mejia, September 3, 2016

YOU HAVE CERVICAL DYSTONIA / SPASMADIC TORTICOLLIS This was like a miracle sent to me... This was like a miracle sent to me, after 12 years of suffering trying this little thing on my head for 1 hour while doing balancing exercises gave my neck more relief than I have felt in ages. I did everything, accupuncture, massage, workouts, pain meds, botox, lipozene shots, occipital nerve block. I am so excited to keep using this. I found this through a movement therapist who is helping me, as soon as I used it I had to get my own. I just wish they sold the 3lb ones.

A.C, August 18, 2016

I bought this pillow about a year ago for myself, and now I've ordered one for my husband as well. It's the best pillow I've ever owned and truly took care of my neck pain. I received it within just three business days of placing my order. Fantastic service!

JJ, Lucedale, MS August 11, 2016

I suffer with severe migraines stemmed from a spinal fusion; well ironically the day the pillow came in I was having one of my more severe migraines...while using this pillow waiting/hoping for my medicine to kick in and relieve some of the pain, I noticed that almost immediately I felt some pressure relief in my neck, I've tried many pillows and this is the first to give me such relief.

JJ, Lucedale, MS August 11, 2016

I usually have painful neck issues when I sleep. But used my cervical neck pillow and did not have any issues with my neck.

JJ August 1, 2016

After years of painful sleep due to existing cervical spine conditions, I finally decided to try this pillow. I've considered this product for quite awhile. I wish I had not waited so long! Slept so peaceful the first night after this arrived, and every night since. Highly recommend this pillow for peaceful and pain free nights of sleep!

MG July 27, 2016

Great pillow for chronic neck pain. Got one for myself and my mother also. Holds the head nice in a straight position.

CY, July 14, 2016

Excellent pillow for my neck, I love it!

L.E, July 11, 2016

I have had this about a week and it has been terrific. It has helped me more than I thought was possible. I was having pain from a pinched nerve down my arm and shoulder. This pillow fixed it a little bit more each night. I have stopped waking up with my fingers asleep. The extra plus is the pillow feels so comfortable, it feels like it was made for me personally. I am a side sleeper and I am really enjoying a comfortable sleep at night. I LOVE IT!!!

A Taylor, June 19, 2016

Works very well for neck pain. make sure you get your head aligned correct on pillow for it to work properly.

Stacy, May 25, 2016

I purchased this item, in conjunction with a real ease device, and have been using both for about a week now. I have had neck and shoulder problems for a few months, most likely as a result from too much computer time, perhaps exacerbated by weight lifting. I visited a chiropractor for a few weeks, and tried laser therapy and adjustments. It helped slightly but the pain kept coming back. I am going to start physical therapy, and bring my pillow. If my therapist has anything to say about it, I will update my review. In any case, I honestly can tell that this pillow is helping me. I bought the king size pillow, despite being just under foot foot six, based on the reviews. The first few nights, sleeping in the V side was too much for me. It made my stiff neck feel even more stiff.I think it was stretching it more than it was ready for. The company site says you should start with the other side, which I tried. I noticed that my neck got used to it after a few days, and it felt quite comfortable. Now, I can sleep on the V side as well, although it is still not as comfortable. I am mostly a side sleeper, which is very comfortable with this pillow. However, I have been trying to sleep on my back, or at least rest on my back, because I honestly think this pillow, in that position, is helping me. It was well worth the almost hundred dollars I spent on it. One of the reviewers said you can't tell which side is the one you need, under a pillowcase. I put a small sticker on the spot above the V. You could just mark it with a fabric marker. I hope this proves helpful to someone in pain, sorting through a billion reviews.

Chris, May 14, 2016

Dear People,Would like to tell you, your pillow is wonderful. The pain in my neck is 98% gone. Thank you so much for a excellent product.

Suzanne S, May 11, 2016 Michigan

I'm not one to write product reviews but I have to share how this pillow has greatly improved my sleep, neck pain, and migraines. I highly recommended giving it a try. I've had it less then a week now and haven't experienced neck pain or migraine since night one. Some history about me: I've been diagnosed with chronic migraine and my cervical vertebrae don't have enough curvature. This pillow provides support and encourages my neck to curve more naturally. It allows my neck muscles to relax, which seems to have had a positive affect on reducing the frequency of my headaches/migraines. It's a firmer pillow that's both comfortable sleeping on your back or side. I read a review that said its hard to the position of the "V" when it's in a pillow case, but that's not true. You can easily feel the shape and structure.

AC, May 2, 2016

Love this pillow, it was heaven on my neck. Had disc replacement in December and this has been great.

Jason W, April 18, 2016

I have suffered for months with neck pain especially at night while lying down. Feeling desperate I tried the Arc4Life pillow. I am extremely satisfied and grateful that such a product is available! I have purchased one for each of our homes as I don't want to be left without it. I have no more pain! I highly recommend it.

Sharon.B, April 17, 2016

Accomplishes what it promises and then some. I have suffered chronic neck pain for nearly 30 years and have found minimal relief through medical means. One night with this pillow and my neck pain is greatly reduced, functionality is greatly increased and the constant low grade headache is gone. I was able to sleep for 5 consecutive hours, twice what I was averaging with regular pillows. A fantastic product at even twice the price.

Jill, April 16, 2016

This is my new "at home" pillow for night. I can feel the traction.....I had no problem sleeping with it from night one. Amazing this pillow, give it a try if you have neck really works.

Kathi, S, April 5, 2016

Just want to say that I just love sleeping with my Arc4life pillow. I haven't slept so well.

Jennifer, April 3, 2016

Very very happy with the pillow, best nights sleep since slipping disc in neck

SW,March 30, 2016

Second pillow from this company. Great for neck issues.

SB,March 6, 2016

Has really helped my pinched nerve in neck!

KC, February 21, 2016

Very hesitant to buy this as I have purchased numerous pillows for myself. This pillow does exactly what it says. I had cervical spine surgery in Jan 2007 and have not been comfortable or had a good nights sleep since. After reading many reviews, most very positive and a few negative, I decided to purchase this pillow..I certainly had nothing to lose.. After three days, no more neck pain, I slept through the night and woke up pain free. I tell everyone about this pillow.. It has worked miracles for me. Perhaps my experience using this pillow isn't the same as everyones experience. It works wonders for me personally. Love it and highly recommend it. Best investment I ever made.

GMB, January 15, 2016

Love,love,this pillow, humming in my head has disappeared.

KY, Dec 25, 2015

I bought this pillow over a year ago when a bulging disc in my neck started causing problems. I've slept on it every night since I received it and have found that at the end of the day when my neck starts hurting, sleeping on this pillow really helps. I make a point of leaving room for it in my suitcase when I travel because hotel pillows just don't provide the varied support this one does. My pillow has lasted well, but experts will tell you that any pillow loses loft after about a year and should be replaced. So I'm getting ready to replace this one because I don't want to sleep on anything else.

Sharon D, December 3, 2015

My wife suffers from neck pain while she is sleeping. It's so bad I have woke up to hear almost in tears. I did some research online on things to try and one of the recommendations is a good pillow. I found this pillow on Amazon and she absolutely loves it! She cannot sleep without it now.

Jared. M, November 1, 2015

Helping by cervical already after only two weeks. Love it!

Charlotte M, November 3, 2015

Thanks for sharing this! I am a side sleeper myself and had to “try out” several different pillows before I settled on one. I’m using the Arc4life cervical pillow and boy, does it make a huge difference :) A lot of us don’t realize, but mattresses and pillows are the two things that people shouldn’t save on.

Jessica, October 15, 2015

Awesome pillow to allow a deep sleep. Lets you sleep in a fixed position on your back and allows the neck to curve a little. After a car accident neck was straight, so this helped with the advice of my chiropractor.

SB, October 31, 2015

Pillow worked as described. Use with regular chiropractic care has substantially improved my head and neck mobility.

BD, October 31, 2015

I'm sure it depends on the person and their circumstances. I have cervical stenosis and military neck, where I have no curvature in my cervical spine. I have been using this product 10 days. I find it keeps my neck in proper position and supports it well when sleeping on my back. I also sleep on my side I find that it doesn't provide enough firmness or height when sleeping on my side. Overall I am content with this pillow having gone through so many, its the best I have found so far.

BPK, October 22, 2015

Very good product. I'm sure my chiropractor will approve. After only a few nights use, I can definitely feel the difference in my sleep and pain in my neck. Would highly recommend this product.

Crystal, SC, October 6, 2015

This pillow allows such a relief for my cervical disc it's amazing! I use the pillow with the Posture Pump and have had almost complete relief. Highly recommend for suffers of bulging discs!!

Foodie, September 27, 2015

I love this pillow. My wife says I am on a perpetual quest for the perfect pillow. I think my quest has ended.

Bruce.K, September 23, 2015

One of our long time customers Renee recently submitted a video about why she loves the arc4life traction v pillow. She has been using our pillow for years and it specifically helps her with occipital neuralgia and lessened the pain of her headaches. She loves it so much she has two so she is never without one.

Renee. S, Sept 18, 2015.

This pillow is amazing. I have been diagnosed with TMD and also have an old whiplash injury. I wanted to have relief and went ahead and bought this pillow. I sleep with nothing else but this! It is comfortable and does the job. It keep your head in the proper alignment. Make sure to get the pillow cover as it is white and will stain easily. Best purchase I made for a good night's sleep. I carry with me when I travel too. It is great for side or back sleeping.

L.H.September 2, 2015

I love this pillow and believe me, I have spent a small fortune on pillows trying to relieve my neck pain. I can't sleep without it anymore. It takes some time to get used to it, but I followed the directions explicitly. I actually sleep on the thinner side and use the thicker side to traction my neck before I fall asleep and when I wake up. I'll buy myself another soon as it is starting to get soft.

Julie C August 28, 2015

Thank you! I love it! I slept so good last night!! Love

cupcakenme August 2015

This is my second Arc4life Neck pillow (traction large). I love it and took my old one to my Son's home out-of-State so I have it when I go visit.

GM August 5 2015

This is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time. My neck muscles have been so sore, and I have noticed a reduction in pain in just two days!!!!!! Love it.

B.B.,Mapleton, MN, August 18th, 2015

This pillow has really helped with my neck problems. I wake up pain-free. It takes a while to get used to, but it helps. It's worth the investment.

WineGuy, August 4, 2015

Two nights of sleeping on this pillow = two nights without neck pain after years of fighting neck pain! I can't believe it. It is the best pillow that I have ever had. Thank you for a great product, and the instructions on the website. Thank you for great customer service.

Bettye.,California, July 30, 2015

Well, I doubted that this pillow would work but decided to give it a shot. The morning after using this the first time was incredible! My degenerative discs in my neck did not bother me like it normally did; my neck is not stiff and painful! Just an awareness that I have this condition, but no pain! My headache I get in the morning was gone. This works for me but I don't know if it will work for everyone. I would give it a 5 star if the instruction is written and illustrated much better. Just make sure you read and study the instruction and the image carefully! I suggest going on youtube and type arc4life pillow to help you understand how to use the pillow correctly. There are several video demos showing how to use this pillow. Here is one link to get you started: Arc4life Traction Pillow: How to Use this Pillow. I wish they were captioned for deaf people; if Arc4Life caption their demos, they would reach many older people with neck issues.

A.A July 22, 2015

I love this pillow. After first night neck pain was almost eliminated!

M.R., Summerville SC, June 23, 2015

Very fast shipping. Excellant transaction. High Quality product. I have cervical and spinal stenosis and have had a neck fusion. Got the best nights rest since I first developed this medical condition. Does what it says as described. Absolutely love it. Thanks for your awesome service. Thanks for a good nights rest.

J.R., NC, June 18, 2015

This is a life changing pillow. I actually put it in a highly protective pillowcase and make sure it's lined up for perfect neck position. IT WORKS!

Hoffman, June 9, 2015

The pillow arrived sooner than I anticipated. The quality of the product is exactly as described in the advertising. I would recommend this pillow to other friends and family. It does take a little time to become accustomed to the neck roll, but there is no problem with the small delay in enjoying the benefits of the pillow.

JMD, June 8, 2015

Wow. This pillow is fantastic. I use the traction side while I fall asleep at night and then for about 5 min after I wake up. I had not been able to sleep on my back for years - but I can with this pillow. And it is comfortable too! I have not really gotten the hang of side sleeping with it as I have another pillow I am already used to.

Jul, May 12, 2015

* * * * * 5 stars... For months, my hands would go numb when I slept. This pillow stopped the numbness!

Dani, May 13, 2015

Was worried because it is so firm compared to my beloved feather pillow - but after one night, I woke up pain free from the neck down for the first time in a year. I can turn my neck freely and without pain, and my shoulders and hips don't hurt! I pray this lasts - I am a huge fan. Bought another one for my husband today.

Kim, May 1, 2015

I'm really glad I ordered this pillow. I have become accustomed to it after only a few nights. It's comfortable in any sleeping position! It has helped with my neck discomfort during my waking hours...

Yvonne,H 04/20/2015

Bye bye morning neck stiffness!!!

CubHaz, April 2015

I bought one of these in 2009 and have used it every day since then. I take it with me when I travel - except to Hawaii :) I have just gotten my second one as I decided over 5 years was all I could expect from a pillow. It solved my neck problems back in 09 and when they started to return I decided it was time to replace it. It is worth every penny!

Diane B, 04/15/2015

I was in such pain in my neck, my shoulder and arm and lower right back. I could hardly walk and the pain made me so sick i could not move, sit or anything. The first night i used it I thought this is weird humm not sure. Anyway well i will just use it for an hour or so but, i fell asleep on it an woke up pain free. All my pain was nearly gone. just a bit of neck and shoulder pain. The other thing i had was a numb thigh on the left leg , never expecting that to dissapear I was shocked. I could finally feel my leg before an now I have feeling back, I had that for nearly 12 years. A burning numb pain that would come an go. Well needless to say it was gone. I slept better too. I used to be all over the place when I slept an now I sleep in one spot all through the night. I got rid of the tem-perpeic pillow I spent a small fortune on an it did nothing. I love this pillow. Maybe it doesn't work for everyone , but I have to say I don't want to go anywhere without this pillow. It works and I could not be happier. My daughter bought one and it helped her and she told me about it. I bought it right away hoping it would help an it did more then I expected it would. I love it ! Hope when I need a new one they are still selling them. Or maybe I should just stock up now. Buy two you won't be sorry!

Shelly 03/15/2015

Pillow seems to be helping my neck. I don't have a pain in my neck when I first wake up in the morning.

Daniel, 02/16/2015

this product is a God-send :)

Madeline, Jan 23, 2015

This pillow has worked wonders on my pain from a herniated disc in the neck. It's been about a couple of months and pain is completely gone when using this pillow. I had to use other pillows while traveling over Christmas and my neck pain came back. Used this pillow for a couple of nights and pain is gone. I would definitely recommend this pillow. I can't belie how well it has worked for me.

Dan, 01/11/2015

5 Stars: Never thought a pillow could make such a difference - has helped my neck pain tremendously.

D.Gambrell, 01/09/2015

BEST pillow ever had brain surgery and it is WONDERFUL

loyesilvercookie, 01/2015

I was nervous about ordering such an expensive pillow [ arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow extra firm ], but I am very pleased. I had used a "fruit" core pillow by another company for over 20 years, but found they were no longer helping ease pain. I had a couple days of stiffness from the change in pillows, but since then have experienced significant pain relief. Most mornings I wake up pain free, and the few times I have had pain it has been significantly less than I had been experiencing. Iny opinion, this pillow is worth the $$. I sleep on my side and back. When sleeping on my side, the traction "y" shape helps keep by neck from falling backwards into the "O" shape, which I think was a problem with the other pillow. It would pinch my nerves, resulting in pain. The head area for lying on the side is also larger, which is more comfortable. The traction provided while lying on my back feels good. In my opinion, this pillow is worth the $$. I ordered the standard size; I am 5'9", but relatively small-boned for my size. A smaller person would likely do better with a smaller size.

P Brunswick, 12/28/2014

Learning that the support pillows we used for many years had been d/c, I was in search of something new. These are great! I can tell when my pillows begin to wear out (usually after about 2 years) because my back hurts and my neck always feels like I need to stretch it. This pillow eliminated all that within a few days. I love the various options for support and the centralized flattened area to keep pressure off my ear. Some pillows make the back of my ear hurt, but these do not.

J.Cestaro 12/26/2014

I was looking for a special pillow to help with my neck pain.I have already had a spinal fusion and was told I needed another but I wanted to try the Arc4 life Gravity Neck pillow and it has helped to reduce pain and increase length of sleep.

Charles, 08/15/2014

I have had my pillow for about two weeks and I am very pleased. When I lay my neck down it stays in the same place and supports it through the night. I am realizing that I might want to change sides, to find just the right spot, but how great that is, that you have that option. I have tried many pillows, to find the right one, and took them all back. I did not consider, for one minute, to return this. It is great. Try it, you will agree with me.

Lisa , 08/08/2014

I love this pillow! Several years ago I had neck surgery for a bulging disc in my neck. Recently, I started having pain again and didn't want to have surgery again. Since I started sleeping on my traction neck pillow my pain has subsided. It did take several nights to get use to the pillow, but be patient... It really does work.

Joan T, 08/07/2014

This Medium pillow is "standard" and fits in regular pillow cases. I read other reviews where the filling was low, but mine was moderate and not too firm or too soft. I am using the side that is opposite from the "traction side," and it cradles my head nicely. I have been using the pillow for approximately 3 weeks now, and I'm having slight neck aches from using something so conforming. However, the headaches I was having from my neck problems have not returned since using the pillow. I believe my body is still adjusting to the change. I am a back sleeper, primarily, so that's the position the aching is coming from. When I sleep on my side, this pillow is nice and soft. I would recommend it to anyone who can afford to pay for a gamble. I can't imagine this will work for everyone, but I believe it's a good product for those who need this kind of stability. I am going to continue to use it. It's nice not to have the debilitating headaches.

Lisa, 08/01/2014

I have suffered from headaches and neck pain every morning for a few years now. I have tried many types of pillows, water pillow, memory foam pillow, none of which seemed to cradle my head and neck properly for side sleeping. Since I have used this pillow the pain has subsided and the headaches have gone away! Highly recommend this pillow!

Vmlipsit, 07/30/2014

I bought this pillow for myself 2 years ago because I have a bone spur on my neck and had headaches constantly. Between regular visits to a great Chiropractor and this pillow( which I've used every single night for 2 years) I have no more headaches. Has held up great for me, still very supportive, I just bought 1 for my husband. Love it!!!!

SmallChange314, 07/25/2014

I have arthritis in my neck and 2 fused vertebrae. I've been waking up really uncomfortable and most of the time with a headache that required medication.I read the directions, 1st night after about an houri couldn't really get to sleep, I had to turn it over. After that it was marvelous. I'll never give it up. It's just as comfy on my side. No stiff neck and no headache in the 6weeks I've been sleeping with it. Thank all you folks at Arc4life..

Bonny Flemister, 07/22/2014

So far this pillow is doing what it says. I was in a car accident when I was 19 and did some damage to my neck and back. I have the onstart of osteoporosis, at a young age and even though it can't be stopped, I can do things to slow the process down. From time to time, I suffer neck and shoulder pain and it can be very bad at times - to the point of not being able to move my head very far. I have tried many many things and many many pillows, with some causing further damage. The first night, I tried the side without the v support and I slept and woke feeling a bit better. The next night, I tried the v-shaped side and slept like a baby and woke feeling great! I am very pleased! Now granted, I just got this pillow and I know things can, with that being said....if I find any negative happenings with this pillow, I will write an update. If you do not see any updates - then I am still thrilled - sleeping great and NO PAIN!!!

StillKey, 07/11/2014 Freeport, Maine

I have not awakened with a headache since sleeping with this pillow.

Muharrem, 07/02/2014

This pillow cradles your head and neck in the proper alignment, which is critical for preventing further damage to already damaged spines. The area it works with is the cervical spine, respectively. If you are a restless sleeper and often wake up feeling mangled, you will find that this pillow is for you. When you sleep on this, it holds the position of your head in a more neutral and natural way, thus saving your neck - literally. I keep the plastic that it came in on the pillow to prevent my hair products and freshly-showered hair from messing up the fabric. It also wipes off easily and prevents odor formation. Perfect product for me at this time!

Lee, 06/11/2014

I felt relief for my tense neck and shoulders the first night I slept on the pillow. I also was happy that the pillow allowed me to sleep on my side comfortably.

Vindiola, 06/18/2014

Wow! Buy without hesitation. Ire ad reviews and thought this would take an adjustment periods, but this pillow with its unique design was exactly what my sore neck was asking for. I abandoned my old beloed pillow and can't wait to sleep on this pillow every night. Love It!!!

M Russell, 06/18/2014

I have always been a bit of a pillow snob. I've used high-end down pillows for years. Recently, I started waking up with a really stiff neck and back. I was also waking up and having to readjust throughout the night. At the recommendation of the therapist I saw for my neck and back pain, I ordered one of these pillows. I was skeptical -- I couldn't imagine enjoying sleeping on anything other than down. Well let me tell you -- I am a convert. I am a back and side sleeper and this pillow has allowed me to enjoy a solid 8 hours of sleep a night without waking up. And when I do wake up, I'm not only rested, but my back and neck are no longer stiff. I just ordered another one for my husband.

M Sterling (Phoenix, Arizona), 05/10/2014

HI, Thank you for the info. I was a bit premature when I e-mailed you. The minute I put my head on the pillow, I knew it was the good one. I got up this morning, and no neck my neck and shoulder feel great. I probably will order another (as an extra soon). Thanks so much for ALL YOUR HELP! Angela

Angela (Simsbury, Connecticut), 05/07/2014

I have chronic neck problems resulting from spending 8hrs+ a day on a computer. I admit, I was skeptical reading the reviews, but now I am joining the ranks. This is the best pillow I have ever owned! When I received the pillow, I had been in much pain and unable to move my neck for several days. After reading the directions which stated to gradually introduce yourself to the pillow, I used the traction side for 2 hours on the first night. I woke up the next morning and my neck was a bit better. On the second night, I used it for 4 hrs on the traction site, and turned it to the support side for the rest of the night. I did the same for the third night, and the next morning, the pain was totally gone. This pillow is extremely comfortable for back and side sleeping. I HIGHLY recommend.

Mary Schaffer, 05/06/2014

This is a great product for strengthening the neck muscles and relieving tension and pressure, it is easy and convenient to use.

Salli, 04/29/2014

Wonderful pillow. Great for side or back sleeping. Been looking a good pillow for years. I probably will order another one.

Debby C(Dunn, North Carolina), 04/23/2014

Bought this for my husband and it's the most comfy pillow he has ever slept on! I stole it for one night and wow! I have never slept so well! He finally bought me one, too and my neck feels wonderful. I woke up w/a stiff neck and a headache in the morn. from my old shapeless pile of cotton. Now I sleep in absolute bliss! Thank you Arc4life for making me sleep so soundly! Can you make a mattress too? :)

Gabi (Renton, WA), 04/05/14

I have had really bad neck problems since I was about 25. I have tried several pillows and none of them helped. I have been to the chiropractor and spent thousands of dollars on treatments. Again it was temporary relief but not permanent. I had a few hesitations about this pillow when I ordered it. (Was it going to work? This is a lot of money for another decorative pillow.) But I ordered it and it arrived fast. I was so excited to use the first night. And it turns out my neck pain was gone, even if you don’t sleep in the middle of the pillow you won’t wake up with neck pain. I no longer go to the chiropractor and my pain is gone for good. I feel like a new person, this pillow really has changed my life. THANK YOU!

Carrie, 04/04/14

I bought the Thera cane several years ago and I have turned to it many times to relieve back pain and to be able to reach knotted up muscles or trigger points

Rich G (Renton, WA), 03/2014

This is very helpful for patients who have head and neck dysfunction due to chronically misplaced use of head especially in the use of computers or other apparatus with the head down or reading and writing. Using it with exercises can significantly alter cericothoracic pain.

Kleinkort, 03/19/2014

This is by far the best pillow I have ever owned. I have a herniated disc in my neck and my C1 is out of place as well. I laid on it for about 30 minutes the day I got it and was fine. I slept on it the same night and woke up feeling amazing, no neck pain whatsoever. I generally use the side for support, if my neck is especially sore I will use the traction side for about 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I have purchased probably 3 pillows in the last 12 months and they all caused more pain (this includes memory foam). SO bottom line, this pillow is amazeballs. Highly recommend!

Theresa, 3/2/2014

I recently was diagnosed with a ruptured cervical disc. As part of my initial conservative approach I purchased this pillow and with proper exercise, medication and patience I was able to get through it without surgery. I am not sure people who do not have neck pain would find this pillow particularly comfortable, but if you are uncomfortable at night with cervical arthritis it may be of substantial benefit. I still use it even though my pain is gone and find that I am sleeping through the night and waking up comfortable.

James M, Richmond VA, 2/27/2014

I've tried several different neck pillows, and this is the first one that really does what it's supposed to do.

New York, NY, 2/18/2014

5 out of 5 Stars !! I have had this pillow for over a week now and love it. I had been trying many different pillows from down, memory foam, cervical, regular... but was just not sleeping comfortably tossing and turning all night and waking up stiff in the morning. I'm sleeping so much better and no longer stiff in the morning. I'm so happy I found this pillow!

MandiMae, Atlanta GA, 1/31/2014

i have major neck problems that will only be solved by surgery. I bought the Arc4life Traction pillow after researching for several days and reading many reviews. Before buying this pillow I could not sleep on my back & had trouble sleeping on my side. I now go to sleep with ease on my back using the traction side which really does "pull" on you neck releasing pressure on impinged nerves. When I wake up later at night I flip it over and use the side sleeping feature and wake up in the morning without pain. It is impossible to not find a comfortable position to readily fall asleep on. The bonus is that it is very well made. It certainly isn't cheap but the cost is well worth it. I showed it to my brother-in-law and he bought one. He does not have a neck problem but was always complaining of not being able to get comfortable going to & sleeping through the night. He called me to say that he could not believe how comfortable it was and that he was able to sleep through the night. Finally, The pillow arrived sooner then promised, was properly packaged, and came with instructions on how to use its design features

Carl P, 1/23/2014

I had a triple fusion done on my neck a few years ago and have slept with this 'nest' of pillows array ever since which worked okay until I would turn over and one of them would shift. Then I'd have to wake up and re-stack everything and then I'd be wide awake and cranky. This pillow is kind of a miracle, an EXPENSIVE miracle but at this point I have to say it's worth every penny! I've had it for over a month now and actually have nights where I barely wake up when I turn over because the pillow just seems to re-position your head/neck back to the correct position. I have a soft jersey pillow cover on which I think is essential to that you can 'feel' the indent for your head correctly. ( and better for wrinkles ; ) Even at this price, I'm going to order a couple more, one for my husband and a couple for inventory just in case they ever stop making it!! It's THAT good.

XPJma, Palm Desert, CA 1/20/2014

This one is the large one. I got the MEDIUM one about a year ago, which is standard size. I actually bought two for my king size bed. They're perfect. For those who said that they find the large one to be too big, the MEDIUM one will probably be great, as it is the same size of a standard pillow. I would recommend buying the MEDIUM one. I absolutely love my pillow, which I have had for almost a year now. I used to always have to rearrange my pillow and punch it to build up the fluff where I wanted it to be and such while I was sleeping, but now I never need to do anything but rotate the pillow to the angle that feels best at the moment. One side is a bit firmer than the other, and I love them both at different times. It is a truly amazing pillow and worth every penny. My man is just about six feet tall, and he loves the pillow as well (again, we both have the MEDIUM one, which is the same size as a standard pillow). Also, he frequently folds the pillow(s) to sit up a bit while watching television in bed, and the pillows always retain their shape without creasing after he unfolds them! (Amazing!) I do recommend buying covers for them to protect your investment. A+++++

L.Blouin, Florida 1/15/2014

Have had pinched nerves in my neck for several months. Now that the pain is gone, I am trying to get some strength back in my neck muscles. I want to be able to where a helmet and go snowmobiling again, so my physical therapist recommend I wear it while doing my neck exercises. Also helps when I have a migraine. The only thing I dont like is the smell of the material, but I have gotten used to it.

G.Young, 01/02/2014

I have a C5 and C6 disk protrusion that leaves my hands numb in certain fingers. I constantly wake up at night with my arms fallen asleep. It disrupts my sleep leaving me very tired at work during the day as well as leaving my arms and hands numb especially my right hand, as I continue with my work day which is all on a computer. I bought this pillow after reading reviews and much research. I was very annoyed it cost $75, however after three weeks of using it my hands have not fallen asleep once and I have not had numb hands at work. I am very happy with this product. I am a side sleeper that turns on my back during the night. I have a lot of support from the pillow on my side and when I unconsciously turn to my back during the night, my neck lands right into the middle, supported by the traction section of the pillow. I awake sometimes stiff because the pillow causes my neck muscles to be a tade tight, but to have the pillow stop my hand and arm numbness and let me sleep though the night, is a miracle of its own. I do not suffer from neck pain yet, but my cervical pathology does cause my hands and elbows to hands to go numb and tingley, and this pillow has stopped the night numbness from occurring. Now if I could find a neck pillow to stop the numbness while sitting watching tv...........

Jennifer. D, Atlanta GA, December 30, 2013

I bought this to help correct my posture ,which is basically slumping in front of a computer screen. When wearing it, it really helps lift my chest and shoulders up and out of the slump. I hope with continued use I can get to a point where that corrected posture is automatic - although I think it will take a while to re-train myself.

Katie.C, December 19, 2013


Captain Billy, November 2013

This is well worth the cost! I have a small problem in my neck that is aggravated by sleeping on a pillow wrong: neck scrunched up. but it was hurting, and causing numbness in my fingers. (TOS) physical therepy really helped the problem, but 6 months later, the problem was back. I did not have the money (no ins) to go back, so I started using some of the stretches they taught me, stopped weight lifting, and got on amazon and ordered a book, a neck brace and this pillow. both the book, (and its ideas) and the brace made things worse - but this pillow address the problem exactly! I wish they had told me about it in therepy. I slept on the traction side for several weeks, until the problem was resolved, now I sleep on the regular side.

Doll, Atlanta GA, October 18, 2013

Great pillow if you suffer from neck and upper back pain! I had a doctor tell me that I need neck/back surgery. Besides seeing a chiropractor who was awesome, I purchased this pillow. I highly recommend trying it out! I love it. My husband started having upper back problems, he ordered it and loves it!

C Hoffman, October 11, 2013

Unbelievable pillow I can't say enough about this pillow. None of the treatments the doctors had prescribed helped the pain in my neck and arm. My first night sleeping with this pillow relieved pain that had been haunting me for over 5 months. Love this pillow.

SharpNack, October 10, 2013

I found the pillow I ordered at my doorstep the next day! What a relief. I'm waking up with no headaches or pain in the neck or shoulders. I love this pillow!

jarylu, Sept 6, 2013

My wife ordered this pillow a few months ago and loved it for your neck problems. I started having neck problems and ordered it and it has really helped me too! This is an excellent pillow to try if you suffer from neck aches!

Christine, August 27, 2013

Big difference (positive) the 1st night I slept on it. Sometimes even during the day, when my neck is sore:I go lay on this for 15 mins or so & my neck feels much better when I get up. Pain is a result of whiplash.

Sheryl, August 16, 2013

At age 60 I started experiencing neck pain and stiffness when getting up in the morning. Someone suggested trying an orthopedic pillow, and I tried this one based on online reviews. It took awhile to get used to it, but it really has helped with my neck pain a good deal. I think this pillow would be a particularly good choice for people who are both side and back sleepers. When on one's back, the pillow has a small indentation that cradles one's head and keeps the neck in a position that prevents stiffness. When rolling on your side, one tends to naturally roll out of the indentation onto the higher edges of the pillow...again providing just the right position to prevent waking with a sore neck. As a side sleeper, I'd probably be a little better off with an orthopedic pillow that doesn't have an indentation. but provides the right firmness and l loft to prevent soreness. Unlike some pillows, this one comes in a king size, so it looks nicer on our bed since it matches (in size) my wife's pillow.

Mark S, August 5, 2013 San Francisco California

This pillow is a life saver. Going to buy some for my loved ones. Thanks!

anddontworry, July 26, 2013

I have been using this pillow for 8 months now and COULD NOT live without it!!! I have had neck/back issues for 8 years, I've had injections and RF procedures/ PT and all the other stuff most people who need a cervical pillow have had. Let me tell you, you aren't going to find a better pillow out there to support your neck and help you sleep than this one so you can stop reading all the reviews! Buy this one, you won't regret it!

Kristi, July 10, 2013

Great Item. Took on vacation, no neck problems. Thank you. FAST Ship!

BK, July 6, 2013

WONDERFUL! Slept so well last night, I'm getting one for my son!

AOSC, June 7, 2013

This pillow is amazing. I have been suffering with neck pain for over 20 years since a car accident. I have had a lot of trouble sleeping because of it. This pillow has helped tremendously. It doesn't really look so innovative, but it has done wonders for my sleep.

Julie, June 17, 2013

Very good and comfortable item! It keeps me away from headache and I love it very much! I will definitely order another one later.

Foggy, June 10. 2013

My neck pain and stiffness was 95% improved after 2 nights. I highly recommend this pillow- it is well worth the price!

Jill, May 25, 2013

This pillow lets you know when your neck is in the right place for back sleeping, and when I roll over in the night the sides take over for side sleeping. It is wonderful and has stopped my neck pain.

S.Harrill, May 23, 2013 Arkansas

I have two disks fused in my neck and this pillow REALLY helps me sleep. Other pillows provide too little support or are to bulky to really do any good. I have been through three of these.

Samuel M. Thayer "Corwyn", May 15, 2013 (Olympia, Washington)

This pillow answered my prayers. I have dealt with neck pain since my first rear end accident in 1991 (three more since). I have tried the memory foam, it only goes flat and gives no support. I tried another cervical pillow that was hard as a rock so it went directly back to Target. You do have to read the directions and then use as suggested. The traction side does take some getting used to and you really have to limit your time and build gradually. However, the other side is my absolute favorite part of the pillow. I am basically a side sleeper and with this pillow it doesn't matter. So I am now waking up with no neck pain and getting a good nights sleep without tossing and turning to get comfortable. If you have neck pain this is the pillow to buy. My only problem is it doesn't come with a cover and it should. The directions say to wipe with wet cloth but I don't believe that will work for long. It was worth the money but for the money there should be a way to protect it from getting dirty.

Jean, May 10, 2013

I recieved my new Cervical Arc pillow last night. I didn't sleep on the traction side but on the support side. Absolutly the best night sleep I have ahd since I was a kid!! Truly amazing! Thank you 100 times over!

Colleen. T, April 25 2012

Great pillow, have not had to go to Chiropractor since I bought mine. I have been buying them for family members and they all love it.

Chris 4/8/2012

I love my neck pillow...the first night I used it, I could tell it was different, but I was able to sleep all night using it and for the first time in weeks did not wake up with neck held off until later in the morning, however, with each additional night using it...I saw continued improvement. I'm always looking for the 'V' when I get it bed...I look forward to it! It was several nights before I tried out the neck roll on the other side...but it is comfortable too! Thank you for helping to relieve my was starting to get really bad!

Anita Chaplin, Indianapolis, IN 4/8/2012

I had neck pain for several months when I decided to buy this pillow. I found it extremely comfortable from the first time I used it. Within a week my neck pain was gone. I was really quite amazed. I highly recommend the pillow. I feel it was worth the money.

Carol F, 3/22/2012

I have NEVER written a review for a product, but I had to for this pillow. I had grown accustomed to waking up with an extremely stiff and tight neck. I had a morning warm-up, stretch routine down to a science. I also was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my neck. Apparently in the back, at the nape of the neck. I was very reluctant to purchase this pillow. After one night, yes ONE night, I woke up without a sore neck for the first time in many, many months. I actually felt my neck shift into alignment at one point, as I woke up. This pillow is amazing! I know each person's issues are different, but I would strongly recommend that you give this product a try. It has already made a huge impact for me!

Toby.W 2/19/2012

I want to share with you and the people that are interested in purchasing a good quality neck pillow, all I have to say is this Cervical Track Pillow is AMAZING, I received it in one day, I was so excited it came so soon. But the most important comment I want to make is that I tried the pillow that same night and was a little afraid that it would not work, I've been suffering from neck pain, shoulder and arm pain for a couple of years now,I have to say that this pillow is a miracle for me, I woke up with less pain and after that it's been the best money I have ever spent !!! To all new customers, don't even doubt buying this pillow, just buy it please, you will not regret it, take it from a pain sufferer.

Adriana S, MA 12/20/2011

I'm not in the habit of reviewing products - good or bad. But this pillow has literally changed my life. I've had neck problems on and off for years. I go to the chiro fairly regularly and have always used a cheaper type of cervical pillow - the kind with the slope to it. Well, about 6 weeks ago, my neck was hurting so bad I couldn't stand it. I took advil around the clock, made many trips to the chiropractor but was getting no relief. I would wake up often worse off than when I went to bed, so duh!. It dawned on my that it must be the "neck" pillow that was contributing to my problems. I went online, found this and purchased it. I got pain relief the first night! Felt better than I had in weeks! I was worried because I'm a big side sleeper and thought this wouldn't work very well. But it's a dream either way. It's just the right height and feels great to sleep on my back now too. I highly recommend and hope it works for you, too!"

SM, Atlanta GA, 10/19/2011

Comfortable to sleep on it. Support the neck correctly and make me well relaxed. The height is about right. Relieve cervical pain to some extent.

Yangs, Atlanta GA, 10/5/2011

I've had many but this is, by far, the best!! I hope it lasts forever - but most pillows change after a few months. Time will tell on this one; but, I'll buy another no matter what! Its that good."

JaryLu, USA, 09/11/2011

Using as part of system to restore the curve in my neck. Was a little "weird" feeling at first. I actually felt like it was way too high. But figured since my neck was at -7 degrees when it's supposed to around 35-45 degrees, i also knew my spoiled brat neck would be "whining" about no longer sleeping crooked anymore.Took me a couple of days to adjust & love it.

Barrera, USA, 09/05/2011

I admit that I purchased my side sleeper pillow with an expectation of zero results. I have tried everything else that you could buy in all the retail stores, and nothing worked, including some expensive pillows. Then I found arc4life and this amazing pillow, and it has COMPLETELY eliminated the chronic neck pain that I have suffered from, for years! I'm so happy that you cannot imagine the relief I feel. The increase in my daily productivity as a result of this purchase will pay for this item a thousand times over the years. Thank you arc4life. You're my hero for life.

Reid.H, Murrells Inlet, SC, 08/13/2011

I have many pillows that are not working. I have been waking up with consistant and moderate to severe neck pain that triggers migraines almost every morning for months now. I switch pillows and the pain is less for a few days, then gets worse, so I switch and it gets better then worse and so goes the pattern. I bought this pillow, Arc 4 Life, and followed the instructions of sleeping with it knowing that it may be a bit uncomfortbale for the first night or two. It was not uncomfortable for the first couple of hours then I did noticed my neck feeling a little tired, so I simply turned the pillow so the softer neck support part was under my neck and slept well for the rest of the night. I had very little neck pain the first morning and have had zero pain since then, now about six weeks. I love this pillow, I just shared it with my ladies group. One woman came to our weekly gathering with a horrible headache and tension in her neck. I showed her this pillow and we all moved into the living room so she could lay down on the pillow and see if it would help her neck while we all talked and she relaxed. She had taken some medicine and one of the other ladies gave her a neck rub, so all of those factors contributed to her headache going away, but she is so impressed with the pillow and gives it most of the credit. I'm now here ordering two more pillows for her and the woman wo gave her the massage, I am guessing I will be back here ordering more pillows as their husbands get a chance to try the pillows out for themselves. Very few things in life have worked so well as this simple little pillow. It works well for sleeping on my back or on my side. It never slides away and leaves my neck unsupported, which is exactly what happened with so many other pillows and why I would wake up with a painful neck the next morning. I absolutely reccommend this pillow, it is well worth the money.

Marlana, Portland OR, 07/12/2011

I have to admit that I was skeptical that any pillow could have such a profound positive effect on my well-being, but after spending nearly two months with daily neck and shoulder pain that sapped me of energy and caused me to take far too many NSAIDs, I figured it was worth giving this pillow a shot. After just one night, I was feeling markedly better. I slept better than I have in months, woke feeling rested and refreshed, and had regained nearly the full range of motion in my neck. I strongly recommend this pillow to anyone who suffers from neck and shoulder pain, who wakes with stiffness in his or her neck, and who feels drained of energy.

La Smith, Bothell, WA, 07/10/2011

I am just letting you know that I received my Arc 4 Life Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow last Thursday (30/6/11). I am pleased to say that I had the best night's sleep in many years, thanks to your wonderful pillow! I have had a military neck since I was young & to have finally found a pillow that actually helps with my condition is very comforting. I am sure that over time & with continued visits to my chiropractor, my military neck will gradually improve & hopefully put the normal curve back in it. I will definitely spread the word on how great this pillow is for anyone suffering from neck/back & shoulder pain. Thank you & best wishes from Australia.

Cindy. M, Australia, 07/01/2011

This is an incredible pillow! The first 2 nights were a bit odd, but as I stuck with it, it has become a pleasure to go to bed at night knowing my neck and hips won't hurt in the morning. I've noticed over the last couple of years that when my neck went out so did my hips, and I would have pain for several weeks until it settled down by sleeping in a different bed. Now, I get to stay in my bed, sleep all thru the night, and have completely gotten rid of all neck and back pain for the first time in years'all from 1 wonderful pillow. Bravo! THANK YOU!!

Linda. P, Acworth, Georgia, 06/26/2011

This is the best pillow I've ever used! I have two herniated discs in my neck and suffer from frequent neck pain. With this pillow I wake up pain free and refreshed. I even lie down on it during the day when I am having neck pain at home and it relieves the pain within a short period of time. I am about to order my second one - the first one is 3 years old and is getting a little flat. GREAT PRODUCT! I've recommended it to all of my friends whohave neck pain!

Diane K Arnold, Alabama, 05/18/2011

This is one of the best pillows I've ever used the fibers in the traction pillow holds up very well unlike others I've tried, and I have tried a lot of pillows.

Craig R. 04/15/2011

I have MS, I have been in pain for over 20 years .. Yes, 20 years :(( I have the kind that is very painful and spastic .. This was my last resort I miserable .. Matter of fact .. I thought I was going nuts I hurt so bad the Doctors Had me believing it was all in my head handing me pill after.. I am a Registered Nurse that works in the ICU's .. Well this pillow has just saved my life !! :))) I can now walk With just a little pain up right move like I'm 20 again have so much energy .. I just clean and vacuum My town house !! Unheard of before .. I would be in bed for days no energy on pain Antidepressant !! Thank you !! Thank you !! For this you have save me from years in a wheel chair and given me back my life!! For that I am eternally GRATEFUL !!! THank You

Carolyn.H 04/12/2011

My husband already had one of these pillows due to two herniated disks in his neck. But it was time to replace the pillow and his neck has been feeling better since he got the new pillow."

Heather. C, 03/02/2011

This pillow has seriously improved my sleeping. It has virtually stopped the headaches I get from cervial arthritis.

Laurie. P, 02/28/2011

I got my linear gravity pillow within a week of purchase as promised.I ordered the week of bad weather and got emails saying it might be delayed but it was'nt.I will most defenitly use arc4life again.

Sweet lady Jane, 02/27/2011

Pillow arrived quickly and has been a Godsend for my neck. Has completely eliminated my neck problems." dmbkarma, 02/18/2011 *** the D-Core Neck Pillow is available at our sister site- Click here: This special neck support pillow came promptly after I ordered it, and it looks and feels almost exactly as I expected it to based on the description

Ann.L, 02/05/2011

Brought it for my mom. She had pinched nerve on her neck and this pillow helped. Item received on time as promised.

Ben K, 02/03/2011

I have Fibromyalgia, primarily in my neck and shoulders. Until I started using my pillow, I had to alternate heat and ice all night in order to sleep. Now I just use my wonderful pillow!

Martha, 02/02/2011

I have had neck pain for years upon years, and I have a collection of expensive pillows beside my bed to alleviate that pain. This is the first one that actually worked. I woke up with no pain. Amazing. I have foam pillows, buckwheat pillows, feather pillows, and synthetic pillows. This is the first one that left my neck loose in the morning. I love it. Thank you.

M.Tuggle, 01/19/2011, Tokyo Japan

I purchased this pillow after about two months of severe pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders, with associated headache. I knew it was a muscular strain, so I had begun some yoga, moist heat compresses and other similar things to work out the tightness. But it was at night, when I thought I'd get relief, that it sometimes got worse. This pillow absolutely lived up to my expectations based on the product description. As noted in other reviews, it took two or three nights to adjust to the shape, but now it is the ONLY pillow I use...........after years of always combining two different pillows in some way. I do sleep on my side, and so I lay my cheek on the edge of the pillow and after a little wiggling the support feels just right. During periods of severe pain, I lie on my back in middle of the pillow and that feels really helps. Everyone's body is different.....this worked for me, and would definitely recommend trying it.

Ann.L, 12/31/2010, USA

With two spurs in my neck I would often wake up during the night with pain. Other pillows would change shape after a few minutes. This pillow allows you to find a comfortable position and will stay there. I'm very pleased!

M.Holway, 12/18/2010, USA

I've suffered with neck pain for years and bought just about every cervical pillow known to man. This pillow is a perfect fit. It maintains proper alignment of my head and neck so that I am able to relax, fall asleep, and wake up without neck stiffness or headaches. It is much more comfortable than other pillows that I've owned. It is not as "hard" as some, yet it maintains its shape and cervical support for well over a year before needing replaced. Works well for back or side sleepers. The price might seem daunting, but it is well worth every penny.

Mommy in Pennsylvania, 11/29/2010, USA

This pillow has been a god send, I've been suffering with a trapped nerve in my neck and a subsequent muscle spasm in my neck/shoulder for some time and nothing I try is helping but this pillow has helped no end. It did feel a little weird at first like my head was tipped too far back but I guess thats because we all sleep with our necks in the wrong position. The instructions say to only use for an hour or two at first which is difficult since you're supposed to sleep on it but one side is less raised than the other so you could always start with the flatter side and then flip it to the more sculpted side once you get used to it. All in all this is worth every penny and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is suffering with neck/shoulder pain.

Stacey J Casbeer, 11/19/2010, USA

Like others who have written, I had this item (Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) in "save for later" status for a long time, because of the cost...also, because of the potential for disappointment...if this won't work than what? My only regret in making this purchase is that I waited so long. The last reviewer was correct: the period of adjustment was minimal...especially for the degree of relief I experience. Also, like other customers, I have had long time pain and multiple injuries. I disagree with the reviewer who stated that the pillow should be softer. I think that the degree of firmness helps to create the support that is needed. The pillow "fits" me perfectly, so I cannot opine regarding the need for a smaller version. Could be, if someone is especially small or short in stature. Luckily for me, I am experiencing even more relief than anticipated. Morning neck stiffness is all but eliminated. The pillow keeps my head in place, as opposed to it constantly flopping over to rest on my shoulder. Have recommended this pillow to friends and family. I look forward to putting my head down at night. Although evaluating the comfort level of a pillow is a personal opinion, it is my hope that everyone's experience with the cervical traction pillow is as good as mine. Also, having worked as a Certified Massage Therapist for eight years, I believe that this pillow will help to extend the effect of bodywork. (Just an opinion):)

PinkGrace, 10/31/2010 Deep South, Georgia

I had a neck injury that lasted for several months. I could never find a good pillow that could help me sleep despite my pain. Well the Arc4life Cervical Traction Neck pillow did the trick. I have been able to sleep better without inflamming my injury. I think this will be the last pillow I buy now!"

s2wcreid , 10/17/2010

I have used cervical pillows from my chiropractor that were not as effective as this one. The adjustment period is very brief, do not let that deter you. My neck and cervical alignment have improved dramatically from use of this pillow. You can choose one of the two sides to sleep on, depending upon your needs. Highly recommend this pillow!

Rose Brock, 10/13/2010, Nashville, TN

I've tried every pillow 4 my poor neck b4. THIS IS IT! Thank you soo much!

mdef, 10/8/2010

The transaction went smooth and easy. My Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow arrived very promptly and was carefully wrapped and well protected. It came with a very helpful booklet on how to use the pillow and the different ways it can be used. I am really enjoying my new pillow. It's helped my neck and shoulders be less painful upon waking."

Vicki Z, 9/25/2010


Angella, 9/07/2010

I have been on a quest to find a supportive neck pillow. This is the best I have found so far. It's great!!

Aheier, 8/30/2010

Dear Matt! I just woke up and omg! I have absolutely no pain in my neck, amazing rotation and I feel really strong! Please pass along my thanks (I am crying) to everyone at arc4life. I am 28 years old and have "forward head posture. Iv'e been struggling with intense pain since I was 12 in my neck and shoulders. I go to my chiropractor weekly which helps but this is amazing. I will be interested to see how my migraines are effected. I average 2 migraines per day. Im so thrilled Matt and I can't thank you all enough!

Katie.S, 8/13/2010

I have a museum of pillows to find the right one that helps my neck at night, this pillow is the first one that really does help

Susan, 8/9/2010

My pillow arrived as described and I love it. My neck has not felt this good in years and for the first time in 6 months, I am not waking up with headaches

Susan E, 8/8/2010

This is the best pillow that I have ever purchased for my neck pain. I love it.

Lemayo, 8/1/2010

I have a slight reverse curve in my neck and routinely get migraines. I purchased this pillow hoping it would help and have been using it for about a month now. At first it made my neck hurt more and made my neck very stiff because my neck was not used to being in that position. After a few days though, it made my neck feel really good. My neck actually hurts more now if I do not use the pillow. We will see how much it helps my headaches long term, since it takes time to work. The one negative I have is that you have to sleep in a particular position for the pillow to work. Yes, you can sleep on your back or either side. However, if you sleep on your right side, you have to sleep on the right side of the pillow (not the center or the left). It is not a big deal, but is a minor inconvenience.

Allison, Boston MA 07/31/2010

I have severe Cervical Arthritis & when I work out in the yard/garden, it strains my neck very much- This pillow has been so helpful in that it stretches my neck as I sleep - taking the pressure off my discs- I highly recommend it!

Aleta A. 07/22/2010

So far, so good. Pillow arrived very promptly and have had a better night's rest when using this pillow. A little difficult if you like to sleep on your side, but while sleeping on my back, it cradles my head and supports my neck very well!

Rebecca A. 07/07/2010

So far I am having a great experience with this pillow, I have been in constant pain for about 2 years now and this pillow has really helped me. I am very, very grateful for the relief without any pills needed. I hope the pillow will last a while, quite pricy but worth it. Thank you!

blackdoggiesmamma 07/06/2010

I have looked for a replacement for my aging cervical neck pillow for several years. Since these pillows are rather pricey, I wanted to be sure I made the right choice. The first night I tried sleeping on the traction side, but that soon became uncomfortable to me. I switched to the other side, and it was very comfortable. Of course, the cervical pillow was not a new experience for me, so there wasn't much time spent in getting used to it. I am a back sleeper, and even though the advertisement says it can be used by a side sleeper, I don't think it would be very comfortable. For me, the pillow is very much what I needed and hoped it would be.

Erin.F, Texas 06/13/2010

An excellant device. Does provide some long term (overnight) traction. A definate sleeping aid if slight traction helps you. Pricey, but worth it.

William M, USA 06/12/2010


Barry Gimbel, Pompano Beach FL, 06/06/2010

Great dealer. My wife hasn't had a neck pain since she has been sleeping on this pillow

R.Vance, USA 05/22/2010

This Great Pillow for Neck Traction pillow is great for anyone suffering from some neck and shoulder muscle pain. It takes a while to adjust to the confinement but it made a big difference when I woke up in the morning. The only problem I ran into is that I sleep on my side and my back to I would have to rearrange the pillow.

Rae Ann Gallegos', Centennial, CO USA 05/19/2010

I am extremely pleased with this product. I have suffered from neck 'problems' for years as my neck curves the opposite of what it should. With weekly visits to the chiropractor, massage therapy and the use of this pillow now, I feel better than I have ever felt in years! The support from this pillow is awesome - back or side sleepers - I wake up without a stiff neck or pain. I highly recommend this product, it is worth the money!

Sheril,Wisconsin 05/19/2010

Excellent pillow. My neck stiffness and shoulder pain considerably improved on 2 to 3days.

Jose Vazquez, 05/15/2010

Fast shipping! I love love love this pillow! I will be buying another! A++++++++

A.V, 05/05/2010

4 out of 5: Great pillow, a godsend!

Kyle, 05/05/2010

After having trouble finding the right pillow and going through a number of mornings with stiff neck, I came across this pillow. This is a back sleeper pillow. What I like most about the pillow is the raised neck and shallow middle for my head. Most of the other pillows I've tried were either too soft and didn't have enough neck support, or were too firm and felt like I had my head tilted upwards. I even tried the memory foam, both normal and ergonomically shaped pillows. While the ergo memory foam pillow would have extra neck support which I wanted, I felt it was tall and stiff lifting my head up to high and exaggerating the curve of my neck. I would usually end up taking a softer pillow and scrunching it up behind my neck to add extra support without all the head elevation. This pillow is almost 3 pillows (maybe 4) in one. The top main side (V shaped side) has the most neck support and bracing to help keep your head centered. If you rotate it 180 degrees, (so the V looks like an A) there is slightly less neck elevation/support if the V side is too extreme for you. If you prefer less neck elevation, flip the pillow over. The back side has a softer neck support area and but still has the shallow center for your head. This is by far the most comfortable pillow I've used because of the neck support and shallow center for my head. If you're a back sleeper and can't find the right pillow to support your neck, try this out.

A.Forward, 04/19/2010 California

I was able to use this pillow through the very first night and it has almost completely stopped my snoring

Jolone, 04/17/2010

�:::P:::� �:::E:::� �:::R:::� �:::F:::� �:::E:::� �:::C:::� �:::T:::� Thanks!!!!

Squidrox, 04/14/2010

comfy compared with previous pillows ive tried.

stronachs, 04/02/2010

I went to the chiropractor today, he said my neck is the best it's been in along time. "Hi, I went to the chiropractor today, he said my neck is the best it's been in along time.I received my pillow March 26, 2010 and have been sleeping on it ever since. I like it very much. I believe it is helping me. I printed the info about it and gave it to the doctor to see what he thinks about it. I like it very much. Thank You."

Susan.H, 4/01/2010, Largo Florida

"Love my new pillow!! It has helped me tremendously to sleep better with this pinched nerve in my neck. Plus you were cheaper than the other sellers"

Lori A, 3/24/2010

How to Use the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow for Sleeping

"The pillow was everything they said it would be and more. I love it! I would highly recommend the product and company to anyone"

Melanie B, 3/23/2010

"Great Seller and my neck feels better already! "

Tanya J, 3/12/2010

"This pillow took a little getting used to, but it got rid of my weekly neck-tension headaches, and for that it gets 5 stars. It is excellent for sleeping on my back, and good for sleeping on my side (but it seems more geared towards back-sleeping). The shape of the pillow makes it nearly impossible to sleep on my stomach, which in my case is a good thing since in that position I often crank my neck at night, which causes the headaches. "

JScrapple, 3/8/20101

"I've had this pillow for a few weeks now and will say that I have grown to like it a lot. It is one that takes a bit of getting used to but I take it with me now when I travel. Whether it is good or bad, I don't sleep as well with a different pillow."

Grandpa, 2/25/2010

5/5: "Good delivery - product was as expected."

L.Mesh, Santa Clara CA, 2/25/2010

5/5: "WOW. Awesome product. Slept better and longer right off the bat."

PoetMan, 2/19/2010

5 out of 5: "I have not had anymore stiff necks."

Susan.K, 2/14/2010

I've had this pillow for about 3-5 months now, using it every night. I was having issues, while sleeping on my back my head would turn all the way to the side and when I wake up I was have very bad neck/back pain (lasting for many days/weeks). This pillow helps keep my head from turning to far to one side. I also sleep on my side, and there is a nice little pocket off to one side where I can rest my head and my ear is not squished. The pillow takes a bit of getting used to, but you can turn it around to get less traction or more on the other side. It does seem to be breaking down a bit more, maybe I've just totally adjusted to it and it only appears to be "softer" providing less traction. Regardless, my head is no longer turning to far to one side as I'm on my back, so I'm pleased with the purchase. I would buy another one. Nice pillow, it works,

P. Jai "washer mom", 2/11/2010, Utah

5 out of 5: "Great pillow, but go slow with the traction side! I slept too long on it the first night and paid for it. Read the booklet."

Miss Puggy Wuggy, 2/09/2010

5 out of 5: "Extreme Great Service Very Good! Highly recommended! Item arrived in 4 days to Puerto Rico from the mainland! AWESOME!"

Jos L, 2/10/2010

5 out of 5: "This pillow is awesome! It's exactly as described. I had to adjust the first few nights but still slept well and now it's even better!"

Karina.K, 2/05/2010

Had a disk injury to my neck and this pillow made it possible for me to sleep without pain. Will probably never go back to a regular pillow.

L. Lesueur, 1/30/2010 Joshua Tree, CA

I recently purchased the standard size Chiropractic Cervical Traction Neck pillow from arc4life and could not be happier with my purchase. I experienced great customer service and quick shipping.Only wish I would have known about this pillow before having made a very expensive pillow purchase mistake last year. I visited our local Relax The Back store and explained my sleep problems with the salesperson. He assured me that their �Contour Air Pillow - Double Valve� was exactly what I needed and would make a world of difference in getting a good nights rest since I would adjust pillow to personal comfortable levels. Wow, what an expensive mistake as the pillow cost $165 and experienced one problem after another within a few months. The bladders would deflate and they finally replaced the pillow with a stern warning it was a one-time replacement. Needless to say we are back to same situation and I�m out the expense with nothing to show for it.

Teresa T, 1/27/2010 Tulsa, OK

5 out of 5: "Amazing product. Thank You!"

Saablady, 1/19/2010

5 out of 5: "Item arrived quickly. Aside from the excellent service, the Neck Pillow is terrific and has definitely helped my neck pain. It took 2 nights to get used to it but since then I have noticed a definite improvement with my chronic neck pain."

Marilou. E, 1/8/2010

It lived up to its expectations...I just wanted to share my experience with the cervical linear traction neck pillow that I recently purchased. Well, it lived up to its expectations. I gave it 5 out of 5. Worth every single penny paid for. Most of all, neck pain is gone after one single use and improving. What more can you ask for. It takes your sleeping to whole another level with the comfort and support it provides throughout the night. Thank You!

Sarpreet, Ontario, Canada 1/2/2010

Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow- 5 out of 5: "Recommended"

T.Savard 1/1/2010

The first night with this pillow only lasted 1 hour before I switched to another pillow. I gradually would sleep on it for longer periods of time until now-it is the only pillow I use. My neck is so much better plus I feel like I sleep deeper. It is working for me.

D.Kot 12/30/2009

4/5 "I have been using this pillow for about a week now. My neck pain is much better, but the pillow takes some getting used to. All is all, I am very happy that I bought it."

Easley 12/21/2009

"After waking up to yet another morning with a stiff neck, I went to the web and came across your site. What a lifesaver! The Customer Service Rep I spoke with explained the different pillows available for my particular problem, so I decided to give the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow a try. Thank you Arc 4 Life. I'm happy to report that after a couple of weeks, it's the first time I haven't woken up with a stiff neck. I would recommend this pillow to others with similar problems."

Ro.B Central Florida 12/20/2009

5/5"Good pillow"

Sylvia. J 12/17/2009

"The pillow was great"

Kimberly A. 12/14/2009

"My discs were only SLIGHTLY herniated but the pain was INCAPACITATING. My life is back to normal & NO pain! An amazing feat; Less than $70 & less than 3 weeks & no pills, no adjustments, no scalpels. This pillow could make a doctor very angry!"

danab9999 12/12/2009

My wife suffers from degeneration of the C 5,6,& 7 dics and was in constant pain.One night she gasped and said "I rather die than have such pain".The Cervical Linear Traction pillow is a miracle cure.It took just 30 minutes for the pain to dissipate.My wife asked me to post this as a token of her appreciation for the product and the relief it brought. We are forever indebted to Arc4life.

Edgar & Emma Soares, Margao Goa India. 11/17/2009

My wife has a diagnosed herniated cervical disc with noticeable deformity and nerve impingement causing localized and radiating pain through the shoulder into the upper arm. I purchased this (the cervical traction neck pillow) 3 weeks ago hoping that applying mild traction to the cervical spine while she slept would alleviate at least some of that pain and thus far it is performing better than expected.

Since beginning use of this pillow there have been no complaints of neck pain or "stiffness" and no radiation of pain into the shoulder/arm. The pillow seems to be effective whether she sleeps on her back or her sides and she was able to tolerate it throughout the night from the first use. The greatest traction effect would however seemed to be gained while lying on ones back, fortunately my wife falls asleep in that position and changes later during the night. The side wings do seem to provide adequate c-spine support when sleeping on ones side so there has been no detrimental effect when doing so.

I am looking for a lightweight pillow cover/case as standard thicker cotton cases seem to decrease the effect and although you can wash these pillows, who knows how well they would stand up to repeated runs through the washing machine. So far, it is holding it's shape well and I hope that it continues to do so. I was concerned with paying the relatively high price for a pillow that may or may not do anything but in this case, it has been money well spent as long as the pillow continues to maintain its shape. Hope this helps... ."

MJC 11/27/2009

***Special Note**** Arc4life carries a special lightweight dust cover that will protect your cervical traction neck pillow from mold, dust, mites and any other allergens.

5 out of 5: "Love the cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow--really helps to sleep in proper alignment."

Denise B 11/16/2009

Cervical linear traction neck pillow: "Thank-you so much...coming from someone w/severe neck injury & daughters!!!"

Denice T 11/12/2009

I was told about this pillow from a friend who like it. I bought and so far I trurly love it. It gives me support along with comfort so I can sleep better.

Anthony Woods 11/10/2009

The cervical pillow is exactly as described and have used it for one hour each evening and in only one week have had much reduced neck discomfort. I would recommend this for anyone with neck problmes.

dgreiki 10/27/2009

Great pillow, great service. I am very happy with my purchase and highly recommend it if you have neck issues.

Bruce Madison 10/12/2009

I have lotts of neck problems and tried everything. The only thing that worked for me was your Cervical traction neck pillow. My sleep pattern has chainged for the better and although i do still have pain it is no where near as bad as it was. Thank you for haveing such a good product. I also tryed the biofreeze and it did give me some relief from the pain and stiffness. Thank you

E.Cothey Hawley, MA 10/08/2009

4/5 Stars...Very comfortable- I've been using this pillow for approximately 6 weeks. I mostly use the traction side. I didn't need a break-in period and used it the whole night from the start. I start my night on my back, but sleep mostly on my side. While it's very comfortable either way, I think this pillow is best suited for back sleepers. That being said, I like it enough that I wouldn't stop using it. I can feel the traction when I lay on my back and it helps relax my neck muscles before I go to sleep. It hasn't significantly reduced my pain, but I believe a back sleeper would derive more benefit just because they'd spend more time in traction. It doesn't contribute to my pain and that's a plus because most pillows make my neck feel worse. I don't regret my choice and probably would buy it again.

Starlog, Orange, VA 9/14/2009

Hello, I recently tried the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow as a �guinea pig� for my own patients. I struggle with pillows and feel that if I didn�t give it an �A+� rating, then neither would they! It�s been fabulous and keeps me sleeping through the night without waking up to struggle with my pillow! I own Broadway Family Chiropractic in Raynham, MA. I�m excited to offer these as it�s been a long journey in finding a pillow that does what yours does and feels so great. I love the cradling effect of the traction wedges. Very comfortable and you can really feel the cervical traction effect. Thanks for this pillow! Best

Dr. Margie Downes, Raynham, MA 9/9/2009

5 Stars... The best pillow ever!!!- I used to have a very severe pain at the neck, cervical problems my doctor told me. So, I went to a chyropractor and he recomended me to buy a cervical pillow. The one he told me about was the one I bought. It was the best decision ever!!! Since the first night I used it I went to sleep like a baby . I simple adore it. The Arch4life is the best!!!

Jannette Ramos - Garc�a, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, 8/30/2009

5 out of 5: "Great pillow! Like other consumers it took a few days to get used to it, but my neck pain is much better! "

Christine D, 8/16/2009

"I'm pleased with this pillow. It's unique T-dip in the middle attracted me as I like the idea of a pillow that cradles my head and keeps my neck aligned. I've used it both ways, mostly on the lower side very comfortably. The higher side I can use when my neck is not sore. I've also slept on my side and stomach. I still have headaches/sore neck but I'm not expecting miracles."

Babies4Me, 8/16/2009

I got my pillow on time and it is working great so far.

Jess.M 8/22/2009

Hello! Just want to let you know that you have a very interesting and informative website. I received my Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow yesterday and had the best night's sleep in a long time, even though I have been using a neck pillow all along. I woke up feeling pretty darn good and I'm actually looking forward to going to bed tonight. I have military neck, RA, degenerative bone situation going on, plus C3, 4, 5 and 6 bulging disks, with C3-4 stenosis. I am doing my best trying to avoid surgery. I'm sure I will be ordering other products in the future to help with my situation - one step at a time.

Karen Knapp,Uxbridge, MA 8/20/2009

This pillow has been wonderful for my cervical neck pain; I use it along with support for my knees and I don't wake up with pain in the morning anymore!

Jennifer Rohler, USA 8/16/2009

(This customer purchased the cervical traction neck pillow)...zzzzzzzz This is AWESOME!!! Thank you SOOOOOOO much! zzzzzzzzz

ScrappyDogg, USA 8/15/2009

You need it ! (This customer purchased the cervical traction neck pillow)... It will have some kind of muscle sore in the beginning, and after few days, the stiifness and pain will relief...i think it is better than those memory foam pillows, or you may use a rolled towel under your neck.

Lucida Chez, Jackson Heights, NY 8/12/2009

I have been in physical therapy for two months for almost daily headaches. The day I ordered this (the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) I was losing hope because my headaches were still every few days and I started getting a kink in my neck at least once a week that would extend down my left arm, and that would last for several days! I received this pillow the day after I ordered it. I have slept on it for the last 3 nights and have actually jumped out of bed these last 3 mornings. I haven�t had that kind of morning energy for a few years. I also haven�t had a headache in the last 3 days, which is rare. During the night I can feel that I am not as restless as normal and without changing my schedule I get up much easier in the morning. I wish I could buy this pillow for everyone I know! - Thanks for a great product that is so worth every penny I spent on it!

Michelle.M, USA 8/10/2009

5/5: "I don't have neck pain and shoulder pain anymore. I love it. I can't sleep without it recently. "

Sunghook.C, USA 8/06/2009

I love my pillow! This is my 2nd gift order. You have great customer Service also. Thanks

Rita. L, Austin, Texas 8/4/2009

If you have neck pain, this is a wonder pillow!

K.Morrison, LeesVille, Louisana 7/22/2009

The instructions that came with the pillow recommend using it only one hour at first, so there's an expectation that one may have to get used to it. That isn't just to imply that your brain has to adjust to a change in the sleeping environment, like it would adjust to a new nightly noise. It's also that someone with pretty severe issues may need a longer period of time for muscles to relax and lengthen, a process which can be uncomfortable.

I've been working on my spine with exercises, but I had some stubborn tight areas around my C spine and that's why I got the pillow. At the same time I got a neck traction collar and a Spine-Worx Back Realignment Device.

From the very first night, I've been sleeping great all night long on this pillow and I think it's helped me a good deal. Before I got the pillow I was unable to sleep on my left side or back--I'd have pressure point pain building up on the right side but couldn't sleep in any other orientation. Now I can sleep much more comfortably in more positions, and as a bonus, my pillow-side ear doesn't wake me up with pressure pain.

Melissa.B, Knoxville, Tennessee 7/09/2009

Great product!!! It's saved my neck and back!

Deidre, USA 7/09/2009

Perfect condition! Super fast delivery!

Jennifer.G, USA 7/06/2009

The cervical linear traction neck pillow WORKS! I was going for physiotherapy for my neck and it helped me some. When I got this neck pillow- it worked to get rid of my neck pain and stiffness!

Nancy.G, Los Angeles California 6/30/2009

Fast shipping and a very high quality product (cervical traction neck pillow)

Anthony.D, United States 6/28/2009

Shipped fast, great price, and the pillows are very comfortable. Thank you!

tiggertym8, United States 6/20/2009

this pillow is the best !

Agar, United States 5/5/2009

I am a professional dancer, which has caused various body aches and pains my whole life. The most chronic pain I have had has been stiff necks and neck muscle spasms. I've been told by a physical therapist that my neck curvature is going in the reverse direction from what is normal. I have tried various methods of sleeping with support for my neck but have never found anything that actually worked. I always ended up crumpling up part of my pillow and stuffing it underneath my neck. But within a few hours that would stop giving me the support I needed.

I got the Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow last week, and it is by far the best neck pillow that I have tried. It took about 2 nights to get used to it - it makes me sleep with my head in a flatter position than I am used to, so that was weird at first. But the relief that it provides to your neck is definitely worth the adjustment. Even in the middle of the day, I will sometimes just lie down for 10 minutes on the pillow just to give my neck a relief for a while, which feels great.

The first 2 days I also felt like I could not move my head in the pillow - like it had to be straight upright. But, that was simply a misconception. If you lean your head to the left or right with this pillow, your head gets supported in a similar way to a neck pillow you might wear on an airplane, but with the support on your neck itself still there.

You can also lie on your side and the pillow gives support under your neck. It's not as good as when you lie on your back, but if you tend to want to lie on your side when you sleep at least you get some support with it.

Overall I really love this pillow and would say it is worth a try if you experience any kind of neck discomfort. "

M.Badger, New York 6/14/2009

5 out of 5: "Received item promptly (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) and in excellent condition! Great seller! Thanks!"

EFSmile, United States 6/3/2009

I purchased two pillows - one for me and one for my *snoring husband. Here is how the pillow stacked up:

Me: I traded in my Tempur-Pedic contoured pillow for this one. I was scared, but willing to try a new one, since the other one had started to go flat. I had suffered a shoulder injury about two months ago and it had been causing severe pain in my right shoulder, upper back, neck, and jaw. No amount of manipulation, massage or medication helped the pain. I swear, one night on this pillow (I didn't even do the break-in as suggested, I just used it the entire night through and slept soundly), and the pain was gone for an entire day. I did not even need one advil. Oh, and I was not able to crack my neck, probably because it was properly aligned for once. I was shocked. I have used it nightly ever since, and each day, my shoulder improves. I am able to do more and more. The pain is still gone. I am a believer. Bye-bye Tempur-Pedic pillow!

My husband: Long time (jet-engine) snorer. He traded in his Sona Pillow for Snoring and Mild Sleep Apnea ($129) for this one. The other pillow cut back the snoring about 75% for a short time. My husband has been so uncomfortable on his old pillow, he doesn't use it properly, and it doesn't work. He didn't want to use this new pillow either and was upset when he found out it was more expensive than a standard pillow, until he tried it out. He loved how it felt when he was on his back and side. So far, he has not snored at all on his back or side. That in itself is a miracle. His back pain has also decreased greatly.

I highly recommend giving this pillow a try. I love mine so much I lugged it on vacation with me."

L. A. "", Milwaukee, Wisconsin 5/31/2009

"Good morning, Just wanted to let you know I picked up my traction pillow on Saturday and have so far had two fantastic nights of sleep. I also tried your biofeeze sample on my elbow. It works great..."

M.Weir, British Columbia, Canada 5/25/2009

"I have have been diagnosed with military neck (loss of curvature in the neck) for over 15 years. The chiropractor wants me to lie on a rolled up towel periodically but who has the time. Often, I will wake with a stiff neck making it difficult to rotate my head. I spend all my time at work seated and looking down which could be the cause of my troubles.

I looked at a number of products and finally settled on the Arc4life traction pillow. I'm very pleased with the quality of the product and it's gentle action. From day one I've slept very comfortably with it and highly recommend it to others experience neck discomfort.

Only negative experience is that my mother in law tried it out when she came to visit and she liked it so much I gave it to her and ordered 2 more for myself. The pillows aren't cheap, but when compared to therapy and even high end pillows, they are a bargain. "

BugBus 5/16/2009

"This pillow is better than expected. I am in the health field and I have already recommended it to patients."

Donna K. 5/14/2009

"I have had problems with my neck for over thirty years, and I have wasted a lot of money on neck pillows in that time. This is the best neck pillow that I have ever tried! It supports the neck, while not being to hard or too soft. It supports the head when you roll on to your side. It provides very gentle traction, so that it is comfortable. I have had some pillows that were too uncomfortable to sleep on. I imagine that people with different sized heads and necks might have a different experience, but I think it is great!"

Patricia.H 5/12/2009 Aleknagik, AK USA

"This pillow is the best"

Agar 5/5/2009

5 out of 5:"In all my years on line ordering things, I have NEVER EVER had better service than this company. They truly go above and beyond to help you. You are definitely depend on, and trust these extremely nice people."

Joan 5/4/2009

Dear Friend, I wanted to share some thoughts on the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow and other Pain Relief Products that Arc 4 Life Offers. Please visit if you are interested in any of these products, or you feel that they might be able to help you. 5 out of 5:"fantastic product (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow), my neck feels great, after 8 years of searching for the perfect fit for my neck problems, this is the answer!"

Julia.D 5/2/2009

5 out of 5:"fantastic product (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow), my neck feels great, after 8 years of searching for the perfect fit for my neck problems, this is the answer!"

Julia.D 5/2/2009

5 out of 5: "May neck feel better when I use this pillow"

Judith.S 4/27/2009

I've only had this pillow for about a week, but I already wake up with less muscle tension. I am 5'2"; I had no trouble adjusting to it and I was able to sleep through the first night with it. I have a reverse curvature in my neck. I have an excellant chiropractor, do neck exercises, and have tried numerous pillows. I expect this will be very helpful in managing my neck pain.

S.M US 4/20/2009

5 out of 5 "I love my Arc4Life pillow! It has helped my severe neck pain! Thank you so much!"

Kimberly.S US 3/30/2009

Pretty awesome invention (cervical linear traction neck pillow). I am breathing so well at nights. It feels like I mustn't have been breathing well at all, as now it's like amazing and my body just feels great when I'm sleeping. Thanks.

Louisa, New Zealand 3/25/2009

The Pain in my Neck and Numbness in my Fingers had Decreased...I discovered Arc4life by accident after researching cervical neck pain and it was like an answer to my prayers. I was not getting the rest that I needed at night and was feeling it the next morning. I called and got great customer service and ordered my Linear Gravity Pillow. After only a few nights I was more rested and the pain in my neck and numbness in my fingers had decreased. My breathing has improved as well. I will be ordering more products from this company.

D.G, South Carolina, 03/20/2009

Love this pillow,this pillow works, can sleep on back without pain in neck, thank you"

Jacqueline.D 3/13/2009

I am so happy that I found Arc4Life. I hope they will never stop making their products. I bought a cervical neck traction pillow from them in December 2008 and now two months later I feel 95 percent better than before I started sleeping on the pillow. I had neck and lower skull pain when turning my head. Now I have better range of motion and am almost pain free. I can't wait to try their other products. Recently I order my daughter a healthy neck system because she suffers from migraine headaches. I truly hope that this works for her as good as the pillow worked for me.

Sharon.M, 3/08/2009

*****BEST PILLOW EVER ! I have tried dozens of hard foam, mushy memory foam, magnetic, etc. cervical pillows but none of them give me the proper support as this Linear Traction Pillow! It may be a little large for my frame ( 4'11 1/2") so at times the sides may seem a little high but it still feels better than any other pillow. I can also sleep on my side in the center of the pillow and be perfectly aligned. This pillow is so supportive but soft!

Heather O Cain, 3/05/2009

I like this pillow a LOT! It has lots of support. However, if Arc4Life can customize(decrease) the size of the V for smaller heads, that would be great, and I would order another one!"

W.W.B, 3/01/2009

5 out of 5: "The pillow arrived very quickly and in good condition."

Leigh S. 2/22/2009

"I got my Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow that was shipped 2/5/09 today 2/9/09. I did not expect to get get it for a couple of weeks, thanks for the excellant service.. I have been using a CLTNP since December of last year and have sleeping very sound. I would recommend the pillow to anyone who has problems with their neck.

Don Corey,2/09/2009 Palmer, Alaska

"After ordering the Linear Gravity Pillow and sleeping on it one week, I have ordered two more. One is for travel and the other is for my husband. He really likes it too."

Janice, Indiana 2/09/2009

"So far so good. I have woke up with less neck pain each morning. It [Cervical Traction Neck Pillow] does take some getting used to, but hopefully it will help resolve my neck pain problems in the long run."

Mary, 2/1/2009

"I purchased the Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow from you.. I had a fracture at the C1 & C2 Vertabrae. I believe the pillow has been a great aid in providing me more comfort sleeping and allowing me to rest without as much pain!

Shirley. A 1/14/2009 Ohio

4/5 Great firmness and comfort if you like a firm pillow. Seams and notches help direct neck into correct alignment whether on back or side. A definite improvement in sleep for me!

Louisa.E 1/14/2009

5/5"Good Pillow"

mrst75, 1/14/2009

5/5 "Great pillow. Works wonders."

I.C, 1/06/2009

5/5 "Had this (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) shipped to my daughter for Christmas, it got there in time and in great condition!"

Elmer.N, 1/5/2009

4/5 "Merchandise arrived as expected. The traction pillow is very helpful to me in managing my neck pain."

S.Merrill, 12/28/2008

5/5 Very prompt service, Nice product !!!

Johnathan.N, 12/11/2008

5/5 - I love my pillow! My neck feels better than it has in a long, long time

Dixie.B, 12/09/2008

Great Pillow

Rileycat3, 12/01/2008

At first the cervical linear traction neck pillow became discomforting for my neck and i frequently thought about returning the pillow BOY WAS I WRONG after getting used to the pillow, the discomfort went away and the pillow actually helped me sleep comfortably through the night. The best part about this pillow is that it got rid of my frequent headache problems! LOVE THIS PILLOW !!

Annie.C, 11/09/2008 Los Angeles, California

I love the product (Cervical traction neck pillow) !

L.W, 11/01/2008

Great pillow. I'm finally waking up without a headache

WineCat, 10/27/2008

Love it (The Cervical Traction Neck Pillow)!!! Just what I needed!!! Fast ship!! Great customer service! A+

O.Bandit, 10/19/2008

My headaches are few and far between "It took me about a month also to get used to it (Cervical traction neck pillow). Now I love it. My headaches are few and far between. I used to have headaches 3-4 times a week. I could be laying on my side and feel my head start to hurt. But, I love sleeping on my side so I would just stay there and wake up with a terrible headache that would take me all day to get rid of. Now I can sleep on my side all I want. Headache free. Told my brother about it and he bought one. He could use it instantly and he called me and told me it cured him.

Nirav.P, 10/16/2008

Great pillow, I have arthritis in my neck, after 3 days, no morning pain. Thanks

Donald. K, 10/11/2008

The cervical traction pillow is AWESOME....noticed a difference the very first night I used it! I've suffered for years with my military neck and finally...relief! I've recommended the pillow to several friends with the same problem and they all love it!

Terry, K 10/11/2008

Fast delivery. Excellent product!!!

Darryl, 10/02/2008

Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow is excellent. Quick shipping

aandjsward, 09/13/2008

Shipped fast - VERY PLEASED - love the pillow - thank you!

StoversDad, 09/12/2008

ty ty! even my neck thanks you! fast delivery!

jmws_mom, 09/06/2008

"Wow what a difference I felt when I woke up- No more neck pain and stiffness. Well I loved the cervical traction pillow so mu

I Love my Pillow- Sitting on an airpline, then on a train for many hours was very difficult. After travelling all day and visiting my sister my neck was aching and sore. I got to my sisters' and she had this funny looking pillow with a "V" on it. She insisted that I try it out for the night. Wow what a difference I felt when I woke up- No more neck pain and stiffness. Well I loved the cervical traction pillow so much, I ordered one for myself. "

Karampal.G, 08/24/2008, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Great pillow. Love it!

Kennic, 08/22/2008

I have a mild to moderate herniated disc in my neck causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the right arm, and I am reluctant to take medication for my condition."I purchased the cervical traction neck pillow several weeks ago and I am extremely pleased with the product. I have a mild to moderate herniated disc in my neck causing pain, numbness, and tingling in the right arm, and I am reluctant to take medication for my condition. Since using the pillow, I have not awakened during the night with pain or numbness, and have noticed a remarkable improvement in my condition during the day as well. I would also rate my purchasing experience as excellent due to the wonderful customer service I received and quick shipping of the product. Thanks so much!"

Pegg.M, 08/23/2008

"Super fast shipping. Great neck feels better already!"

C.R, 08/15/2008


B.G, 08/14/2008

5 out of 5 "Item came several days before estimated date. Item is as promised, at this point it is working as promised."

Kapcom, 08/18/2008

"Exactly as advertised. I was very skeptical of the pillow, but it has really helped me get a great night's sleep! Thanks!"

Ellen Gillis, 08/15/2008

"I just received my second cervical pillow and I am soooooo happy. I was wondering why my neck was starting to hurt again and I finally realized that I needed a new cervical pillow. The last one I purchased was in 2004! Well, I was right, I slept perfectly last night on my new pillow. It is truly amazing and a blessing to all who use it. People look at me like I'm nuts when I tell them about it. People are used to being disappointed by products they try, but not this one. I cannot take painkillers due to another condition and to find something that is just as good and better for you - that truly is a gift from heaven! Thank you so much for all you do!!!!

T.P, 08/06/2008


CopronoStrega, 07/21/2008

"I have HUGE trap, neck, shoulder problems due to a fecet joint problem and bulging discs. I've tried EVERY pillow under the sun.....including the Mediflow. Mediflow was pillow of choice (bought on Amazon) until I found the one I'm using now. I bought a cervical traction pillow from and I LOVE It. Best I've ever tried and I'll definitely continue to purchase when mine wears out.

The only negative is that once you get used to it, the slight traction feeling you feel in the beginning wears off (and it feels so good to have that gentle pull on your neck when you lie down in the beginning.....really takes the pressure from all of the days gravity out of your spine). I still have a lot of problems....but moreso from doing exercises I know I'm forbidden to do.....but I�m hard headed. Can't say enough good about the cervical traction pillow though! "

LoraJc, 07/17/2008 Wisconsin

"This is the best pillow I have ever used. I slept very well the very first night with no jaw problems".

S.Glitzow, 07/06/2008 Seattle, Washington

"5/5 I purchased this (the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) for my boyfriend who says it is great--so relaxing it puts him right to sleep!"

Heather J, 07/02/2008 USA

"Received my Cervial Traction Neck Pillow 4 days after ordering and I live in HI....superior personal customer service. I have had 2 cervical surgeries (auto accident) with a titanium cage from C4-7 mounted on C8. With limited head movement there has never been a pillow that protects my head long enough to get a nights sleep. As a last resort, I researched neck pillows and found Arc4life. After ten years of neck, head and shoulder pain, I can honestly say that I am pain free all day and look forward to going to bed and getting up in the of the first things that was obvious to me is my corrected posture and neck strength.....I never imagined that a pillow could make an entire difference in my life and health.....and for that reason, I am passing your web site to everyone I know along with this is not only my miracle pillow, but a prevential aid for anyone who has neck discomfort due to accident or aging. By the way, the pillow worked for me the minute I laid my head on it.....A big MAHALO (thank you) for your excellent product and service.

Eilleen.K, 06/23/2008 Hawaii

"I first used the Cervical Neck Pillow while staying with my son and daughter-in-law. Waking up with a stiff neck one morning, they suggested I try the cervical traction pillow that night. I have to admit I was hesitatant at first, but to my surprise I not only slept well, but woke up able to move my neck without pain. It worked so well, upon returning home, I ordered the cervical neck pillow for myself. Thank you for putting out a great neck pillow."

Rosanne.B, 06/21/2008 Florida

"wonderful service - incredibly fast delivery, very comprehensive information included with purchase - would definitely purchase from, again."

Tana. M, 06/18/2008

"Best pillow (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) I have ever slept on! Fast Shipping Great Transaction A+A+

GtManiak, 06/13/2008

"5 out of 5 Great product, prompt shipping. I got it (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow) much earlier than what was promised. Thanks, will do business again."

financewhiz, 06/09/2008

I want to shout out loud for the joyful pain-free mornings I'm having since ordering the cervical traction pillow! Injured in a near fatal car accident over 20 years ago...the pain in my neck had increasingly worsened. Each day I'd awake with the sensation that the weight of something like a bowling ball was on my head pushing my neck down between my shoulder blades. I hurt nearly round the clock. I've tried every neck pillow known to man. I honestly thought there was just nothing out there to provide relief. The day I found your blog, I'd awakened that morning and literally prayed, God, if there is a pillow out there to help me...WHERE IS IT???!!!! Then, that very afternoon...I found IT! I had relief from the first moment I laid down on it, and every morning since. If you're reading this note and can't decide whether or not to spend the money for a pillow...let me admonish you--GET IT!! It is going to shock and amaze you as it makes your neck pain a distant memory. No joke. I am so very glad I found this.."

M.K, 06/08/2008

Surprisingly Wonderful !"Like anyone who buys a special pillow - I've had neck problems for years. Stiff neck all day, can't fully turn my head to the sides, always sore spots on my neck. I've purchased temper-pedic pillows and water/tri-core pillows from the chiropractor. This is the first time I've actually found relief from a pillow. I used it all night right from the start (pamphlet cautions that you might need to ease into it) and by day three - I feel better than I have in years. I'm mainly a side sleeper, so I need something that's still effective when I'm on my side (most special pillows are only for sleeping on your back). Wow. I'm really surprised by the difference. It is pricey, but for me, it's worth every penny."

T.Kipp, 06/04/2008

"I've just ordered my second Cervical Neck Pillow to have ready for when we travel. This is the greatest pillow ever! I have cervical bulging disks and a military neck and this pillow has worked wonders. I showed it to my physical therapist and he said it was perfect for me and wanted information on where I purchased it. Many thanks! "

JT, 05/28/2008, Bowling Green, Kentucky

"Arc4life, 2 nights with the pillow and I am REJOICING!!! How happy I am to have finally found THE ONE. Many thanks, and I'll be telling everyone I know about this discovery. Hopefully I'll be sending new customers your way! Be blessed,"

Merry.K, 05/25/2008,

"I purchased a Cervical Neck Pillow from you 2 days ago. I received it this morning. I opened the box, put the pillow on my bed, and laid down to �test drive� it. Then, I fell asleep!!! This is not good. I have work to do. I have to bake for my niece�s bridal shower tomorrow, and I�m too busy to be falling in love with a pillow! I don�t have time for this. I just wanted to share my experience. Thanks so much for making a fabulous product."

Sue. G, 05/07/2008, Pennsylvania

"I used the cervical traction neck pillow last night and had the best night's sleep in a while. I am buying one for my husband!"

Carol. B, 05/04/2008, Minot, North Dakota

"5/5 -Item received quicker than I expected. Professionally packaged and shipped. Pillow is very comfortable. I use it instead of the TempurPedic I had that just squashes down into nothing. Very supportive."

Seth Morgan, 05/02/2008

"I used the Pronex pneumatic cervical traction device 4-5 years ago for neck pain and got a permanent relief in 2 months of infrequent use. I am now 72 years old; recently, my neck pain recurred, this time with an added right shoulder pain. I restarted using the Pronex and within 2 days, it was amazing to get significant pain relief. Besides using the Pronex as directed, I begun following the neck exercises available at the Arc4life website.

Dr. L Lopez, 04/28/2008, Springdale, New York

"Thank you for the best pillow EVER. I am a registered nurse and have suffered for years with arthritis and bone spurs in my cervical spine. I would wake up each morning with severe headaches and have neck and shoulder pain during the day. Sleeping on this pillow has made such a difference that I no longer dread waking up in the morning. Thanks again and God bless you! Melody Babinski RN, Michigan

Melody Babinski RN, 04/22/2008, Michigan


Suzette.C, 04/09/2008

"Hello there! I want you to know how delighted I am to have received the Cervical Traction Pillow two days after ordering it. I am eager to use it tonight, and because I am desperate for some sleep and physical relief, I intend to spend the entire night on the pillow. (My rationale is that I've been in severe pain anyway, so I doubt the pillow will make a significantly negative contribution in that regard.) Yes, I am optimistic that this custom pillow will assist in ultimately eliminating the post-whiplash pain which has been keeping me awake for some time now, and put me on the road closer to recovery. By the way, insomnia due to pain is a spirit-soul-body killer, I can tell you - I need restorative sleep! Thanks again."

Karen. C , 04/05/2008 West Hartford, Connecticut

"WOW! FAST shipping. Two nights later my neck feels 50% better! GREAT pillow (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow)!"

Anna.J, 03/20/2008

"I love this pillow (Linear Gravity Neck Support Pillow). Thanks so much for sending so quickly!!!"

B.G, 03/12/2008

I ordered the pillow as i have chronic muscle spasms and my x-ray is identical to the image on the little booklet that came with the pillow. I received the traction pillow yesterday and tried it last night. I found it extremely comfortable and had no issues falling asleep. i worked out in the gym yesterday and usually the day after im in a lot of pain i have had this problem for nearly a year now and have found no relief other than maybe using emu oil and NSAID's. I had a pleasant nights sleep and when i woke up i didn't feel any discomfort or stiffness. It really works and i dont think i'll ever want to part with it. I want to order 2 more for people with the similar problem in my family.Thanks

Faiz Rezwan, 03/01/2008 Banglore, India

Pillow is amazing! relief after 1 use! Unique design. Use it every night now.

M.Demo, 02/29/2008

Pillow is outstanding! Saved my neck and really minimized my morning headaches! Thank you! Fast delivery!!

M.Farr, 02/16/2008 Broadlands, Virginia

I would wake up just about every morning with a headache and neck pain. This has been going on for years. I saw your Cervical Traction Neck Pillow and said to my wife "like this pillow will really help me" I've used your pillow for five days. My headaches are gone and so is my neck pain. Great Product! Thank you

FastCar, 02/10/2008

2nd tract pillow purchase, highly recommend 4 bad neck, cant sleep w/out! Thx!!

ss113, 01/19/2008

BEST pillow I have EVER tried! Hello, I purchased the cervical traction neck pillow from you earlier this past week, asked for it to be delivered before I leave town, and received it ONE WEEK EARLIER than I asked for, 4 days earlier than projected by FED EX!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Not only that, this is by far the BEST pillow I have EVER tried! I have ordered 4 pillows claiming to reduce neck pain in the past 6 months from different distributors, and the cervical traction neck pillow is the only one that has succeeded. Thank you for your exceptional customer service, and your exceptional product. I will recommend you to ALL of my friends!!!!!!!!

Deidre Chang, 01/05/2008 Eagan, Minnesota

Good morning! Just wanted to pass on favorable comment on the cervical traction neck pillow I purchased recently. Dealing with cervical disc degeneration, I believe it has made a difference for a good nights sleep. Thank you!

Ruth E Muri, 12/31/2007 Phoenix, Arizona

I came across this Web site by accident and am glad that I did. The customer service has been great in helping me make intelligent decisions for my purchases. I have been using the small Linear Gravity Pillow for a few weeks now for regular sleeping and love the way it feels. I started for the first week using the side where the neckroll is smaller. I then switched to the side that is slightly larger. I mainly use it for laying on my back, but I find it is equally comfortable in the sidelying position. I have noticed that my upper trapezius muscles are less sore/tense and that the twinge I would feel in my neck when rotating it sideways has decreased. The radiculopathy in my fingers has lessened slightly. I have C4-6 mild disc bulges, central canal stenosis and foraminal compromise. It has affected my finger function for what I need to do to earn a living. I was so impressed with this pillow and the hope that I can continue my career plans and avoid surgery. Today I purchased the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow and the Pronex Pneumatic Cervical Traction unit.

Marsha.S, 12/20/2007 California, United States

I have had this pillow for months now and I love it. I have spent so much money on pillows and nothing worked but this pillow is a miracle. I will never be with out one. Please never stop making them They truly work.

J.K, 12/12/2007 United States

The cervical traction neck pillow changed my life after 5 yrs. of horrible pain.

Mellintis, 12/03/2007 United States

5 out of 5: "This pillow is a MIRACLE!!! I noticed a difference after the very first night! I bought one for my mother and my best friends, it is worth every penny, THANKS!!!!"

Jennifer P, 11/13/2007 United States

Pain Free all Day "I have been dealing with back and neck pain for 10+ years. My x-rays show a complete loss in the curvature of my neck, a permanent head tilt, and a curvature in my spine to compensate for my head tilt. I've been to the chiropractor again and again, tried roll pillows under my neck at night (so uncomfortable) and popped tons of advil. Minimal relief.

Then I ordered this pillow (Cervical Traction Neck Pillow). The first night I used it I woke up the next morning with much less pain than usual. The next night I slept soundly and had even less pain in the morning. I have been using this pillow every night for three weeks now, and I wake up feeling great. The best part is, my neck is still okay by the end of the day! The pain stays at bay.

Sure the pillow takes a little getting used to, you can't move around much, but I am willing to sacrifice rolling around in bed at night for a pain free tomorrow!

This is the money well spent! "

Schu-baby, 11/2/2007 Boston, Massachusetts

"This pillow is the first of 10 or more pillows my husband and I have tried over the years that actually allows us to sleep comfortably and really reduces neck pain. It's amazing! ."

Beth, 10/27/2007 Hollywood, California

"Your company has been fantastic in helping me find the right pillow for my intense level of pain. The medium linear gravity neck pillow works for me! The personal touch with customer service is unmatched! Thank you so much."

Dr.S.Wiest, 10/25/2007 Phoenix, Arizona

"Product is absolutely wonderful! I have used my pillow for two nights and already feel a difference, Am purchasing another for my mother!"

Jennifer. P, 10/10/2007

"FINALLY a good nights rest! Took 2-3 nights to get used to but I LOVE IT!! A++++"

Brenna.B, 10/16/2007

"I suffer with chronic neck pain. This drove me to find a pillow that will hopefully help alleviate some of the pain. It took me a little while to get used to this pillow but now I find it very comfortable. I'm a back sleeper so I find this pillow keeps my head in line so I'm not flopping to the side in my sleep. It's awesome!!! I also sleep on my side and I find the fluffier sides very comfortable."

Y.Y 10/15/2007 Canada

"Wow! Paid for it 2:30AM Tuesday, was napping (cervical traction neck pillow) on it by 9AM Wednesday. Super!"

Jim.B, 10/10/2007

"WOW!! BEST night's SLEEP n LONG TIME!! FAST TLC ship!! MINT item!!! BIG THANKS"

A.W., 10/03/2007

Unbelievably wonderful invention! I LOVE this pillow! I don't know how I ever slept without it. Thank you so much for offering it to the public. No more arm , hand and finger numbness in the middle of the night. No more stiff neck and headaches in the morning or all day! I haven't had neck pain since I started using this pillow which was September 10th 2007. It truly IS a wonderful pillow! Sincerely,

P.L., 9/27/2007

"I just wanted to take time to thank you for the neck pillow I ordered. I have had neck and shoulder pain practically every day of my life for the last 5 years. After using your pillow for less than a month I am no longer taking Motrin to get through my day and am virtually pain free!"

Allan Gotez, 9/1/2007 Lake Orion, Michigan

For awhile now I have had neck pain along with headaches. I have woken up feeling like I have had a board on both sides of my neck. I have been looking for a pillow that would support the neck in the proper alignment while also supporting the head and have not been able to find one, and as we all know conventional pillows just don't do that. I was recently diagnosed with cervical spine arthritis and while searching the web for information on this I found your web site featuring your Cervical Traction Neck Pillow. I was hesitant at first to purchases it because it just seemed to good to be true. It was exactly what I have been looking for. But once I saw that you had a 30 day money back guarantee I purchased it. I was even more surprised that it only took two days to get here. I received my pillow yesterday (8-16-07) and slept on it last night. And I had the best night sleep since I was a child. Thank you!!!

Martyn, 8/17/2007

My cervical traction pillow has precluded occurances of multiple nightly disrupted sleep deprivation episodes due to referred pain occuring in my arm and hand that caused painfully unpleasant sensations of "flaming pins and needles" that kept me literally up all night from herniated disc pain. This pillow is a godsend! I broke it in as suggested increasing my time lying in it until that blissful night when I slept pain-free all night long. Also for the first time in many months I have begun dreaming again nightly, and don't need to splash cold water on my face during my long nightly commute home due to the misery of constant exhaustion caused by unrelenting neck pain. My physical therapists were astonished by my progress. Today I placed my order for my Pronex traction unit. Can't wait to use it for maintaining these awe-inspiring gains permanently!

Janis. B, 8/02/2007 South Grafton, Massachusetts

"Just wanted to let u know that I had a cervical anterieur dissectomie due to a prolapsed disc pressing on a root nerve. The cervical pillow helped me to rest my neck in a proper position before the operation; and the pillow is now also helping me after the ops......I just can' t sleep without it, it as definitely improved my posture and more importantly I wake up without pain. Many many thanks.!"

Carol. S, 7/31/2007 London, United Kingdom

"The seller provided valuable information about using the pillow. It did not occur to me that I should start gradually then increase the use. This has worked well. I really like that the pillow has a firm side and a soft side. I will definitely order from this seller again!"


( This customer purchased the Arc4life's Cervical Traction Neck Pillow ) "Works as described, comfortable & came with instructions! thank you!"

Ptheners, 7/10/2007

I was diagnosed years ago with a "military neck", that is, with no c-curve in my neck. It has caused a variety of problems with my head and upper back. I've tried every cervical-type pillow I've come across in the last 10 years; some very good, some really awful. I slept on this pillow for the first time last night; I do not intend to look any further.

I moved very slowly when I woke up this morning fully expecting some aches & soreness until I get used to my new pillow. There were none! I was in awe! My neck and upper back feel better today than they've felt in years. This is truly an amazing product. A night's sleep like I had last night is priceless! It's well worth the cost!

Ms.Jones, 6/21/2007 Upstate New York

(This customer purchased a Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000) I've had problems w/ my neck for over 20 years and have been treated for loss of curvature. It is expensive, and also, controversial. u take a big chance putting your spine in someone elses hands, literally. This has allowed me to treat myself at home. relaxed, and at my own time and pace. After just a couple tx I noticed a difference, and am very pleased w/ the results I'm getting!"

John L, 6/1/2007

I recieved my pillow (The Linear Gravity Neck Pillow- MEDIUM) yesterday. I slept on it last night, and WOW what difference the new pillow makes! I neck feels great today!. This is the third one that I have owned, I love the things. Your pillow is to be the best yet! Thanks again !

Randy Sundberg, 6/1/2007 Foreston, Minnesota

I have had my Cervical Linear Traction Neck Pillow now for just a little over a week. The first night took just a little getting use to , since my old pillow was so very bad. But I slept on it all night and awoke feeling great. Every night has been so fantastic. I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone that wants to wake up refreshed and neck pain free.My sleeping has only gotten better.

Kevin Erwin, 5/21/2007 Purcell, Missouri

I no longer experience the muscular, neck pinching migranes My neck and pocket book have been saved by the Cervical Traction Neck Pillow.I have had years of skeletal alignment problems. With this unique design I am able to sleep comfortably and waking up refreshed is no longer a dream. I have reduced my chiropractic visits by over half and I no longer experience the muscular, neck pinching migranes. Thank you for my health ARC4LIFE.

Crystal Smith, 5/21/2007 Spokane, Washington

"I received my Arc4life neck pillow a week ago and am very impressed. After the first night of using it, I felt considerably less pain in my neck, upper back and shoulders. I have used several other chiropractic pillows that were about double the price, so I was a little skeptical about the Arc4life pillow helping me. But I decided to give it a try. I have now been using it for 6 days and feel like I have a new neck. This pillow helped me more than going to the chiropractor and doing physical therapy (which I had been doing for a year).Thanks for a great product.

K R I S T I N L U M, 05/06/2007 New York, New York

I found out about this contraption (Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1000) at a chiropractor's office, and it was one of the few things there that actually seemed to really work. So, I got one for my own personal use, and it's great. It looks totally goofy, but at least for me, when I get neck pain and stiffness, which happens to me only about twice a year, using this even once or twice totally relieves it.".

R.Smith,4/12/2007 San Francisco, California

"I love this pillow, it really works to keep me pain-free. Timely arrival."

streetmink, 4/10/2007

"I had a lot of neck, shoulder and head pains. I found out after many many tests that I have a ruptured disk in my neck. The doctors think it is due to my posture. This pillow has been such a great help to me. After only a few days of using it I felt soo much better. I will never go back to a regular pillow. I have my life back. Thank you"

Elaine.R, 03/24/2007 East Windsor, New Jersey

"The pillow really helps with my neck pain"

HelmKep, 03/14/2007

"I first used the posture pump at a chiropractic office. I only used it 2 times per week and noticed an improvement in my posture. My head was more in line with my body instead of being forward. As a physical therapist, I think this pump is a good way to restore the normal curve we should have in our necks. I have used it with one patient at my office so far who had significant decrease in pain"

Jodee, 2/18/2007

"I have a herniated disk in my neck and this is the first pillow I have slept comfortably with. I love it!"

cla64, 2/3/2007

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