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100 bucks its a pillow. Supporting your built in pool i will not.

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You gotta love social media these days. People are opinionated and will tell you exactly what they are thinking. Just this week, we received this feedback from a random guy named Michael on Facebook about the arc4life traction pillow. I don't think he was too happy 😠.

"100 bucks its a pillow. Supporting your built in pool i will not." - Michael

Well, LOL to this one.... Nothing surprises me anymore. At least the guy did not use profane & foul language... Anyways, here is my response to Michael. Don't forget to keep reading, I have listed the negatives for the pillow too  with our most recent negative reviews. I looked at both sides of his point- (P.s. I don't own a pool 🏊 at my house, although it sounds nice - I searched high and low and did find one that I like though)

The Plusses for the arc4life traction pillow :
- Can help you sleep better 💤
- Can help relieve neck pain
- Works well with doing neck traction during the day
- The traction pillow is not rock 🧗 hard- it is very comfortable once you get used to it
- The traction pillow has 2 surfaces - a traction side and a support side. So it stretches your neck and its gives support too
- You can sleep on your back and on your side
- This pillow can help with headaches, occipital neuralgia, disc herniation, disc bulge, and neck arthritis
- It ships all over the world to countries like Canada 🍁, Singapore 🇸🇬, Australia 🇦🇺, and the UK 🇬🇧. This is a pillow that been around awhile since 2003.
- It comes in 3 sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. Ordering the right size is very important
- You don't need a prescription from your Doc 👩‍⚕️ to get this pillow


"I've been using this remarkable, indispensably effective Arc4Life pillow for about a decade. [I did once--a few years ago--try their also-available 'EXTRA-firm' version, but I personally didn't like it. Instead, I *much* prefer the superior comfort of this 'standard-firmness' version, which, alas, I do find it necessary to replace every two years or so. But I absolutely deem it money well spent!]" - Jan 2019

"Helps my neck" - Jan 2019

"I've slept on it only 2 nights but I love how it supports my neck when I sleep on my back or my side. It is important your head is inside the "triangle"; or the support will hurt. Best buy and a keeper." - Jan 2019

"This pillow has changed my life. As a side sleeper with degenerative disk disease, I cannot say enough about how good this pillow is for me. The price is hefty, but I’d pay it again. It’s worth it when I consider how many $$$ worth of pillows I’ve tried and thrown away." - Jan 2019

The Minuses for the arc4life traction pillow 
- There may be an adjustment period
- The pillow is a little more costly than a pillow you would buy at a walmart, bed bath and beyond or a target 🎯 (they have great pillows too)
- The pillow will wear down after time because it is composed of polyester fiber fill
- You cannot use the traction side of the pillow if you have had a recent neck fusion surgery 🏥
- You cannot try the pillow out at a store 🏬 before buying. This is only sold online and in select chiropractic, physical therapist, pain clinics and osteopathic offices
- If you don't order the right size, it can cause more pain and discomfort

➖ Reviews:

"It's a cheap pillow that's very stiff, and just has a "T" stitched into the center. So thick it pressed right into my disc causing severe pain. I bought the medium size. I lasted all of 30 min before I woke up in agony. This seems to be another money grab leeching off of desperate people in pain who will spend anything to get a good night's sleep." - Nov 2018

"The pillow is very uncomfortable, very hard, almost impossible to fell asleep using this pillow. If somehow I sleep on it, then I have a bad headache for a few days. I don’t recommend this pillow. I tried to return it, but couldn’t. Even though, I received it two weeks after I ordered, they said it’s over one month since I placed the order." - Oct 2018

"This pillow is way to high. Neck will hurt if you try to sleep on back and use this pillow. It is also not soft enough to give so unless you are very large and tall it won't work." - Sept 2018

"Doesn't cradle the head very well and pillow is to firm."- Aug 2018

"Returned this pillow because it seems overly complicated for a pillow! Pillow came with instructions, too complicated for me. Haha" - May 2018

Check it out here: https://arc4life.com/…/tra…/products/arc4lifetractionpillows

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