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How to do a Shoulder Exercise Program at Home

Posted by N Gil on

This article shows you step by step instructions on how to do a simple effective shoulder exercise program for strong shoulders. Get a great work out for your shoulders in less than 5 minutes! Spending a lot of time in the gym, learning what the pro's do, watching different DVD's and reading a lot of books and magazines has helped me get maximum results in a very short amount of time. To begin, you want to hit all three heads of your shoulder. The shoulder which is called your deltoid, has 3 heads. The three heads of the deltoid are the anterior (front), posterior (back), and lateral head (side).

When exercising it helps to use resistance in the form of hand weights. You can use a 3 to a 5 lb weight (dumb bell) in each hand.

Shoulder workout #1. Working the Anterior Deltoid with dumb bells

To work the front of the shoulder (anterior deltoid), motions where you are raising your arms up from the front work the best. Take your dumbells, one in each hand with your arms straight and knuckles pointing towards the floor. your palms should be facing the front of your thighs. Raise your arms up with weights straight up in front of you. Raise the weights up to 90 degrees and then slowly bring them back down and repeat. 

Next for the side of the shoulder (lateral deltoid). Hold the weights just as before except have you arms hand at your side. Now raise your arms up laterally to 90 degrees. Instead of raising your arms up to the front of the body for the anterior deltoids you are raising them to the side similar to themotion of a jumping jack. Palms should start out facing your hips and raise up to 90 degrees so they would face the floor. Slowly bring them back down and repeat.

For the rear head of the shoulder (posterior deltoid), perform the exact same motion as the lateral deltoid except your body should be hunched forward. Bed your knees and lean forward about 30-45 degrees bring the weights up laterally. Because you are leaning forward this automatically will be forcing you to pull the weights more in the direction of your back than straight up laterally.

Now that you know the shoulders have three heads and how to work each of them- how can we use these in the shortest amount of time for the best work out. The answer is what are called Giants Sets. Start by doing 7-12 repetitions of the anterior shoulder exercise (front shoulder raised). Instead of resting then repeating in another couple of minutes, move immediately into lateral shoulder raises and then follow into read shoulder raises next. Then take a breather for 30 seconds and repeat the whole thing again. The key is no breaks between each individual exercise for the front, side and rear shoulder. This not only works the shoulder to exhaustion but saves you a lot of time. 

You always want to keep you head up and spine erect to avoid neck strain and spinal misalignments. 

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