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Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Busy Stressed out Mom.. HELLO

Posted by N Gil on

Know any busy stressed out Moms. Hello. Hi... its Me.

Two kids... busy life... no sleep... need some stress free stuff.

Check out the this Cool Blog called "Grace and Lightness" for some amazing stuff that I would never have imagined

  • A rugged mug that is not just for camping. Its called the Yeti Rambler and Mug and worth checking out. I imagine its great for a hot coffee and a cold chardonnay too Yeti Mug for my Wine to Go
  • Hair Dyer and Brush ALL in one... that would save me some time every morning
  • Silk PJ's  
  • Arc4life Traction Pillow - Whoo Hoo... who needs Better Sleep? Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow for Better Sleep
  • Pillow Cases Made of Silk - Goodbye morning wrinkles
  • Instant Pot.... this is the new craze in every modern kitchen. Every MOM who cooks needs this crazy pot that is a crock pot and pressure cooker thingy ma jiggy in one
  • Lulumon Leggings.... One of my favorite brands of all time. Sure, the pants cost you a $100 a pair. But they last too. My Lulus' are going on a good 17 years.... Maybe i could use a new pair. Why not?lululemon leggings


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