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Some Patients Need an Adjustable Pillow Because of Pain

Posted by N Gil on

Too many times, we purchase pillows that appear to "feel great" at the store, or for the first 5 minutes of sleep. As the minutes wear on, you say to yourself, I need more support, or this pillow is just too thick. 

Most times, you do really need a few weeks of adjustment time to see if this pillow is going to work for you. You do this by acclimating to your new pillow. Sleep on it for 5 minutes, and keep increasing the time on the pillow each night. If the pillow is the right fit for you, usually this method will work.

How about if you are dealing with acute neck pain? One day you are fine, the next day you have a crick in your neck? In cases like this, an adjustable pillow can come in quite handing. An adjustable pillow, truly "adjustable" means you  can vary the amount of support. You can do this by adding or subtracting the material inside the pillow. 

Arc4life Adjustable Neck Pillow

You can easily take the material out or put some back in: In arc4life's pillow, the material is both fiber and foam combination. This gives effective neck support and comfort for acute and chronic conditions. 

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