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The Importance of DOING, no matter what your Age.

Posted by N Gil on

I don't think that the benefits of Exercise can be overstated, no matter what your age. Whether you are 5 years old, 35 years old or 85 years old. You must get up and do something. 

My 5 year old watches her 9 year brother on the golf course and says she wants to do what he is doing. So we bought her a little bag and  gave her a few clubs. She is loving it.

Exercise at Every Age that You Can. You will do your body good.


I was talking to my very good friend Randy at the Golf Course today and he mentioned to me that he started playing golf at age 61. He went out and brought clubs after a friend asked him to play. Now many years later, not only does he work on the golf course, he plays regularly.

Exercise can help us to control our weight, combat diseases, combat health conditions, be happier, have energy, be positive, improve our sleep and improve our self esteem. Your body is worth it, so keep doing it.

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