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Memory Foam + Fiber Neck Pillow for Sleeping- Adjustable Pillows for the Side & Back Sleeper with Washable Bamboo-Tech Pillow Covers *Queen or King*

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  • ADJUSTABLE PILLOWS FOR SLEEPING - You can sleep on a Firm Pillow, an Extra firm Pillow or a Soft Pillow - For more or less support simply add or remove shredded foam-fiber filling to adjust to your liking. Sleep comfortably every night to your liking.
  • NECK PILLOWS THAT AID NECK AND SHOULDER PAIN - These ergonomic pillows help you sleep with proper alignment in your cervical spine allowing for pain relief. Chiropractic and orthopedic approved.
  • MEMORY FOAM PILLOWS FOR COMFORT - These cervical pillows are composed of 50% fiber and 50% memory foam. 
  • ZIPPERED BAMBOO PILLOW COVERS - A cooling pillow cover that is 40% bamboo and 60% polyester composition. Our premium bamboo tech fabric ensure your pillow stays cool and luxurious throughout the night. Cover is a Hypoallergenic pillow cover and Dust Mite Resistant. Each to Care for and Machine Washable. High quality bamboo fabric.
  • BEST PILLOWS FOR SIDE AND BACK SLEEPERS - This bed pillow allows you to rest comfortably every night. The Combination of fiber and foam in the pillow will make your pillow for travel and sleeping soundly every night.

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Reviews for the Arc4life Adjustable Pillow:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Best Pillow I Own

This pillow is quite literally the best pillow I've owned ever. Can readjust the fluffiness if needed but by itself still provides good comfort and support. Recommend to a friend  - Adam E.

Comfy and Solid Pillow

The packaging was interesting, but it was fun to watch the pillow expand.

The firmness is this pillow is just right. Not too firm, not too soft. I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my neck pain and feel like I’m sleeping better. The size of the pillow is nice as well.

I’ve only ever bought cheap pillows at the store, and never invested in a nice one, and I can for sure tell the positive difference.

I love that it is washable, and the covering of the pillow feels durable and it has held up nicely since I’ve had it. It doesn’t deflate like all the other pillows I’ve used, I don’t have to fold it and punch at it to get comfortable, I just lay my head down and fall asleep. - Liz


"I bought this for my son as a body pillow and he absolutely loves it. It has helped him sleep more comfortably as it conforms to his sleeping position. Plus, it was super fun to unwrap as it was rolled so tightly and took a moment for the foam to decompress and fluff. The box included instructions on customizing and fluffing, which is handy. This was a great find!" - Judy 

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"I was a little skeptical when I first opened the package - it was flat like a magic carpet then it fluffed out into a large pillow and along came my husband the pillow thief! He says it sleeps satisfactory and it’s made in the USA which makes him feel even better when he lays his head on it!" - Lucy

Very Versatile High Quality Pillow!

"My first night with this pillow I was very unsure. I did not read all the directions and slept with a very full pillow. Always read the product inserts. The thing I like the most about this pillow NOW is that you can remove some of the filling to make it easy to shape for comfortable sleeping. This is one of the most versatile pillows I have tried. I like that I can change the amount of filling so simply. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the pillow." - Cynthia
Very comfortable, worth the money
This pillow is wonderful. I was shocked when I opened it in the vacuum sealed packaging, but after a quick fluff in the dryer it was five times the size when I opened. Extremely comfortable and worth the price - Rodney

Love 🥰 this pillow!
Love 🥰 this pillow! It is firm but I removed a handful 🤏 of inside foam as instructions describe to customize, and voila, it's perfect for my neck as a back sleeper! 🛌 I would highly recommend! 👍-  Lois


Available in 2 sizes:

  • Queen (20x30)
  • King (20x36)

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