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Neck Collars

Neck collars are useful for patients who have had surgery which reduced movement in the neck and/or patients who need treatment against neck pain following an acute trauma or chronic neck pain. Another more universally accepted term for these devices is cervical orthosis. The purpose of these neck collars is to minimize motion in the cervical spine and maintain normal cervical lordosis by encouraging a comfortable, gravity-aligned position for the head. They also reduce neck pain, and help the patient get back their neck range of motion faster.

Soft Neck Collars

Soft collars are cut out of felt to conform to the shape of the neck and jaw. Because they are made out of a softer material, they do not completely restrict motion. Rather, they support the chin and minimize muscle exertion against gravity while keeping the head in normal, proper alignment.

Hard or Rigid Neck Collars

Rigid cervical collars are made out of plexiglass, and thus are easy to apply and keep clean. Because they are not as flexible as some of the softer felt cervical collars, they readily support the chin and reduce the possibility for over-extending the neck.

For best results, the usage of the cervical collar should be carefully monitored. For the first week, the collar should be kept on constantly. After this point, the use should be gradually reduced. It is important to remember not to continue use of the collar for longer than is necessary. Doing so can result in effect such as soft tissue contracture and muscular atrophy. Another possible side effect is a psychological dependence, in which feelings of disability are enhanced and the patient continues to wear the collar to feel safe. However, proper usage will help stabilize the neck and control pain caused by trauma or over-extension of the neck.

Philadelphia Neck Collars Available at

The Rigid Philadelphia Neck Braces come in three thicknesses: 4¼”, 3¼”, and 2¼”. Each of these thicknesses comes in three sizes to ensure the best fit for your neck: the small (with a 10”-12” diameter), the medium (with a 13”-15” diameter), and the large (with a 16”-19” diameter). 3 Sizes Available in Philadelphia Cervical Collars:
  • 2 1/4", available in small, medium and large
  • 3 1/4", available in small, medium and large
  • 4 1/4", available in small, medium and large

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