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Chiro Bears Teddy Bear with an Adjustable Spine

The Teddy Bear with the Clickable Adjustable Spine

The Arc4life ChiroBear Teddy Bear - Adjust a Bear is ready to ship. Just order below. Contact us if you have any questions. Each Chirobear can be purchased on its own, or as a set of 4. Also you can purchase the Arc4life chirobear with a plaid vest (limited quantities) or without a plaid vest.

The Arc4life ChiroBear Teddy Bear with a Spine- Adjust-a-bear

Perfect for Patient appreciation and education tools in the chiropractic office. The Arc4life ChiroBear Teddy Bears make great gifts for students of chiropractic or even the Teddy Bear Collector

These cute and cuddly bears have a spine that clicks when you press on their backs. Chiropractors love to have them in the office to show kids and parents what chiropractic adjustment is like. Our Arc4life ChiroBear teddy bear is available in one size. Just squeeze it's chest after an adjustment. A cute cuddly 12 inch teddy bear that has a spine that you can feel and adjust!! All of our adjustable bears have a plaid vest - which makes them even cuter. Makes a great gift idea, Office Education Tool, and Perfect Patient Appreciation Gift !

Chiropractic Teddy Bear with a Spine you Can Adjust. Perfect Chiropractic Gift and Toy

"So pleased with my purchase! The Bear arrived in perfect condition and is so soft and cuddly! I can't wait to give as a gift!" 

LC, Missouri 

"Bought this as a gift for a patient's daughter who was moving away. She enjoyed the one in the office my partner works and she loved getting her own!"


"I got it for my office, but my 4 year old has claimed it and sleeps with the bear every night. Will be ordering a new one."

MC - May 15, 2015

"I haven't been able to use it with any children yet but I know they're gonna love it. The popping is pretty spot on for ...This is the darn cutest thing. I haven't been able to use it with any children yet but I know they're gonna love it. The popping is pretty spot on for what it sounds like and even feeling how it clicks, almost feels like you pushing on a push button that pops back out but it doesn't double click, just the one pop for each finger. Really well made too, super soft, I am honestly surprised they're only $25. "

L.M - January 13 2015

Chiropractic Teddy Bear with Clickable and Adjustable Spine
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