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Arc4life Linear Gravity Neck Pillow BOX

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There are many reasons why Doctors and health professionals choose the Arc4life Linear Gravity Support Neck Pillow Over ALL other neck pillows. These support neck pillows offer two different neck rolls to sleep on: One side is softer, one side is firmer. Choose the side that is most comfortable for you. Please note that there may be a delay in shipping out the linear gravity pillows. If there is a delay we will email you as soon as possible. 

Linear Gravity Pillow Versions Available:

Small 20"x15" qty 10/box
Medium 24"x17" qty 6/box
Large 28"x17" qty 6/box
Small Deluxe Firm 20"x15" qty 10/box
Medium Deluxe Firm 24"x17" qty 6/box
Large Deluxe Firm 28"x17" qty 6/box


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