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Bed Wedge - Elevated Support Cushion for Sleeping | Recliner Pillow

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Elevation for the upper body and legs with the Bed Wedge:
This bed wedge is multi-functional. The perfect addition to your mattress to position yourself comfortably- Better rest usually translates to feeling better and faster healing. Use this bed wedge is used to elevate the upper body or legs. It helps treat the symptoms of hiatal hernia and reflux disorders. It is covered with a cotton/poly blue cloud fiber. Composed of foam. The Bed Wedge is Available in 3 sizes: Choose the proper lift for your bed wedge

This bed wedge has 3 different ways that it can be used. A great addition to your mattress.
  • Use it as a "Reading Pillow", "Recliner Pillow or a "Husband Pillow"- Stand it up against your wall or headboard and lean against it while in bed. Great for reading, knitting or just sitting in bed comfortably.
  • Use it to elevate your upper body and neck. Simply lie the bed wedge flat and lay directly on it. Acts as an extension of your mattress. Great for conditions such as a hiatal hernia, acid reflux or after surgery when you need to keep your head elevated
  • Use it elevate your knees to take the pressure off of your lower back and knees. The foam construction ensures that it will not move out of position while you are sleeping. Great for patients who suffer from lower back pain.

Great for:

  • Helping with Snoring
  • Helping with acid reflux
  • Helping with GERD
  • Reading, Rest, Sitting Comfortably in Bed, Watching TV in bed
  • Support Your Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders
  • Helping sinus issues

2 Sizes Available for the Bed Wedge:

  • Bed Wedge - 7” Height ( 16.26° incline = 18.06% incline)
  • Bed Wedge - 12” Height (25.6° incline = 28.44% incline)

Composed of:

  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Cotton, Polyester
  • Nylon


  • Grey