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Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1100 - Cervical Traction Device

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The Cervical Traction Neck POSTURE PUMP 1100 is a major breakthrough for those who suffer from being in uncomfortable positions. This neck stretcher is for individiuals who through everyday activities and body positions, force their spine out of its natural shape, causing abnormal joint movement and loss of joint lubrication. Dry joints wear unevenly, age rapidly and cause stiffness and discomfort. Just minutes on the POSTURE PUMP Spine Trainer counteracts this common problem by shaping and lubricating the neck and back. A great defense against aging.

If your Doctor has recommended cervical traction for you, then the Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1100 is an effective choice for neck traction. Do traction during the day and use the cervical linear traction neck pillow at night to maintain a proper cervical lordosis. Certain Body positions force the spine out of its natural curved shape, causing disc compression and loss of joint lubrication. These body positions include:

Computer Neck and Back Shoulder and Upper back tension Mother's Tweak
Golfer's Twist Skier's spine Repetitive Joint Pounding
Bicycle Back Compression Back Couch neck
Driving Tension Telephone neck Litter's Back

Dry joints wear unevenly, age quickly and become stiff and painful.

"I first used the posture pump at a chiropractic office. I onlylused it 2 times per week and noticed an improvement in my posture. My head was more in line with my body instead of being forward. As a physical therapist, I think this pump is a good way to restore the normal curve we should have in our necks. I have used it with one patient at my office so far who had significant decrease in pain"
February 18, 2007, Jodee

"I've had problems w/ my neck for over 20 years and have been treated for loss of curvature. It is expensive, and also, controversial. u take a big chance putting your spine in someone elses hands, literally. This has allowed me to treat myself at home. relaxed, and at my own time and pace. After just a couple tx I noticed a difference, and am very pleased w/ the results I'm getting!" "
June 1, 2007, John L.

Notice that the Cervical traction Posture Pump was upgraded from Model #1000 to Model #1100. The difference is that the Model 1100 does not include a chin strap. The Cervical Traction Posture Pump 1100 is available and in stock. It will be shipped out immediately via USPS Priority Mail/UPS - You will receive it within 4-5 days.