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Sleep Log - Dog Bone Shaped Chiropractic Neck & Back Pillow- Cervical and Lumbar Support

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  • Place under your neck
  • Back
  • Knees
  • Ankles
  • Leg Elevation
  • As a Travel Pillow
  • For Rest or Positioning
  • Sitting or Laying Down

A positioning tool to help you get into a comfortable position for sleep. Whether your healing from an injury or need this for a chronic condition, this positioning roll is very versatile. This small profile makes it simple to get proper support without adding extra bulk. 

This Sleep Log- Dog Bone Chiropractic used for resting or sleeping in a sitting position or while lying down.

* For use while sitting, simply place the narrow center of the pillow against your neck and allow the outer edges of the pillow to gently cradle the head and neck.

* For use while lying down, either place the pillow between your legs to help relieve pressure on joints and promote proper spinal alignment, or place pillow behind your head and neck while sleeping.

This dog bone shaped pillow also has easy to use handles that can be easily secured to your luggage or carry-on during travel. Use the handles along with included adjustable strap on a seat to hold pillow in place, or to help prevent the pillow from moving while sleeping. 

The pillow is covered with a soft, plush cover, this cushion is comfortable for everyday use. The Dog Bone Sleep Log Pillow features a heavy duty zipper for easy access to adjust fiber as needed.

Color: Black
Dimensions: 14" x 7" x 7" Strap: 60"
Composed of: Polyester Fiber Fill
Cover: Included (Polyester Fabric)
Level of Support: Adjustable