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A Support Pillow for Your Neck - Under duress and Just to Keep you Aligned

Posted by N Gil on


It Does Work !

I recently was diagnosed with a ruptured cervical disc. As part of my initial conservative approach I purchased this pillow and with proper exercise, medication and patience I was able to get through it without surgery. I am not sure people who do not have neck pain would find this pillow particularly comfortable, but if you are uncomfortable at night with cervical arthritis it may be of substantial benefit. I still use it even though my pain is gone and find that I am sleeping through the night and waking up comfortable. - James


bulging disc herniated disc ruptured disc

James, your feedback is very helpful for patients who have neck pain and other neck conditions. Yes, it can help with a ruptured cervical disc and arthritis. It is also great for patients with headaches, forward head posture, occipital neuralgia, herniated + bulging disc, and many more conditions. If you have no pain, YES, you can still use this pillow. This pillow offers a system of support for you neck in its most natural alignment. 

You may be very surprised at how comfortable it is (don't forget you have 2 sleeping surfaces you can sleep on: the support side and the traction v side). There are customers who LOVE both sides. Happy to hear that you are sleeping through the night and waking up comfortable.

2 sides of the arc4life traction pillow = support + traction

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