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Getting the Right Size of Arc4life Traction Pillow is Important for a Good Night of Sleep

Posted by N Gil on

Check out this general sizing chart that we put together for our customers who order the arc4life traction pillow

I say "general" because for MOST people this chart is going to ring true. But there will always be those who this does not work for.

2 recent examples of this: 

  • Demetrious from Lancaster NY - He is 5'9 and weighs 185 lbs. He wanted a small size pillow because too much pressure on the back of his neck causes him pain. He is also very sensitive to many many things so having a pillow that is too large caused him a lot of discomfort.
  • Priyanka from Toledo OH - she was also a customer that weighed 5'9 and and 155 lbs. She described herself to me as " having small hands and a small neck" - she needed the small pillow and was willing to raise the height of the pillow so that it would contour to her body.

In both of these examples, my first inkling would be suggest a medium pillow which is 24"x17". But listening to a customer is key. Understanding what they have going on and how THEY describe themselves and their needs is very very important. Fill out our online form if you have questions about ordering the right size.


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