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I can Hug my Children Again and Live Without Pain.

Posted by N Gil on

Millie reached sent us this email yesterday after trying the arc4life traction pillow. She was desperate to try anything after being diagnosed with  a herniated c6 disc due to whiplash, and living with chronic neck pain.

 "I’ve been living with chronic pain since being in a boat accident in 2012. I’m 36 and have two small children. I’ve spent countless hours in physical therapy and shed many tears.

On a whim, I purchased your pillow. You have given me my life back! I can’t even believe the relief I’m experiencing. My pain is almost completely gone. I can hug my children again and live without pain.

I don’t know how to possibly express my thanks enough. I never thought I’d resume a normal life after over 6 years of chronic pain but your pillow has completely improved my condition.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this incredible invention."

Millie. W, January 17, 2019