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My husband bought me this pillow in 2009. I was mad.

Posted by N Gil on

Recent Post on amazon, thought I would share. The Smile on the Amazon Logo can be very deceiving.... Yes It usually does make us happy.

⭐⭐⭐⭐Just purchased my 3rd pillow.

"My husband bought me this pillow in 2009. I was mad. I never would have spent this kind of money for a pillow (and it was about half the price it is today back then). Then I read the pamphlet and was even more mad. It sounded so scary. But the money was spent, and so I prepared for the worst and went to sleep with another pillow on standby so I could ease in slowly. I did wake up and swap out for two nights. By the third night I slept with it all night, and woke up in the morning for the first time in months with no tingling arms or shoulder pain. It was amazing. Not going to lie, as a life long side sleeper, it takes some getting used to. You can still side-sleep with it, but it kind of encourages you not to stay on your side for too long.

At some point I started having tingling arms again, so I realized my pillow was wearing out and it was time for a new one. (Amazon purchase history tells me this was 2013, which is a pretty reasonable life for a pillow IMO). Sure enough, the new one solved the problems once again. So time went by and eventually it starting wearing. This time I felt like it wasn't old enough to need replacing, so I tried some other pillows for a few years. Depending on the stress and activity in my life that was affecting my neck, some days I was fine, some days not. Over the last months I've had some struggles so I looked back at my Amazon history and realized how long it had been since I bought the second one, and ordered my third. It's been about a week, still adjusting to it, but long story long, I definitely recommend this pillow. I don't like that it's not machine washable, but that's about the only knock. I don't know what they say the life expectancy is for this pillow, but from my experience, about 3 years is reasonable.

Pro tip - do spend some time experimenting with the two different sides. It definitely makes a difference, especially when you're first getting used to it. Sweet dreams! "

- SO, Jan 22, 2022

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