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Not Just a Pillow with A Dimple in the Middle of it....

Posted by N Gil on

✴️✴️  Just an overpriced nice pillow Didn't do a thing for my neck pain. I overpaid for what is essentially just a thick pillow w a dimple in it. - Raquel
Raquel, thank you for your feedback for the arc4life traction pillow.
Our pillow has been sold successfully since 2013- there are two sides to it with a various thickness depending on the size and the side you sleep on. There is a neck traction side that gently stretches your neck and there is supportive neck roll side. Both sides will help a patient with neck pain.
There may be an adjustment period to using this pillow, we have said this numerous times (on the listing, on our website, on our blogs, in the comments section, and in the questions section). The pillow is composed of fiber and the is not super thick actually. We don't want to sell a flattened out pillow either precisely because our pillow provides NECK SUPPORT. That is the basic premise of the pillow.
Specifically, this pillow should be ordered based on size and support level. You will think this is a thick pillow, if you order a pillow that is too big for you. You may also think that the pillow is thick because you ordered the xfirm vs the regular support.
Please don't hesitate to contact arc4life if you have questions about how to use the arc4life traction pillow. 

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