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Help ! My New Pillow does not feel like my Old Pillow at All.

Posted by N Gil on

Arc4life has been selling a lot of pillows since 2003. Over the years we have had many customer questions and comments about the traction pillow and the gravity pillowMany of our customers are returning customers who order the same pillow because the pillow is working for them. 
I notice that a lot of customers who have ordered in the past, will notice their new pillows are a lot firmer. Often times these customers are ordering a new pillow after a FEW years with the old one, the old one is very very different level of support then the new pillow. That is because the fiber is new. It is supposed to be like that. IF we ship you another linear gravity pillow new, it is going to be exactly the same firmness. Also, you can put your new pillow in the dryer to help break down the fibers, but we not recommend this as it can decrease the longevity of the pillow. 
The best way to break this new pillow is to use it 5-10 minutes to start every night. Keep increasing the time, and keep the old pillow nearby to switch out pillow. 
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