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Are You Waking up Every Morning with a Stiff Neck?

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Are You Waking Up with A Stiff Neck? Natural Treatments to Get Rid of the Neck Pain ...

So you wake up in the morning, ready to conquer the day, and BAM, you cannot turn your head and neck to the right side.

Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, making the bed, making breakfast- all of these tasks are excruciating...and then driving to work. This happens to me once in a while so i decided to write a lens on how to treat a stiff neck without popping pain medications. This squidoo lens shows you how and gives you some great at-home things you can yourself. We'll talk about what causes a stiff neck and what you can do to prevent it and treat it.

Get Rid of the Stiff neck Easily Natural Ways to Treat Your Stiff Neck

How do People get stiff necks?

A Stiff Neck Can Be More Common Than You Think....

The last time you had a stiff Neck, how did you get it?
  • I slept wrong - in an awkward position
  • I used for the computer for too long
  • I was exposed to cold air / a draft
  • I woke up in the morning with it
  • I turned/ twisted my neck...
  • I talked on the phone for too long
  • I was in a car accident...
  • I used my ipad, or tablet computer for too long

What Can You Do To Help Your Stiff Neck?

Rx for A Stiff Neck: Treatments that work to to combat a stiff neck....whether at work or at home.

A hot pack that feels comfortable Looking for a hot and cold pack that will give you good coverage for heat therapy? Check this one out. This hot and cold pack gives you effective coverage for your neck and upper back and shoulders. The dimensions of this hot and cold pack are 9x16 so its ample big and gives you great cold therapy (just stick it in the fridge) or heat therapy ( just microvave it for a few minutes).

Sleep with good neck posture at night

Using a supportive Neck Pillow at Night Can Prevent a Stiff Neck

There are many supportive neck pillows on the market today. Your goal when sleeping is to ensure that your head and neck are aligned during sleep. Imagine taking a towel and rolling it up in a cylinder (see YouTube Video Below). Your neck has a natural "C"curve that should be maintained during sleep. You can do that with a cervical support neck pillow as the linear gravity neck pillow by Arc4life.com.
Arc4life's linear gravity support neck pillow comes in 3 different sizes:
  • Small- 20"x15"
  • Medium- 24"x17"
  • Large- 28"x17"
Some people think that because they sleep on a king size bed, they should use a king size pillow. This is a big NO-NO ! Imagine a small female 5"2 in height using a pillow that is king size. That is grounds for neck pain and a stiff neck the next morning. So choose your cervical support pillow based on your height, weight and what your preferences are. The linear gravity neck pillow allows you to get the right size pillow for your neck, to prevent a stiff neck the next morning.

A note about choosing a pillow to sleep on.

Using the wrong pillow at night can cause a stiff neck. Not getting enough support in your neck can cause the muscles in your neck and upper back to tightness up and spasm. Choose the size of your pillow based on your height and weight.

A Cost Effective Neck Stretcher to Help Take Away the Aches and Pains

Great for Neck Pain, Stiff Neck and Muscle Spasms

The Soothe A Ciser Neck Traction System: Neck and Shoulder Relaxer
The Soothe-a-Ciser Stretcher Works to Stretch your neck and Shoulder Muscles. Imagine someone holding your neck and giving you gentle stretch. There are many benefits to using this traction device:
  • the Soothe-a-ciser cradles your neck at the base of your skull
  • helps to release muscle tension and tightness in the neck, shoulders and jaw
  • helps to restore the normal curve in the neck
  • use for 10-15 minutes / day a few times a week for pain relief and stretching
  • great for chronic neck pain
  • great for headaches especially migraine and tension

How to Create A Towel Roll for Neck Support

Prevent a Stiff Neck, have good neck alignment with using this support pillow

Dr. Bellinger, Chiropractor in Glastonbury Connecticut shows us how to create a neck support with a towel roll. Effective form of neck support and neck pain relief.

Do Gentle Traction to Stretch Your Neck

Stretch your neck after you are feeling better from your stiff neck...

After you start feeling a little better, a little gentle neck traction can be helpful and give you some pain relief. Traction basically means stretching your neck. Stretching your cervical spine ligaments and muscles. Someone can do that for you- they can just pull your head longitudinally. But you can also use a device such as a pronex or a cervical traction posture pump 1000. If you have been suffering from a stiff neck, you want to make sure you are not in ACUTE PAIN. This is after the acute pain- gently stretching your neck can yield some pain relief. Before and after stretching , you can also use a hot pack (6x20 works well on your neck) on your neck for 10-15 minutes for added comfort.

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