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I'm Concerned About Pillows That Are Too Hard.

Posted by N Gil on

HF: A chiro I saw recommended I get a pillow that looks similar to this called TriCore, that I should use the petite size, however petite size only comes in firm, not gentle (I verified by contacting the company). I'm concerned about pillows that are too hard. What do you think?

Dear HF, Thank you for commenting on this post. This arc4life traction pillow might LOOK very similar to the tri-core pillow but it is very different. The stitching and contours are different and the fiber material inside the pillow has a very different feel and texture as well. There is a firmness to the feel of the arc4life traction pillow but it is much less firm than the tri-core. Many chiropractors recommend this pillow because it is proven over and over again to help patients with

  • forward head posture 
  • neck pain 
  • neck stiffness 
  • occipital neuralgia
  • disc issues
  • herniated disc
  • bulging disc
  • degeneration

Actually any pillow that you use in the beginning is going to feel "hard" in the beginning. There is an adjustment time with this pillow as well. The adjustment time is less than the tri core pillow. As for the tricore pillow, it is also a great therapeutic pillow. Believe it or not many people have had tremendous relief from herniated disc, arthritis, degeneration and more. These types of contours pillows are not for everyone, but they help a majority of patients. You might want to look at an adjustable pillow, one where you can add or subtract the filling inside.

The arc4life adjustable pillow

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