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Neck Pain Due to a Herniated Disc and how to Handle it with a traction unit

Posted by N Gil on

Neck pain due to a herniated disc in your neck, bulging disc in your neck or even cervical degeneration can be excruciating. Just simply performing your activities of daily living can become a chore. Besides the neck stiffness, you may also have pain with numbness and tingling into your arms, hands or fingers, loss of neck range of motion, and muscle weakness. To determine what is going on in your cervical neck spine, your Doctor will probably refer you out for an MRI. Next, your Doctor is probably going to recommend non invasive treatment options to begin with. These may include: neck exercises, using hot or cold therapy, using a cervical support neck pillow or even doing a neck traction protocol at home. Doing neck traction in addition to other therapies can be very beneficial for pain reduction and increase function in the cervical spine.

Once you have been examined, had a cervical x-ray or MRI, your Doctor may suggest cervical neck traction as a treatment option. This is a excellent, simple treatment that you can do at home. There are many chiropractors and physical therapists that also do neck traction in their offices.

The Posture Pump cervical neck stretcher is one example of a traction  unit.
*** Note neck traction should not be used in cases of cervical instability, joint fractures, acute injury, traumatic injury, anything that could worse with movement ( always consult your Doctor to make sure you are a candidate for neck traction before starting treatment)

There are many neck traction devices on the market these days. At the Arc4life , we carry effective, and simple to use Traction Units for patients with neck pain and discomfort. If you have used a neck traction device at your chiropractors office, or physical therapy sessions, then you have experienced the neck pain relief associated with doing spinal traction! Doing your neck traction at home is more cost effective in the long run. You are able to do multiple therapy sessions as needed in the comfort of your own home. You can also save money on expensive pain medications ( and the side effects that come along with them) because this will help you find neck pain relief.

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