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The Two Parts of the Arc4life Traction Pillow

Posted by N Gil on

Arc4life Traction Pillow 2 Sides: Neck Traction & Neck Support
Here is the arc4life traction neck pillow showing the 2 sides that one can use: The Neck Roll or "Support" side and the V side or the "Traction" side. 
Both parts of the pillow are important.
The support side of the arc4life traction pillow supports ones neck in an anatomically correct position. 
The Cervical Curve in the Our Neck
This neck curve that we have looks like a backwards C. You can see that on this lateral x-ray of the cervical spine.
The 2nd part of the arc4life traction pillow the traction side. This part of the pillow actually gently stretches you neck. This can be very important for patients who a herniated disc, bulging disc, disc degeneration or a pinched nerve. Stretching the neck gently allows the vertebrae to open up, and allows for release of the nerves which can cause pain, motor, sensory and reflex changes. If you do well with this pillow, then arc4life recommends a neck traction unit as well. 

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