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Waking up with a Stiff Neck - Check Your Pillow Size.

Posted by N Gil on

Did you know that the arc4life traction pillow has a sizing chart that we recommend to help you order the right size of neck pillow? 

We have been in the business of selling this neck pillow since 2003. When someone rarely doesn't do well with the pillow, invariably it is because they ordered the wrong size. The wrong size will just be a pain in the neck, literally.

Sleeping on the wrong size of pillow can:

  • can push your head and neck forward (causing forward head posture)
  • not give you the proper support, cause a stiff neck
  • not allow you to move comfortably from back to side sleeping and vice versa
  • cause major headaches and further neck discomfort
  • not allow your fall asleep or stay asleep

Contact Arc4life if you need help choosing the right size of pillow.

Link: I Need a Smaller pillow Because I am Small Bone Structured

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