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10 Ways A Sleep Kit Can Just Make Your Travel More Comfortable & Better

Posted by N Gil on

When I travel I sometimes pack a little too early. That means that in the days leading up to my trip, I am adding and adding things. Sometimes I duplicate things, like too many socks. 

One of the first things I get ready when I travel is my sleep kit. It includes a pillow, an eyemask and ear plugs. I just easily hook it onto my luggage and I am ready to go. I don't have to think about it. 

Here are my top 10 reasons for taking this sleep kit. I might forget my contact lens solutions but I won't forget my sleep kit when I travel.

  1. I can get comfortable no matter where I am: In the airport, in the airplane, sitting around waiting anywhere. I can simple put my head and neck pack with my memory foam pillow and rest comfortably.
  2. I can make things semi quiet for me - sometimes I can be in a noisy area like an airport and still be able to rest. All I need to do it get out my ear plugs and I can block out all the sound. Plus the ear plugs can be used over and over again - they come in this handy little box that keeps them clean and secure.  
  3. I can actually travel with this kit very easily. It hooks on to my luggage and its ready to go. Everything is there that I need - the pillow, the eye mask and the ear plugs. The plastic bag is very durable and can be wiped clean. The zipper on the back keeps everything together in one place. 
  4. This neck pillow works very well for long road trips. The versatility allows me to be in any position for sleep or rest 
  5. The pillow cover on the pillow is actually washable. I come home, take the zippered velvet blue cover off,and I am ready for my next trip. 
  6. My kids can use my travel kit too. In fact they have their own travel pillow that they travel with, why share, when you need one too: 
  7. You can use this pillow for behind your back, under your knees and even in front of you as a prop to help to sleep. The pillow can be contorted to many different positions which is nice when you are not sleeping in your own bed: 
  8. We can use this travel pillow at home too, it works excellent on our recliner.
  9. Really great for long term flights and long car rides. No matter if your trip is 1 hour or 3 hours, this pillow help you be very comfortable.
  10. If you have neck issues, you need to have a cervical support pillow for any kind of sleep in a bed that is not yours. This travel pillow can change any pillow into a cervical support pillow by giving you the proper curve in your neck when you are laying on your back 


Link: Travel Sleep Kit

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