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Should you Order The Extra Firm Version of a Pillow?

Posted by N Gil on

For some pillows you can get a regular version of the pillow or you can opt to buy the extra firm version. The extra firm version often has extra fiber or material in the pillow and there is less "give" to the pillow if you were to put your finger on the pillow. 

There are some people who just love to sleep on a firmer pillow. They like to have the extra support in their neck. 

Overall though for most people they want something in between. Not something too firm and not too soft. They can be hard to achieve because everyone's version of comfort is different. 

You don't want something that is soft because you will not get the alignment that you need in the cervical spine. 

 At Arc4life, we actually offer two fiber pillows that come in  a regular support and a xfirm support.

  1. Arc4life Traction Pillow - there are two versions of this pillow: the arc4life traction pillow regular support and the arc4life traction pillow xfirmArc4life Traction Pillow Medium Size Xfirm Version
  2. TriCore Pillow - There are two versions of this pillow: The Gentle Tricore and the Firm TricoreThe Tricore Pillow comes in a Gentle Support and A Firm Support

For people ordering a contoured pillow for the first time, order the regular support version of the pillow. In this case the arc4life traction pillow regular support or the tricore pillow gentle (Firmer than the arc4life traction pillow)

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