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Can a Epidural Injection - Cortisone Shot Help your neck pain?

Posted by N Gil on

Pain in the neck can occur from random things in life. One treatment for this is something that looks pretty invasive and involves a needle.

Why do patients get cortisone shots in their neck? Often times to help with pain relief of chronic neck pain such as a herniated disc or pinched nerve. Other reasons may be for degeneration in the neck, or spinal stenosis.  Patients may have extreme neck pain where the pain is radiating into their arm or hand. Numbness and tingling can also be present, as well as weakness in the upper extremity.

One of the treatments for this is cortisone shots or cervical epidural steroid injection. The Dr often uses X-ray technology to guide where a  needle will be entering the epidural space and then pain medicine is injected.

Patients can have no relief at all or relief for months/years.

This type of treatment helps to decrease inflammation in the surrounding neck muscles. This can provide a tremendous amount of pain relief. Depending on where and what type of pain a patient is having, the needle may be inserted in different areas of the neck and spaces.

"Previously had to have cortisone shots in my neck. Since buying this pillow I haven’t had to have one in 5 years." - Aaron

Cortisone Shots in the Neck are sometimes necessary for relief of pain

Dear Aaron,
Thank you for your review of the arc4life traction pillow [large size]. Happy to hear that this cervical support pillow has helped you from getting cortisone shots in your neck. The two sides of the arc4life traction pillow provide both gentle neck traction and support for side and back sleepers. Appreciate it. - Arc4life

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