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Customer Question: Is the Arc4life Pillow Washable?

Posted by N Gil on

Thank you for your question regarding the arc4life cervical linear traction neck pillow. Arc4life does not recommend that you wash this pillow. It will break down the fibers- leading to a a loss of cervical support in the pillow and a breakdown of the fibers. 

If in the event you do wash the pillow, **you have to very good about drying the pillow afterwards**. This is not very easy and most home dryers cannot handle this. Washing the pillow in the washing machine is NOT recommended. 

A simple spot/surface wash with water and ivory soap/any detergent is a better idea. Just let the pillow air dry afterwards. You can also simply take a wet (wrung out) wash cloth and wipe down the pillow, then let it air dry. Also protect the pillow with a zippered dust cover, and wash the dust cover regularly. Hope this helps. 

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