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I Love this Neck Pillow. I was So Happy to Find It...

Posted by N Gil on

I love this neck pillow. I was so happy to find it, that I did not notice that it came with extra stuff.

I like the carrying case, to hold it all together, It will be handy to pack and keep it clean. Before that came into my life, I threw my other one in a garbage bag for travel. Now I feel all classy. It also comes with ear plugs and an super soft eye mask. The eye mask totally helps black out the light.

That will be super handy for migraines. The ear plugs will be handy too, I have stayed in places where kids are doing acrobatics on the ceiling all night...or I am next to the laundry room and someone brought their dryer balls... or the alarm goes off for no reason and the fire department can not get it to turn off.
There are times that I had been praying for ear plugs; but did not have them yet. These are some delightful added bonuses!

So, what I LOVE ❀️ about this Fabulous Neck Pillow!!!!
First things that I noticed, the fabric is super soft, and the memory foam is like a beautiful dream πŸ’­.
It is amazing. I have needed this for a very long time. It is HEAVEN SENT, for someone with chronic neck pain.

I use this every morning πŸŒ… and every evening. It molds to my neck and holds my heating pad in place, keeps my head in a comfortable position and gives me support, when I am all Jellyfish and done with the day.

It bends to the shape I need, and stays in place. It is big enough to give me full support. I kept having to twist my old one around to support my chin 😴.. or in to another position to support another area...

This neck pillow is amazing, it supports my whole neck so I do not need to do that! It does have a snap to hold it into place; but I have not had to use it.

The pillow case is washable!  🧼That is a MUST!

You need this in your life! It would make a great gift for most everyone.

- TeaZilla, July 2020

Link:Β  Arc4life Travel Adjustable Sleep Kit


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