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What is Considered the Perfect Pillow?

Posted by N Gil on

When looking for a pillow to sleep on every night, here is what I am looking for:

  • a pillow that helps me fall asleep
  • a pillow that lets me stay asleep and allows me to get deep REM Sleep
  • a pillow that supports my cervical spine in a c shape (contoured pillow)
  • a pillow that helps for neck pain, headaches and stiff neck
  • a pillow for back sleeping
  • a pillow for side sleeping  (right side or left side)
  • a pillow that allows me to move around while sleeping - change from side to back etc.

Check out the arc4life traction pillow. This pillow can be used for side and back sleeping. It does one more thing that is not listed above. It allows me to have some gentle neck stretching- which is great when I am experiencing any kind of neck pain. This is the ultimate pillow for sleeping comfortably every night

the 2 sides of the arc4life traction pillow - neck support and neck stretching for neck pain relief

This constitutes the perfect pillow for me. What is the perfect pillow for you?

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