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🌟 Wake Up With More Pain

Posted by N Gil on

🌟 "At first im looking forward using the pillow i thought finally i found the relief to my long time neck pain problem but after few nights of using it i wake up with great pain so i stop using it and back to my old pillow. Im just disappointed and sad." - AC

Thank you for your review of the arc4life traction pillow. We understand that our pillow can be more of a specialty pillow, especially for neck pain sufferers.

This is a contoured neck pillow and for some customers there is going to be an adjustment period. We recommend that you sleep on the pillow in the beginning for 5-10 minutes to start. Slowly increase the amount of time you are sleeping on the pillow, but 10 -20 minutes each night. In this way, your head and neck muscles can get used to the contours of the pillow and allow your muscles to relax as well.

Second, start by sleeping on the support side of the pillow, NOT the traction V Side. This side is gentler to start with and it will help your neck pain symptoms that you are having. Please contact us at Arc4life if you wish to and we can help you use the pillow optimally. See below for the 2 sides of this pillow for clarification.


The Two Sides of the Arc4life Traction Pillow

Third, ordering the right size of arc4life traction pillow is very important. This particular pillow comes in 3 size: Small, Medium and Large. Ordering the wrong size will not give you the optimal support you need, resulting in continued neck pain.

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