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December Deals on Arc4life - Get a Free Travel Sleep Kit with the Purchase of 2 Traction Pillows

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Our most popular pillow on our website is the Arc4life Traction Pillow. Since 2003, this pillow has been helping customers with neck pain relief. 

This pillow is popular because it basically offers two effective surfaces to sleep on: 1. for neck support, 2. for gentle neck traction. 

For patients who suffer from a herniated or a bulging disc, this pillow can make sleep more comfortable, whether sleeping on your side or on your back.

"I have had neck pain for years. When I fine a pillow that helps it only last a few year and then the
pillow brakes down or it just stops working for me. Had a little discomfort the first two nights but
just would flip to soft side and was fine. full time on traction side no problems NO NECK PAIN!!!!
Love it, going to let family members try it as they have neck problems to. A+ on this pillow and
I plan to buy another one to leave at a friends in Arizona for when I visit." - Bruce

"I've had a pinched nerve problem in my neck for many months, with radiculopathy (pain through my lower arm and hand) waking me up a night and always present in the morning. PT relieved it a little, a back roller helped a little, but it remained. The Arc4life pillow made it go away. I am completely surprised by how effective getting the right pillow was. I used the memory foam contour pillows and they weren't enough. Although I'm a side sleeper, the Arc4life pillow helped me be more comfortable on my back and when I do roll to the side, the side of the pillow is designed to support my head properly. Sleeping on my back with this pillow does the best job in giving me a solid night sleep and awakening with no pain. When I do not use this pillow, my pain returns. I wish I was brave enough to carry it with me when I travel!" - J.McCreary

The Two Sides of the Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow

For the Month of December, Arc4life is offering a Free Sleep Travel Kit when you purchase 2 traction pillows with a dust cover. The Sleep Kit includes:

  1. An Adjustable Travel Pillow
  2. A 100% Silk Sleep Mask
  3. Noise Reducing Ear Plugs.

Here is the link for this Sleep Deal:


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