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Now I can say this truly is a magic potion for waking up with no back, shoulder and neck pain.......

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Since 2002 Arc4life has been selling the Arc4life Traction Neck Pillow. The Reviews and feedback is still coming in.... 

The arc4life traction pillow with the two sides

Been comfortably sleeping on this pillow since 2014! Worth every penny!

I had my first stiff neck as a child. As an adult, I got at least a few per year. I bought this pillow in 2014 and have not had a stiff neck since! It’s been 8 years! I love this pillow and can not use anything else now. I take it with me when I travel, even if it’s only for a night. I know it’s expensive, but it’s worth it. - Lily (October 2022)

No More Pain

I never knew such things existed but now I can say this truly is a magic potion for waking up with no back, shoulder and neck pain. I can even position myself just so to sleep on my side. It's very sturdy and clean and well packaged. I will never sleep on a crappy gelly like hot memory foam again. I'm pleased beyond words. - Carin (October 2022)

 Works well

I feel like I’ve spent more money and wasted more time trying to find the perfect pillow than I’d like to admit. This is the one I’ve settled on for now. To me, it has the right combination of give and support, and there are multiple positions to use depending on if you side sleep, sleep on your back, etc. I’ve been pretty satisfied with this pillow and will probably look around at what else is out there when it’s time for a new one, but I easily could end up purchasing another one of these. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this one. -Ben (September 2022)

Husband can't be without this pillow

My husband has neck issues (I believe it's called spinal fusion) - he tried many different pillows until we ran across this pillow a few years ago. When we travel, this pillow comes with us. We will continue to purchase for as long as we can (hopefully the rest of our lives because he can't use any other pillow).
He is a side/back sleeper and this pillow is comfortable for him in either position.- Daphne (September 2022)



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