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Peice of Junk... Pillow is for the BIRDS...

Posted by N Gil on

 🌟 Pillow is for the birds Piece of junk, did not help my C5-C6 issue in the least. It is terribly uncomfortable, and only allows for one sleep position (on your back). A pillow made of bricks would be softer and more comfortable. I tried it for several nights, as the insert suggested if it wasn't comfortable, but the most I could stay in it was an hour. Take my advice and go to a pain physician instead, the deductible is cheaper than the pillow and you will be far better off. - LiFirman

Hi LI Fireman, thank you for your feedback. Not sure what you meant by your headline that this pillow is for the birds :) - but we appreciate your thoughts anyways.

You ordered a large arc4life pillow I noticed. This large bed pillow is 28"x17" and 5-6 " thickness. Please check out the sizing chart under images to see if this is the best pillow size for you. This makes a big difference. If the pillow is too big, one might say that it was too firm for them and pushed their head forward.
Large Traction Pillow

The Arc4life cervical neck traction pillow has two very distinct sides to it (see below). There is the support side (this is the side you should start with) and the traction V side that gently stretches your neck. 
two sides for the arc4life traction pillow: Traction Side and Support SideYou mentioned that you have C5 and C6 Issue. Not sure if you have a bulging disc, a herniated disc, degeneration or a fusion that level. Regardless, you must have pain, possibly numbness and tingling or even shooting type of pains. You should start with the support side of the pillow and lay on it for no more than 5-10 minutes to start. One hour is too long if you are in acute pain when you start using this pillow. Also, yes, the pillow has a certain firmness to it. It is not extra firm (we have an extra firm version of this pillow too). That being said, there are pillows on the market (example Tricore cervical orthopedic pillow) that way firmer than this fiber pillow. This one also has two sides. Again the support side is much easier to get used to. Also the fiber we use is different than most fibers on the market today- it is hand stuffed into the pillow vs machine stuffed into the pillow.

Finally, it is always one choice about what they want to do for pain. Some patients will resort to a pain physician as you mentioned. This will involve most likely taking pain medications for a time period. Hopefully, that time period is short and hopefully the side effects from this are minimal. There are alternatives for pain management. Our pillow is not the easiest route for sure, but it is a valid treatment for helping patients with neck pain relief. Chiropractic, , Massage therapy, Acupuncture, Physical therapy, Exercises, doing neck traction are other great options for pain management. Since 2003, we have seen this pillow help patients with pain relief and better sleep.
Please reach out to us at Arc4life via email, we would love to send you a replacement pillow and also give you more information about using it. 




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