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Best Pillow Ever

Posted by N Gil on

✴️ ✴️ ✴️ ✴️ ✴️ Best Pillow Ever !

I have had really bad neck problems since I was about 25. I have tried several pillows and none of them helped. I have been to the chiropractor and spent thousands of dollars on treatments. Again it was temporary relief but not permanent. I had a few hesitations about this pillow when I ordered it. (Was it going to work? This is a lot of money for another decorative pillow.) But I ordered it and it arrived fast. I was so excited to use the first night. And it turns out my neck pain was gone, even if you don’t sleep in the middle of the pillow you won’t wake up with neck pain. I no longer go to the chiropractor and my pain is gone for good. I feel like a new person, this pillow really has changed my life. THANK YOU! - Carrie

Carrie, thank you for posting a review for the arc4life cervical traction neck pillow. Over the years many people have lots to say about our pillow even if they don't try it. Every so often someone will be recommended this pillow by a friend or their Doctor and it changes their life.

To not have constant neck pain is a big deal. To be able to sleep on your side and back comfortably is a big deal. To be able wake up pain free, is a big deal. To not have numbness and tingling is a big deal.

You are right, we are not just a decorative pillow that sits on your bed and collects dust. We are very grateful that the arc4life pillow has helped so many customers deal with neck problems. Thank you again for your review. 

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