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Give This New York Guy a Break……

Posted by N Gil on

🌠 The only thing this pillow has going for it is the unique stitching which makes a snug spot for your head. How much does that help? In my case not much at all. Other than that feature, this is overpriced trash. The materials and quality are all low grade. If you saw this pillow in a store and didn't know what it was you'd say it was worth $10 max. And they're charging 10x that? Give me a break.- EastBonxGuy 🗽 June 2019

Well..... thanks Mr. New Yorker 🗽 for your sad review of the arc4life traction pillow. We don’t love being called overpriced trash. 😔 Not in the least.

Looks like you ordered a large pillow – a pillow that we recommend to customers who are taller and like a larger pillow. It is not for everyone. In fact, 90 % of the population orders a medium standard size. I am not sure you ordered the right size as I cannot speak for your height and weight. Most people order a large size pillow because they sleep on a king size bed. We do not recommend this. The beauty of the internet is that you can order whatever you wish.

Next, I wish I had this sticker 🇺🇸 on my listing that says that we are made in the USA start to finish, and very proud of that. Especially when so many pillows on amazon are from China. Our pillows are sewn on a industrial machine and hand sewn. Our materials are NOT low grade, as you say. Our sewers works very hard to make these pillows. I will let them know you feel this way about their MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸pillow too.

Happy 😃 to hear that you believe that the stitching is unique – thanks. Our pillows allow our customers to sleep 💤 on their back and on their side very comfortably.

You also will not see this pillow in any store 🏬. You may find it in an Osteopathic Dr, Orthopedic Dr or Chiropractor's office because they recommend this pillow to their patients, but not in a regular store. It is more of a specialty pillow with contours.

🌟🌟🌟 There will be an adjustment period to using the pillow🌟🌟🌟. We have been selling this since 2003, long enough to know that the majority of customers who used our pillow and did not like it, didn’t give the pillow a fair chance.

Anyways, if there is anything we can for you to help you in using the pillow let us know. We have an 8 page printed booklet 📚 with our pillow explaining how to use it and also a pink slip that asks customers to contact us if they have any questions about the pillow.

For you I think the best pillow is going to be pillow with no contours composed of a soft fiber - you can probably get this pillow at any store like Target or Walmart for $5. Also, not sure how you feel about foam in a pillow. You can get awesome adjustable pillows that you can take the foam out and put it back in to adjust to the level of support you need. Anyways just some suggestions that might help you.

Thanks again for your dashing review Guy from Bronx New York. If there's chance we can help you, and if you will allow us to, contact us via our arc4life website. We are here for our customers always. Thanks a lot. - Arc4life

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