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I have neck pain every day and every night..... This Pillow did not work for me.
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I have neck pain every day and every night..... This Pillow did not work for me.

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I tried it out for two weeks. I just couldn’t get adjusted to it. It caused me more neck pain after 3 nights.
I have neck pain every day and every night. This pillow did not help relieve my pain but it might work for you. I’m always willing to try anything if it has a chance to relieve my neck pain. Might be worth the shot.
Dear Rico,
Thank you so for your feedback. All feedback helps our customers on how to use the arc4life traction pillow in the best way possible. This pillow actually does help a lot of customers with neck pain due to
  • herniated disc
  • bulging disc
  • degenerated disc disease
  • arthritis
  • whiplash
  • occipital neuralgia
  • headaches (migraine and tension)
  • stiff neck
and many other neck issues. Of course, every customer is different and may need to use the pillow slightly different in each case. 

I will just mention a few things that you may have tried: First use the support side of the arc4life traction neck pillow. See the images to know which is the support side ( it is opposite the V). 

Second, use the pillow for no more than 5-10 minutes to start, and then slowly work your way up from there. 

Finally, I noticed that you ordered the large size which is the biggest size that we have for this arc4life traction pillow family of pillows- this is usually for customers who are over 6 ft and like a larger pillow. If the pillow is too big for you, it will push your head forward, which can be super uncomfortable. 
More information about how to use the Arc4life Traction Pillow:

Please contact us at Arc 4 Life for more questions. We are here to help in anyway that we can.