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I Want Something that is Comfortable & Encourages Good Neck and Spine Posture...

Posted by N Gil on

Recently I saw this tweet, asking for a recommendation for a pillow for effective neck posture:

Q. Hey all. I’m a side sleeper 90% of the time. I find myself looking down a lot. I want something that is comfortable and encourages good neck and spine posture. Does anyone have a recommendation for a great pillow?

A. The reason I noticed this tweet, is because right away I said to myself - this is exactly why the arc4life traction pillow was created. The arc4life traction pillow is very good for maintaining neck posture while sleeping on your side or back.The special contours on this pillow allow for a person to maintain the proper c curvature in the cervical spine. 

If you look at the two images above, the Normal neck has a nice "C" curve on it when you look at ones neck from the side view. A military neck where the spine is completely straight is not normal. Someone with military neck might be on the computer for much of the day with their forward, or they are doing repetitive tasks with bad neck posture. 

The arc4life traction pillow, with the curves in the pillow allow a person to maintain the nice c shaped curve that our spine is supposed to have:

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