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Best Temperature for Older Adults to Sleep is 67 Degrees to 77 Degrees

Posted by N Gil on

Sleep is one our important functions during the day. Have the right pillow, the right mattress, the right foods or no foods before bed all affect our sleep. What about the temperature we set our thermostat to every night? Does that matter? Is it better to have a cool bedroom or a warm bedroom for the best sleep?

A new study, published in the journal Science of the Total Environment, indicates that older adults in particular may benefit from slightly warmer temperatures at night, between 68 F and 77 F (20 and 25 °C).

The study looked at sleep and environmental data for 11,000 nights of sleep for 50 adults that were age 65 and older. Researchers studied participants living in senior community centers in Boston. They had their sleep monitored through sleep monitors and environmental sensors for 12 months. 

The study looked at :

  • sleep duration
  • efficiency, and
  • restlessness over an extended period

Source: Nighttime ambient temperature and sleep in community-dwelling older adults, Science of the Total Environment, Volume 899, November 2023

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