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Gave Me Neck Pain and Headaches

Posted by N Gil on

🌟🌟 Uncomfortable.

This pillow is too firm for me, and the neck support part is too high. The place for your head is small . I couldn't get used to it, and sadly cast it aside. Gave me neck pain and headaches.- Susan

Thank you Susan for your feedback for the arc4life traction pillow. If you test out other fiber filled cervical pillows with contours you will notice probably that most are going to be firm in the beginning. In fact, because the arc4life pillow has fiber that is hand stuffed and rolled in, our fiber is actually softer than most. You can compare our pillow to the tricore family of pillows which are machine stuffed and much firmer.

We recommend that you give the arc4life pillow an adjustment period (this is recommended for all new pillows that one sleeps on) - sleep on the pillow for no more than 5-10 minutes at a time in the beginning. Little by little,  keep increasing your sleeping time. The next night, sleep on the pillow for 10-15 minutes. Then put the pillow away, and use your regular pillow from before

Soreness, neck pain and headaches may result if you sleep on the pillow for the whole night right in the beginning of receiving the pillow. Hence, the adjustment period is very important. If in the event that you do wake up with mild soreness, taking a hot shower and doing neck exercises can help that.

Also, ordering the right size of pillow is vital too. Please refer to our sizing chart that we have listed when you look at the description on this pillow. As always, arc4life is here to help with specific questions about ordering the right size and Using the pillow optimally. 


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