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I Ordered your Arc4life Traction Pillow and It Seems A Little Firm For Me

Posted by N Gil on

I received the pillow I ordered and it seems a little firm for me. I see I ordered Medium. Do you have a softer one? Thank you- Cinderilla

Dear Cinderilla, great question, and thank you for your email.

No we do not sell a softer version of the arc4life traction pillow. It comes in regular support and xfirm support. That's it.

I have two suggestions for you to help you use this pillow.

First use the support side of the pillow. I am attaching a picture for you to show you the two side of the pillows. The support side is softer and easier to adjust too. You can sleep on your side and back with this support side.

Second, the pillow is composed of fiber. Know that it will break down over time. You literally just have to start sleeping on it. The fiber will break down and become much softer over time. If you are finding it very firm in the beginning, sleep on the pillow on day 1 for no more than 10 min. Day 2: 10-15 min again. Day 3: 10-15 min again; little by little your neck muscles and head position will start to get used to this position of sleeping. If you do not have cervical support curve or you are already dealing with a lot of neck pain to start with, you may find it very uncomfortable in the beginning. Keep your old pillow next to you and go back to using that as you start using this pillow.

Finally, you can also just put the pillow in the dryer. This will soften up the fiber. I don't highly recommend this- but it will soften up the pillow fiber. 10 minutes on low heat will be sufficient.

We have been selling our arc4life traction pillow since 2003 - people who are used to sleeping on this pillow experience less neck pain, have deeper sleep and are able to get into a comfortable position of sleep faster. The only reason we still sell this pillow is because it works. It works for patients with herniated disc, bulging disc, degeneration, forward head posture, and more. It is great for side and back sleeping. Some customers can use the pillow right away, others need an adjustment period.

Hope this helps, contact us if you  have further questions. Thank you again for reaching out and asking your question. Nav@ Arc4life

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